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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Internet |

YouTube refused to remove the video about Muhammad despite the violence in the Arab world

YouTube refused to remove the video about Muhammad despite the violence in the Arab world

The guys from Mountain View remain firm in their decision to keep the video on “The innocence of Muslims”, which as we have had here before is considered offensive to Muslims, so that inspired violent in the Arab world .

The White House sent a formal request to reconsider its decision to keep the controversial video posted, but from Mountain View have rejected the option to remove it permanently from the online video platform.

In the request, the Obama administration asked Google to review whether the video was a violation of the YouTube terms of service, where he remained registered since July 2012. The response from Google is that despite the problems caused because the material may be considered inappropriate by the Muslims, the video itself does not violate the rules of content.

Now, if you have already featured the video censored in India and Indonesia this weekend, just days after blocking access to it in Egypt and Libya where violent protests began that included the attack on the U.S. Embassy in that country, ending the life of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other diplomatic officials.

Even as Cony told us a few days ago, created a collaborative map in Google Maps where you can go places where there are protests related to this video and read the media reports.

The situation is not easy for people from Google, because as they described the video in question does not violate the rules of content, so removing it could well be interpreted as an act of censorship.

Now, for those who criticize the position of YouTube in this case, is the following reflection: Remove YouTube video will calm the violence? Actually I think the damage is done, as if “The innocence of Muslims” no longer accessible in the Google Video platform will soon appear nothing in any copy on another site … It’s about time.

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