+10 Apps to Amplify the Volume on Android and iOS  List ▷ 2021

Amplifying the sound of our phone is what many of us want. Although we well know that there is the option of an external device that amplifies the sound when connected, but it is very uncomfortable having to charge two devices at the same time.

From a cost point of view, buying a device that amplifies sound is more expensive than simply installing an app. If you have many doubts regarding the use of an App to increase the volume, then you should read this post.

Here we will show you if it’s true or not that we can increase the volume of our mobile, including a list of five applications for Android and five for iOS, so you can enjoy your audios and videos with greater power.

Is it really possible to increase the volume of my mobile with apps?

Our phones are perfect, but there is only one detail in common with all of them, and is that on many occasions we have to get very close to be able to listen to some music or not audio notes. As every problem in the world has thousands of solutions, and this case is no exception, we tell you that, if we can increase the volume of our mobile.

There are many applications today that allow us to modify the volume, but in the case of Android we must be very aware if we install one that requires Root, because if we do not have it this will not run.

The requirements that we will have to meet in the case of Android, in order to increase the volume, are the following:

Increase Android volume with Root

Remember that root means root in its Spanish translation, what we can understand that our phone has some limitations from the root, that is to say, set from its manufacture and dwe must root or in another term to be root.

Increase Volume Without Root

Yes you don’t dare to root your phone, you can also do use of some applications that does not request it.

But well, you must understand that there is not much variety of App when we work without root:

  • Must have our phone as optimized as possible.
  • Download Last Volume Booster.

With the iOS system there is no such complication because with their permissions are enough for it to run normally an App to increase volume.

List of the best applications to amplify the volume of my smartphone

Thanks to the great application developers, today we can enjoy a huge amount of quality and excellence App.

In this post, we have done the task of looking for the five applications for Android and iOS, which allow us to enjoy a more amplified volume:

The Best Apps to Increase the Volume on Android

A lot of The following applications can be found available in the Google Play store, which means that they are certified by the experts, that they are not rogue software and that they deliver what they promise.

Go for it:

Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster is an application that allows us to increase the volume of our Android, taking the audio of our device beyond its limits. The volume increases a percentage that varies between 15% to 30%.

It is a completely manageable application and it does not take up much space in the storage of our device, in addition it is compatible with all versions of Android. This adjusts the volume by means of an algorithm that modifies the limits and the volume of the reproductions, always respecting the margin between the maximum and the excessive to avoid damaging the speakers.

Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ

If we are music lovers, then it is alright that let’s install Music Volume EQ. This is a great software that not only increases the volume of our reproductions, it reduces the distortions that may exist due to the increase in volume.

Distortion is eliminated thanks to its equalizer, which allows us to modify and modulate the sound. With a little knowledge in sound engineering, you will surely be able to get the most out of this App. Its equalizer is five bands with Bass Boost, allowing custom audio and music settings, a complete kit in one place.



With Equalizer we can improve our experience as music lovers. One of the best features of this volume booster is that it auto modifies the sound by eliminating noise, so that is heard as clear as possible.

Like the previous application, it has a five-band equalizer, where users can manually modify the equalization of the sound if they want. Among its characteristics we can find, that it counts with 11 stocks Presents, the Bass Booster, Reverb Presets, and some size widgets.

Louder Volume App

loud volume

Louder Volume App, it’s a volume booster, which allows us to increase the sound of our videos, music and ringtones. It has a wide functionality, and usability, in addition to gives us the opportunity to restore the volume to its previous state if we want to. It provides us with features such as: a multimedia volume controller, a five-band equalizer as well as the last apps shown, nine equalizer presets, a Bass Boost effect, and more …

Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer

To end with this top five App for Android, we leave to Music Equalizer which is a powerful equalizer and volume enhancer, allowing us the enjoyment of all our musical reproductions, with a sound volume according to the needs.

The Best Apps to Increase the Volume on iOS

Now that we have finished with the list of App for Android, Let’s start with the iOS ones.

We can give you a complete guarantee that, like the previous ones, they are applications that will allow you to enjoy amplified sound:

Bass boost

bass boster

Bass Boost, is a virtual sound amplifier, with compatibility on iPhone and iPad devices, in addition, it preserves the sound very well, so that distortion from increasing volume is minimal.

Equalizer Boost

With this application we can enjoy many more functions than the previous one mentioned. Clearly in comparison, we find it very difficult to decide, and well we do not want to be the one who decides for you, but personally we would choose this App without any doubt. By increasing the volume of the audio, it self-equalizes, to avoid noise, also including a limiter that helps us protect our speakers.

Volume Booster

Volume Booster it is an excellent alternative to listen to music at a suitable volume. With this App, our reproductions will have the appropriate volume, without exceeding the capacities of our speakers, but our ears can perceive it at a distance of at least one meter. It has an excellent interface, and great usability, what anyone with simply managing the sound level, you can increase or decrease the volume.

Equalizer iOS

Equalizer iOS

Equalizer is a well known application, so much so that whenever we look for an App that amplifies the volume this will appear in the list. One of the great advantages of this software is that its developers constantly include new updates to improve its operation.

Kaiser Tone-Audio Player

Kaiser Tone Audio

By last, we have Kaiser Tone-Audio Player, one of the most efficient volume boosters on the market iTunes. It has a large number of functionalities that allow you to have a good sound quality.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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