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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Internet |

YouTube presents the option to ‘face blurring’ to protect the anonymity on the Net

YouTube presents the option to 'face blurring' to protect the anonymity on the Net

Caught red-handed ¿in a video where you do not want to appear? No need to ask to withdraw the video: suffice to your face, so it is impossible to be recognized and thus ensure your on videos.

Most online video platform has announced on its official blog that is now available the “blurring of faces,” they say is the first of its kind and will be key to protecting privacy on the Internet:

“We presented the blur of faces, a tool that allows you to darken the in the easily. Whether you want to share videos about protests of a sensitive nature and do not want to expose the faces of the activists involved or want to share a video you see your son playing basketball eight years, our technology fade, is a first step in the possibility of providing a visual feedback on YouTube. “

Explained in his blog that the tool is very easy to use: Once you choose the video to edit, select the tool “Improving video”, click on “Additional Features” and then on the “Apply” button, which appears below the “blur all faces.” And that’s it. You can preview how it looks and even save a copy of the video with the faces blurred.

The truth does not sound complicated matter to try it. Although eye is not 100% effective in some cases, so that from the YouTube blog says that if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can still post the video with the option of “private”, so it can not access no you do not authorize him as owner of the literature … A useful option for sharing videos of family gatherings, for example, where the cousins have gone for a drink, but without the drunk end up losing their jobs by grace.

Link: blur of faces: when the image requires anonymity (YouTube Blog)

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