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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Entertainment |

Zynga launches multi-platform network games and has “Farmville 2″

More than 290 million people play a month, the company said today at a conference, explaining that the problem is that these players are spread across different devices and platforms, and can not always play together. So the company launched “Zynga with Friends”, a unified platform for players seeking the web, Android, IOS, Google+ and interact.

How do you accomplish this? Well, through a new multiplayer feature that allows multiple users on different devices play together or against simultaneously.

It also expanded the “message center” of Zynga, which includes a list of all the friends of the player, the activity and its states, and will be available on all platforms. Also included is a new API with which developers can improve their games with widgets that so far only available through as group chat, and other activity information.

It is unclear how this measure will affect the relationship between Zynga and Facebook, considering that friends no longer have to use the same platform to play together.

farmville 2

Zynga also presented the second version of its wildly successful Farmville, adding “3D graphics”, which allows you to rotate the world (actually the farm) and view it from different angles.

Also added more social, but the logic of the game remains the same.

Zynga unveils Farmville 2 game at Unleashed event (BBC)
Zynga to launch cross-platform gaming network, “Zynga with Friends” (AllThingsD)

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