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Every day technology advances and makes life and learning easier for many people, without any exclusion. We mention exclusion because technological developments are also aimed at help those with learning difficulties or physical limitations.

These special applications are developed by professionals in the area, powered by different foundations so that they can be free and accessible to all people. Each one has a different motive and objective but never outside the general objective that is to help these people.

In this post, we will show you one list of different apps that are dedicated to strengthening the learning of these people, and facilitating the entry of these people to the world of technology.

List of the best apps for blind people on Android and iOS

The technological world offers benefits to all people, including including those with limiting conditions, such as blindness.

Although not many mention them, there are excellent applications for Android and iOS that facilitate technological access to the blind:

Google TalkBack

Google TalkBack

It is an application designed for all Android devices. It works through vox and vibration responses where the user thanks to the google voice you can know what you are doing. We can choose the language of the audio, and this application comes by default on Android devices, we only have to access settings, then go to Accessibility and select TalkBack.



With Siri, the voice recognition system is very adaptable according to the need, being able to configure the speed of speech, the type of voice and others. Although the only detail is that it is only available for iOS devices. It does not require any installation, because it can be found in the settings of the iPad or iPhone, and it is activated by selecting it in Siri.

Voice over

voice over

Voice Over describes everything that is displayed on the screen, and what we select, as well as: time, call, battery life and others … The Person only has to move his finger on the touch, to be able to listen to each activity or selection made. Like the previous App, it can only be found on iOS devices, and to activate it we are going to Settings, Then in General, we seek Accessibility and finally we select Voice over.



With this app any person with visual impairment or impairment, you can identify each object from a photo. To do so, they only have to select the screen with a double tap, and it will take an image of the object, and immediately the application will emit a voice message, indicating what object it is. This application can be found available for Android and iOS, an extremely useful tool.

Google Brailleback

Google Brailleback

To close this section of applications for people with visual impairment, we leave this last App, which allows blind people learn braille. To do this, you only have to use bluetooth, and connect it together with a braille display, having TalkBack installed, so that translation of the exercises can be done.

The best apps for deaf people on Android and iOS

As well as there are applications that make life easier for the blind user, We also have App that allow people, enjoy technology with fewer limitations.

If you are interested in knowing what they are, here are five of the most interesting:



This is the app with more recommendations, endorsed directly by the Association for the Standardization of Sign Languages ​​(ANICOLS). The goal of this software is to translate into sign languages. It has 12,000 words in its dictionary, related to sign language.

Signslator is not only a personal translator, can also be used to send messages in sign language, via Facebook and Twitter, and in this way the lives of people with their conditions can communicate and make use of social networks.



With SignARTE any deaf person, will be able to use their sign language, to understand movies, plays, documentaries and more. Its main objective is to use the signs as a kind of subtitling for all programming. This application was created by the CNSE Foundation together with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, where its sole objective is to allow the person with hearing disabilities to find accessible cultural spaces in each city.


water cycle

This application was created in order that people with or without hearing loss can enjoy a more practical and dynamic teaching. This, teaches the water cycle, its use and conservation, with an animation and sufficiently illustrative texts that facilitate learning. It is an application created by the National Center for Accessibility Technology (CENTAC) dedicated to the CNSE foundation, which allows better education in primary schools for children with hearing disabilities.

App to contact the emergency service 112


Although this application not available worldwide, is a good proposal for people with hearing disabilities and reading-writing difficulties can contact the emergency service 112.

By simply calling the emergency number, from any Smartphone with the App installed, the exact location of the person is provided, thanks to geo-location services. The application offers a ambulance, firefighters, and police icon so that the type of assistance required can be specified. The Department of the Interior of the Generalitat (FESOCA) is in charge of continuing to develop this application, together with its networks of associations.



With signame more than allowing deaf people to communicate, teaches us to communicate through sign language, and the teaching is through explanatory videos. Its intention is to allow children with intellectual disabilities a second way to communicate. This idea was developed and promoted, by the Vodafone Foundation, together with the Garrihou Foundation.

Accessibility apps that make life easier for people with special conditions

To conclude with the post, we have decided leave a list of applications that make life easier for them to those people with special conditions.

In this list we include App that will allow you to develop the child who suffers from autism and other diseases that make it difficult for them to learn:



Virtea It was developed by the Murcian company Answare Tech, and its main objective is to expand the sense of learning to people with the diagnosis of Autism, or also known by its acronym (ASD). The application mechanism consists of recreating different scenarios that can overlook the patient, such as: go to the doctor, get a haircut, go to the dentist, wait for the bus. In short, this software acts as an activity reminder for these types of people.



This application dedicated to people with physical disabilities, guides people with wheelchairs, where to go sightseeing without any limitation, that is, places where there are no barriers for a wheelchair.

Although we first name a wheelchair. With this app people with these conditions will no longer feel isolated, due to the different limitations that some sites have due to not being prepared for the visit of these people. We can find it for free, and its language is configurable.


by my eyes

Be my eyes, it’s an app created by Hans Jorge Wiberg, launched in 2012. It has a mechanism dedicated to helping people with low visibility, so that they can recognize the objects that we commonly have in our day to day.

The system consists of contacting other people through a video call which has a maximum time of 30 seconds, performed each time the visually impaired user requests help Through the App. A notification is sent to a number of volunteers registered on the platform. Upon receiving the notification, the volunteer responds to the request and connects, sending the video, so that the person can be helped to solve the task. It is an application adapted to more than 180 languages.

I am cappaz

i am cappaz

It is an application created and launched on the market for free by the Mapfre Foundation and the GMP Foundation. The main task of this little software is to serve as a support for people with intellectual disabilities. The only detail for users is that it is simply available for Android, but together with Google, they work in sync, bringing together all its features as is the Google Calendar.

Day to day

day to day

Day by day is a visual diary, which provides support to people with autism or communication difficulties, allowing the person with the condition save in a schematic and understandable way all the actions and activities carried out during the day. The activities are recorded in the form of photography and illustration, including also an excellent homework organizer, along with a calendar that sends notifications, informing the activities to be carried out.



Lazzus is an application of Australian origin, and it is a virtual assistant that helps people with recognition difficulties and poor visual ability to move around, creating a completely auditory field. This narrates everything that is around us, indicating us, pedestrian crossings, crossings, stairs, and more. Works very synchronously with Google Places and Open Street Data, so that it can be more precise in its indications.

Special words

special words

This application allows people with learning difficulties quickly recognize words, identify them and relate them to pictures and sounds. Its mechanism consists of a kind of game, with different levels of difficulty, so that the child is motivated to overcome each goal. It has a dictionary of 96 words, and it is fully configurable whatever the preferred language.

Special Numbers

special numbers

Special number, is an application developed to help children who have special conditions, preventing them from rapid learning. The purpose is that the child with this condition can recognize, compare, order and select the numbers in a fun and educational way. This application in the institutions that have used this mechanism, has seen a high percentage of learning, where the presence of psychopedagogues and teachers is also necessary.

Series 1

series 1

Finally we leave an excellent App that allows all children with learning difficulties, ordering objects, recognizing them, differentiating them by color, size and other qualitative characteristics. This game has different boards progressive levels of difficulty. It is intended that each child who makes use of this App can increase the ability to recognize objects and know how to find the differences of each one.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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