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Perhaps you have seen a Youtuber uncovering mysterious boxes “bought” on the Dark web and you may think that the Deep web It’s as scary as this But you must bear in mind that they are two different terms, when we are faced with a link with the ending .onion is about the Dark web, and may “possibly” be loaded with negative content.

The deep web for its part is just the top layer of this great cyber void. Particularly in this are one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is by far one of the places to buy bitcoins at an excellent price or vice versa and change them to USD, It is also known for having the safest wallets from all over the internet.

But if you know the existing risks and still require a service, then this section is for you. Here you will see how to navigate safely in both without messing up your computer.

List of the 10 best browsers to enter the Deep Web and Dark Web safely … or almost

To be able to enjoy the services offered the deep web or the dark web and not be discovered on the spot, or your identity data not revealed, one of the first things you need is to have a browser that allows you to hide yourself well. This step is of course after having a high quality VPN, that is why the first browser that we have brought for you is:

Tor Browser

Tor Browser

When it comes to enter the Deep web Tor browser project is considered a leader. It is a browser that is made under the Mozilla Firefox code, but with some modifications that allow you to navigate without leaving a trace by removing cookies and browsing history.

So companies that use personal information for data collection or simply for tracking will not have access to such information. Another point to emphasize is that Tor Browser has its own proxy service, and with slight modifications to the HTTPS encryption, which allows an encryption of up to 3 times, thus avoiding all types of tracking.

This is highly recommended to also browse the Dark web and thus be able to access your information safely. But beware it is not recommended to use it for common navigation, Due to the fact that Tor added to the VPN among other security measures will make your browsing completely slow, which contributes to a longer time on the network, which could leave some kind of trace. In our opinion, it should only be used on specific and really necessary occasions.

Invisible internet Project

Invisible internet Project

With all encrypted connections and an extensive network of its own, Invisible internet Project It is considered by many the best browser to access the Deep web. It has very strong protocols that prevent the tracking of ips, which is excellent to protect your identity when browsing in these environments. Also, this It has a great decentralized file storage to download without leaving a trace of IP.

It is definitely more advanced than the first on this list in some respects, therefore its configuration and use are for more experienced users in the area. Another of The advantages are that it has its own network, and of course this means that the connections are all encrypted.

This is achieved by skipping some nodes of the network entering and leaving through a kind of tunnels. This system is very different from Tor Browser, because the connections are faster and more private than in the previous one, thanks to the lower number of users.



To explore the deep web, Whonix is ​​considered a bit limited and tedious, since it is not a browser as such. But if it is about safety when sailing, it is excellent, and we tell you why. Whonix is ​​a mini open source operating system derived from GNU / Linux and based on the same Tor browser source code.

This means that when browsing the Deep Internet with Whonix we will simply be running an operating system parallel to the main one, and navigating in Tor as most are used to What is the advantage of this? That being another system, which is obviously developed to navigate with high levels of security, no malware, no matter how powerful, can have access outside this system or our IP, so we will be browsing with the full assurance that our data is protected.

Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS

We are facing another system distributed by GNU / Linux. This time it is a very complete operating system with a complex layer protection system, based particularly on Tor browser.

It is equipped to receive all kinds of malware attacks and has the peculiarity that all its applications are isolated in a sandbox, which basically keeps all the apps separate and prevents them from having access to internet connection without authorization. In this way, no corrupted file can spread the infection and all data is kept safe.

Another important feature of Subgraph OS is that for an application to connect to the internet it needs to first pass the firewall test and it also needs to be approved by us Fantastic!

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

We well know that to navigate through the darkest corners of the Internet the best known and most mentioned method is entering with Tor browser, and we know that most browsers with high security are derived from it. Even though we must emphasize that Tor browser is a direct derivative of Mozilla Firefox, therefore we can also access the Dark web.

But before accessing by this means we must comply with certain steps that activate the entry and protection of our integrity.

  • to write about:config in the main navigation bar of the browser.
  • Then write network.dns.blockdotonion
  • Change the preference of true to false by right clicking on it and then clicking on modify.

In addition to performing these steps, it is advisable to install some firefox plugins that increase security for example HTTPS Everywhere and Noscript.

It should be noted that if you do not know how to perform these procedures correctly or you do not know how to move on the Dark web, we do not recommend this method, as it is a bit more advanced.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic privacy browser

This browser is Chromium-based, designed to navigate with high levels of privacy. It is excellent for delving deep into the internet, as the same has a system of encryption layers, which means that at the end of each session any trace or fingerprint is eliminated.

The navigation occurs with a private proxy, so it is impossible for them to find our IP involved in the searches we conduct. Although browsing through the proxy is a bit slower, it is the most secure mode you have Epic privacy browser and therefore the most recommended.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

For us It is the least recommended in this case because it is usually the browser that we use for our daily searches, or even to enter our emails and social networks that may contain very valuable information for cyber criminals. But as it is an option, our task will be to expose the risks and share the method so that you can decide with your criteria.

The first thing you should do is enter and install the Deep web extension from that Chrome section, this is developed by Tor2web. We also recommend make use of a free or paid VPN for less risk. The advantage of entering with Chrome is that we will have exclusive access to some search engines from the underworld of the internet that may interest you.

Onion browser

Onion Browser

It is the best browser to access the Dark web from your mobile, either Android or iOS. It is very easy to use and it is a browser that has all the aforementioned qualities. It is useful to hide us, to avoid leaving a trace or leak of our IP and to protect our personal information.

Of course and as in all it is advisable to accompany its use with a good VPN that gives us that important security bonus when browsing the Deep web.



This is not exactly a browser, but an operating system, a Linux distribution to be more precise. It was developed thinking exclusively about the privacy of the user, and that is why it has tools to complement the Tor browser.

Inside of the Tails private operating system, most striking of all is its AppArmor, which is a kind of confinement to the browser that protects it from any attack that seeks to steal your data. While also limit the number of folders you can save from thisIt is a price that is worth paying to be 100% protected.



This is another operating system that will allow you raise the security level of all browsers for desktop devices. Based on Linux codeThis is based on the isolation of the programs, to create a “jail” in which the information is as protected as possible, avoiding all kinds of attacks that try to steal it.

To achieve all this, it bases its architecture on four elements such as the network domain, the storage domain and the implementation of virtual machines to run each application in a dedicated environment.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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