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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

Zuckerberg admits it is “painful” to see the fall of the shares of Facebook

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shares, which went on sale to $38 on the in May, were reaching the $ 19 in brokerage transactions in the U.S. this morning. Yesterday, shares closed at $19.87 USD and is not expected to be good news to boost up the papers.

Today we finished the “closing period” that the company had – when a company opens a bag, you are asked investors not to sell their shares for a period of time, to prevent the market is inundated with sale at once. After that things are more stabilized, there should be no problem with that go on sale if interested.

However, for Facebook it is painful because the shares have dropped in only, and the increase in supply can cause them to lose even more.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the company, admitted to their employees that has been “painful” to see how investors are moving away from the actions of Facebook, as published by the Wall Street Journal . Zuckerberg had previously attempted to make employees do not pay attention to the stock price and will focus on developing social network.

However, admission may have been a preparation for what is happening now, that early investors may start selling – even employees who have stock yet. Employees can start selling in October.

For the share price recovers, Facebook must convince investors that the personal information of 955 million users can better serve to generate money. So far, many believe that advertising on social network works better than what can be put elsewhere.

Facebook Investors cash out (Wall Street Journal)
Facebook shares hit new low as lockup ends Period (New York Times)

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