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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Companies, Featured |

Zune creator says that his failure was due to “the music industry is addicted to the drug Apple”

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I always attractive gadgets were heavy and sturdy and sober aesthetic rather than the plasticosos or riddled with buttons. But this personal appreciation, something that made me respect the Zune for a long time, there seems to be a differential for the Microsoft multimedia player managed to survive.

Robbie Bach was the Microsoft executive in charge of the division of Zune media player in its infancy and although the Redmond admitted that many mistakes in marketing communication and promotion of the device, also believes that since the beginning, the market for digital audio players was the exclusive property of Apple, “the drug market,” he argues.

One problem that became apparent when it was decided to launch the Zune in late 2006, according to Bach, was that the portable music market was out of reach of Microsoft, which instead of halting the project caused Microsoft out Apple to pursue weight for no reason or differential for consumers to opt for this device.

“I think our marketing message was very confused, Zune was a mistake,” Bach said at a conference in Seattle a few days ago. The argument to support this assertion is based on Microsoft’s current efforts to integrate the player and music service Zune Phone on Windows Mobile, which was well received by today’s consumers.

So Bach asks, “if the software was used, why the Zune not.” The answer is somewhat controversial and continues to show some anger by not allowing a tough loss: “Part of the failure of Zune was because the music industry seems to be dependent on the drug that Apple provides.”

But despite this cup, Robbie Bach believes in Redmond products and to show the difference between a good and a bad implementation of a competitive launch plan, recalls his tenure in the entertainment division of Microsoft in the process of creation of the Xbox console. This time the leader of this team remembers the intense exchange of emails with Bill Gates to insist that the console has modem, which rejected Gates.

One of the main pillars of the successful launch of the Xbox console in late 2001, was its Live online service, which was accessible via an integrated Ethernet port, and that paved the way for the Xbox 360 successor, the current leader the U.S. market with more than 66 million units sold and 40 million users of the Live service.

Link: Zune hardware Was a mistake, admits former Microsoft executive Robbie Bach (theverge)

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