+10 APPs to Have 2 Mobile Numbers  List ▷ 2020

Mobile computers have become so embedded in our society that it is increasingly difficult to live without having one of them. So much so that many people look for the options of even having two phone numbers.

This can bring many benefits, since among other things it allows us to separate business and sales from personal life. Not to mention that it also makes it easier for us to keep our privacy intact, especially when it comes to Internet business.

So if you need a second mobile numberWith these apps you can have it and use a temporary one. In this article you will find all the details; its advantages and disadvantages so that you can have this function on your device at low cost.

Can I really get a real mobile number with an app?

Secondary phone number provider apps are not able to provide real numbers and patented, so to speak.

But, faced with the need to have another line on the mobile so as not to mix work with family life, There are many tools that allow you to opt for these services for a minimal investment.

The best thing about this is that you are they work as if it were a real number, with the difference that you should not make a balance surcharge, because it is enough that your main or real line does have.

List of the best applications to have two phone numbers in a single mobile

She is ready It will be ordered according to the hierarchy they have these apps with respect to their vote and the number of users who give their opinion. Now, since you know that it can be done, let’s see what the 10 best applications to create virtual mobile lines:



Dingtone is an application that has a gigantic reach of users, and not for nothing has a rating of 4.6 stars from 519 thousand users. With this you can make high quality phone calls with the best 4G and 3G connections.

Besides, you can make unlimited calls and receive messages with Dingtone users. For the rest of the users yes It is necessary to pay a minimum subscription, which at the moment does not exceed 5 USD.



In the second place of this we have placed this monstrous app that allows you to make calls in the United States, Canada, Mexico and in other 100 countries for free. It works the same with text messages.

All you have to do is download it and choose according to the area of ​​your preference, what virtual phone number will be assigned to you. The valuation of it is 4.4 stars and the number of voting users almost touches 400,000.



TextPlus is a great virtual phone number platform that boasts of presenting excellent service, providing lines with terminations from the United States and Canada. Facilitating in this way calls and text messages to these countries.

In addition to having a single subscription of a modest price of 3 USD, no monthly or additional payments. It is ideal for turning your tablet into a phone, as long as you have good Wi-Fi service.

For its part, it takes third place with a 4-star Play Store rating from 393,966 voting users.



Next Plus offers a telephone service that has nothing to envy to the official telephone companies. Since the user has the ability to make international and national calls without any cost. The same applies when it comes to sending text messages.

Particularly the virtual mobile number you provide is untraceable, which enhances your privacy and security.

This app has a strong 3.8 star rating with nearly 100,000 voting users.



Download Freetone and create your virtual number to make national and international calls without any amount in your bank account. Enjoy all the services of a mobile line without the need to buy it.

This app is endorsed by users who rate it 4.3 stars.

2nd Line – US Phone Number

2nd Line-Phone Number

This platform particularly stands out for its professionalism and excellent quality in its international calling services, for a minimum amount paid only once. It also allows you to receive phone calls and messages in the United States for free. For multiple reasons, it becomes an excellent option when looking for a secondary phone number.

We can easily find it in the Play Store among the top positions in the search, with a total of 51,943 users valuing 4.3 stars.



Telos is a wonderful app that makes it easy for you to get a virtual phone number from any area of ​​the United States, you can do it for free and enjoy powerful call and message plans.

You will only need to have a good active mobile data service or a good connection to a Wi-Fi network, and you will choose to have up to 4 lines on a single mobile.

The evaluation by users is 4.2 stars, the number being a little higher than 41 thousand. Thanks to that it gets the seventh place on this list.



Hushed by a minimum deposit of only 5 USD allows you to make international HD phone calls, as well as receive and send text messages from anywhere in the world.

The virtual telephone line provided by this account has all the functions of a normal line, only with low costs and without the need to buy a SIM card.

Virtual sim

Virtual sim

As the name clearly indicates, Virtual SIM is a tool that lets you provides the ability to make phone calls using a virtual or secondary line. It is among the last on this list, not because it presents a bad service, but because it is not well known yet.

This is perhaps due to the fact that it has a cost per call, which for many is not so favorable. The rate is $ 0.04 per minute of call.

ESIM number

ESIM number

The latter allows you easily for a comfortable amount buy how many virtual phone lines you need. It works in multiple countries and once the line is purchased, there is no cost for the call.

Can WhatsApp and other applications be verified with these apps? Is it advisable to do it?

Most of the ones that we have presented in this article include a complete service, so with them, in addition to making calls, sending and receiving messages, also you can activate accounts in social networks and Internet services.

But, it should be noted that there are some problems or situations with which you will have to be a little careful.

These situations can only happen, if and only if, we start paying for one of these lines and for some reason we lose the mobile phone, or we stop paying the line.

  • For example, if we activate a WhatsApp account with a virtual number and lose it, we will not be able to recover the same account on another mobile in case of migrating its content.
  • If we activate an email, bank account, virtual wallet, social network, etc., with a virtual number and we lose it, when it comes to recovering information or restoring passwords we will not be able to do it, because we will not have the same line.
  • If we use a number of these as a method of professional, business or sales contact and we lose the line, the contacts that had registered us, may not have more access to communicate with us, unless they know another means of contact.

What other methods are there to have two lines on a single smartphone?

Having two telephone lines in our days has become increasingly necessary, since this allows you to manage business life separately from our personal life. So here you go the most common methods to have two lines.

Dual SIM mobile

Dual sim technology is currently present in most mobile phones, and this is nothing more than a common mobile that has two slots to insert SIM cards. Compared to virtual numbers it has its disadvantages, because the cost of maintaining two lines is higher.

Below we will know some of the costs of having a secondary number in Spain.

Virtual numbers

On the Internet it is possible to find virtual number services very similar to those offered by applications already seen previously. But, these services are a bit more extensive, since they allow you to establish office lines as fixed lines, as if it were an establishment.

This is ideal for your sales on the web, because you can attend them from your mobile with total comfort.


Over the years, manufacturers have made every effort to reduce the hardware components of all devices, be they mobile phones or computers. Such is his commitment to this task that little by little they have been reducing the size of mobile SIM cards.

But, today they have reached the point of making them so small that They are already integrated internally in each mobile without the possibility of removing it. You may wonder, what advantage does that give us in the subject we are dealing with today?

Simple, with This technology on our mobile phone will only be enough to go to an operator to ask them to assign a line to your eSIM code, without the need to buy another. This innovative technology promises to be able to do this with any operator and in any country, thus eliminating the large costs of roaming.

What will turn you with a single device you are able to have as many lines as you need. In the same way you can, with the same code, configure the same line in other devices, expanding the range of possibilities.

How much does it cost to buy a second line on the same operator in Spain? Prices

At this final point we will see how much it can cost us to have an additional line according to each operator in Spain.

According to information on the Internet:

  • Movistar: It allows to have a multi-line service for a payment of 8 euros per month.
  • Jazztel: It allows you to have 2 additional lines for a payment of 4 euros per month, plus the shipping of 12 euros.
  • Oceans: With Oceans you can opt for up to 4 mobile services for a payment of 3.65 euros each service per month.
  • ION mobile: It allows you to have an additional SIM for 3.50 euros per month.
  • Mobilfree: You can have an additional SIM for only 5 euros per month.
  • A: With them you can have up to 4 SIMs paying only 3 euros per month for each one.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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