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It is always important to learn new languages. We are not just talking about the language of different countries like English or German. We also refer to those of computer logic.

A programming language is a system of grammar rules used to write instructions that indicate defined behaviors to a device. The set of these instructions or algorithms is called a program. There are different types of language. Some are more complex than others, therefore, they vary in learning difficulty.

Luckily, for those of us who want to acquire these languages, there are tools that will make it easier for us. We will see in this post, different alternatives that will help us understand and use these codes. And in this way we can say that we are multilingual.

List of the best applications to learn programming on Android and iOS

List of the best applications to learn programming on Android and iOS

A great ally to start in the world of programming is mobile. In the same way that it can help you with a musical instrument, a cooking recipe and many others. Your phone can be a great help in programming. For this reason we want to provide you with this list.

These are the best apps to program on Android and iOS:


It is an application developed by Google employees, who experience projects outside the company. It is available for Android and iOS. The language it uses is JavaScript. Through mini games and with the help of a Grass Hopper (grasshopper) he proposes a teaching fun and practical at the same time.

With just five minutes a day you will learn the basics of JavaScript. It is available in English, which will help you familiarize yourself with the programming, as it is the language used for the codes.


Like the above you will find available for both operating systems and in English language. This application can be used from ignorance, basic and intermediate knowledge. At the same time it offers tutorials for Python, JavaScript, Linux, SQL.

Learn Java

As its name implies, is an application specialized in Java. The tutorials are divided into theoretical-practical classes with variable difficulty. At the end of each section, you will have to take a test. Your results they will show you how much you have learned and what the mistakes were what did you do

Programming hub

Very similar to a digital manual. the same will teach you from scratch to use languages ​​such as C, HTML, Java, PHP, Python and others. You will have to download them separately and you will have access to them, even if you are not connected to the Internet.


This app is compatible with all mobile OS. Provides a large amount of content. You can start with it if you want to learn, but also perfect yourself. Since it has different levels of complexity. Within its libraries you will find content about Kotlin, PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, etc. You can get it for free from any of the respective official stores.


Another of the free alternatives to start programming from scratch. This app contains lessons on various programming languages ​​like JavaScript, Python and in Web CSS and HTML. The download is free, although it has some advanced lessons that are paid.

Mimo Learn to code

With a very friendly interface, this application is available in the Play Store and Apple Store for iPhone. Lets learn Step by Step every code writing process. With this app you will create games, websites and even other applications. You can learn languages ​​such as, in an entertaining and simple way, SQL, PHP, Java, C #, C ++, Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby, and command line.

Lightbot JavaScript

Learning programming is not exclusive to adults, since this knowledge can be obtained from a young age. This is why this app was developed. More like a game than a tutorial. In order to pass each level, basic programming concepts must be understood and thereby help the little robot out.


This application was developed thanks to collaborations on Kickstarter. It is available for both systems. The tutorials are divided into five parts which correspond to these uses: web pages, Android apps, iOS apps, video games, or Python coding. Like many phone games, we have a certain amount of “lifetime” to use per day. We can get more usage time by viewing advertisements or purchasing credits.

What are the easiest programming languages ​​for beginners to learn?

What are the easiest programming languages ​​for beginners to learn?

That you have decided to learn programming is already a very positive step. Now subtract echoose what you want to use it for. Depending on it, you should choose one or the other. For example, for Web development JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP or ASP are recommended. In the same way, for video game JavaScript, Java, C, or C ++. Regarding the app development for mobile devices we recommend Ruby, Java, C, Objective-C or Swift. PC programs Python, C, or C ++.

Once you have decided what your goal will be, it is important to start with the simplest. Therefore, we will show you which are the easiest to learn:


It is one of the most used today. In the same way, the most demanded by companies looking for programmers. This due to its fame of multi platform. Can be used for applications for computers and even operating systems.


It is easy to use and to obtain, since no installation is necessary in the browser. The tools you use are easy to understand. With this language pYou can create internet sites and web games.


If you don’t have any experience, you can start with this language. the same has been used to develop sites like Twitter and GitHub. Being intuitive and easy to read accompanies the large amount of information and tutorials found throughout the web.


It’s about a open source language, free and with a large community of users behind it. Within the sites that use it we can find Google, Yahoo! and even NASA. It is also widely used to program databases.


One of the bases on which other languages ​​were developed. It is a bit more complicated than the previous examples. However, it is the best option for programming game engines, games themselves, whether for phones or computers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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