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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Internet |

Zuckerberg updated to ‘married’ status on Facebook

Zuckerberg updated to 'married' status on Facebook

I know that this is a tech site, and not a gossip or heart, but the founder of the largest social network of the moment, the same as going public just breaking all records, so marry and announce it through its own profile I found remarkable.

This weekend of Facebook updated their profile by adding a very important fact in his biography, and it was not that he rang the bell on the Nasdaq : He announced his with his girlfriend of a lifetime, Priscilla Chan, whom he met Harvard University and he has maintained a stable romantic relationship during the past 8 years.

In his own “biography” of Facebook, published a photograph of the wedding, the same accompanying this note, where you can see Priscilla with a traditional wedding gown, as he shows an image that has very little we used: Suit and tie. We very different from the clothes they kicked out of the stock prices of their social network in the bag.

A curious fact: Nearly one million “like” has received the photograph in question, plus thousands of followers Zuckerberg comments from around the world. And you already sent your cards?

Link: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

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