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The PDF format files They are one of the best for creating documents, especially for those with a more professional connotation. After hours of laying out a text file It does not generate the same impression to deliver it in a Word format as in the already legendary Adobe format.

However, edit a PDF it is much more complex than doing it with any other document format, since this requires certain knowledge that any user may not have. But this does not mean that it is impossible, websites like Format PDF They have the technology designed to make life easier for us and it is one of the ones that has this principle the clearest.

In the following article we are going to teach you how to edit a PDF file so that you understand what are the 10 basic actions that you should take into account when editing in this format.

List of the main actions to edit a PDF that you must know to do it well


Below we address what they are the main aspects you can edit in a PDF so that you do it well and take them into account when you want to make modifications to your most important files.

Add and modify text

This is the most basic action that we can edit to a document of this format. The reasons for doing so can be many; from spelling errors to the need to expand the information in it if it contains a lot of documentary information. The fact is that in this type of files it is not as simple as just changing text for text or adding more, since every element that we add has a direct effect on the layout of the entire file. Fortunately, there are some online tools that have the function of automatically organizing the entire document based on the changes we make.

Change the text format

In case you want to give a new look to the whole document in general, modifying the format of the text in it is a good option. In this case, the actions we do will not affect the layout so much, unless we think about increasing the font size, but if what we want is to establish a new font, change the style of the text or simply give it some color, we will not have to worry about much.

Compress files

PDFs have the particularity of containing many graphic elements, so we can find, for example, a 200-page digital book that has an excessive weight. That is why a good option is to compress it to make it take up much less space on our devices, which represents an obvious advantage.

Modify format of the entire document

In case you have decided that the PDF format is not ideal for this document, You can always use an online converter to modify this aspect and convert it to another format that is easier for you to port. and above all to edit, as it could well be a .doc file or any other accepted by a text editor.

Sign PDFs

Using a digital signature for your PDF files is one of the best decisions you can make, especially when it is something created of your own ingenuity and if it has professional overtones. Signing such a document has advantages such as; improve security, guarantee the rights to the document, facilitate its online distribution and considerably improve the document reader experience.

Add vector and bitmap images

Another very common thing is to want to add new images to a PDF document, this is somewhat more complex since we must take into account both the format and the size of the images, since if we make a mistake with this we can worsen and lower the quality of the document in question since an image is an extremely important element in the narrative of the entire file.

Resize images

An action similar to the previous one but a little less cumbersome since enlarging the size of an image in a document of this type is not so complicated, as long as we are clear about the measurements of the pages of the document in question. This is important since if we set a size larger than the entire page, it will not be displayed completely. The same if we enlarge the graphic without taking into account the proportions, which will make it look stretched or if we exceed it, it will look pixelated and its quality will decrease..

Merge and join PDF

If we have another document of the same type that contains information that we consider relevant to the original, we can always combine both documents into one. This can be done in two ways; the first is with an online tool that is responsible for carrying out the entire process automatically, with the disadvantage that we will not have much control over it. And the second is to do it ourselves manually by copying the texts and images of one and pasting them in the other, which allows us to have a total control of how the document will be.

Password protect PDF

If the information we have in this document is of the utmost importance and confidentiality, the best we can do is encrypt it with a secure method and establish an unbreakable password. For this we also have two ways; establish it natively from the Adobe Reader editor or simply by using an external tool that provides us with some extra functionality in this regard. In the same way, you can also unlock a PDF that contains a password, but for this you must know its access code.

Repair corrupt PDF files

It may be the case that download a PDF file from an unknown source and it contains corrupt files, since a document of this type preserves all the characteristics and data of the elements that compose it. For this reason, whenever we download from a strange portal, which we should never do, it is essential to analyze them to eliminate and repair all the malicious data it may contain. For this we can rely on several of the online PDF editors that are on the Internet.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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