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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Internet |

YouTube will show Google+ user name

continues its quest to unify all its services, and towards making is more relevant to people still, today announced that can be used now and show the real user name. How? Uniting both accounts and showing the profile name of the social network in the video site.

But the question is not simply to change the username, but is also the option to make an extensive review of all content generated throughout the history of the account, whether videos, lists, or comments, and choose which things want to be seen under his real name and not things. This, of course, it is convenient in the case of comments on videos of questionable ilk, who do not deserve to be deleted but it would be better not to be associated with any name. The reputation of a person is important.

The only thing necessary to enable the actual name on YouTube is, obviously, have a Google account with YouTube Plus and synchronized. Of course, for now this option is available only in the U.S., but since Google hope to make an international release in a short time.

Link: Official YouTube Blog

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