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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Internet |

YouTube wins court case in the French courts

YouTube wins court case in the French courts

has been involved worldwide in several lawsuits that call to take responsibility for material hosted on its platform, especially in cases where it infringes the copyright, but this time the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris, YouTube ruled in favor of leaving it free of all charges related to copyright who accuse him.

YouTube is only a service that allows hosting content, a technical intermediary and not an active generator, the company says in its defense. This platform is under no obligation to filter the content that upload to the site before making them public.

This resolution comes after 4 years, then in 2008 the channel Television Frannce 1 – TF1 – put the lawsuit against YouTube.

According to different sources collected in France the law is entirely separate legal status to Internet sites that host content without that these are the producers of the material, so that can not be held responsible for the existence of illegal content on its platform, however once warned must remove the material in question shortly.

Thus, the 150 million claimed by the TF1 channel on YouTube by claiming copyright violations and unfair competition, because some programs were available on its platform, Youtube was zero and fully acquitted.

Given this resolution, the television channel will consider appeal because it believes “surprising since several respects” the decision taken by the courts. TF1 will be responsible for costs associated with the trial are about 80 000 euros.

Link: French court victory Gives YouTube in copyright infringement case (Ars Technica)

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