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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Economy |

Zynga’s shares plummeted with the departure of Facebook to the bag

Zynga's shares plummeted with the departure of Facebook to the bag

The opening of to the likely ended his first day without much brightness and about the same price that opened, but to other companies and would have liked to have the same performance as the social network. Like the one that is closely related to Facebook: Zynga.

And in yesterday, just saw its shares plunged to close with a drop of 13% as they had started. The point is that the behavior of the shares of the creators of Farmville was too unusual, and as life beside Zynga Facebook, the same principle held true for the bag: basically, people stopped buying shares because Zynga now they could buy on Facebook.

That made many people sell their shares, and with so much on offer, the price collapsed. Likewise, with a low price, many rushed to seize shares Zynga, and the cycle repeats with the end in Zynga should look with some concern. And some analysts now suggest that Zynga was before the public release of Facebook, the closest thing to owning shares in the social network. Now that you can buy shares in Facebook “real” interest in Zynga is lower.

Apparently, yes, things could be different for Facebook on Monday, when the effect of the underwriters, who ensure that the value of the shares does not fall far beyond the originally-set price is no longer present. More interestingly, will see what happens in the medium and long term with Zynga, a company may need a Facebook more than Facebook may need to Zynga.

Link: Why Did Zynga’s Stock Drop After Facebook Went Public? (The Atlantic)

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