+10 Children’s Video Channels in YT  List ▷ 2020

YouTube platform It has become one of the most used and important for most users around the world. This is how it has been used by thousands of people to create children’s video channels where the smallest of the house can have a pleasant time.

Considering that children today often spend long hours behind a computer, tablet or mobile device, it is important to guide them to see a type of programming that gives them entertainment and teaching. In this way there are different channels where they can learn languages, dances, sing, games, among others.

Therefore, knowing the importance of all this type of programming for the little ones, we have decided to carry out a compilation of the best children’s channels that can be found directly in Youtube.

What are the benefits of teaching children’s videos from YouTube?

It is important to bear in mind that today children have begun to have Internet access more frequently, either to perform some kind of task, to seek school information or just to see your favorite series from the web.

However, it is essential that there is enough content on the network with which they can have fun and learn what you need in the right way. In addition, it is important to note that in Internet You can find content of all kinds, that is why it is important that each parent can make sure that the content that the child sees is according to their age.

Taking these aspects into account, many users have decided create children’s content taking as reference the great boom that all this has had in recent years. This is how daily are thousands of programs for boys and girls that are published on the Internet, whether educational, to learn to dance, sing, play, among others.

In this way, creating this type of content will help you achieve a large number of followers for your channel, as well as being able to offer some type of educational teaching to the smallest of the house. To better manage the content your kids watch, you can set the YouTube parental control from here.

What kinds of children’s channels can be found on the YT platform?

Youtube has become one of the video platforms most popular all over the world, where thousands of users daily They create different channels of all kinds of content.

This is how you can find different types of children’s channels for children of all ages, from educational, entertainment, stories, series, didactic, among others.

With this in mind, here we present you the main categories of programs for children’s audiences published on this web platform:


With this type of channel you want to motivate what is online learning of the boys and girls, who can begin to perform different searches for the topics that interest them most. This has become a way of improve education via Internet.

Thus, one of the objectives of this type of programming is to help the children to improve their basic knowledge on a specific topic and at the same time learn about any type of educative area.

Therefore in the YT platform content can be found for the areas of Literature, mathematics, English, music, dance, science, technology, physics, history, social studies, among many others.


One of the most popular forms of teaching today is through the didactic programs, which has become one of the most fun and easy to learn for most people, especially the little ones. These types of programs are mostly implemented by universities and colleges, as well as by different youtubers who are engaged in these types of activities.

It is important to note that this area encompasses a Endless topics very important in the learning process of any human being, where they take place different scenarios where you can reflect everything you want to show and teach. That is why today there are a large number of educational programs on the web available for children.


Last we have the entertainment category which cannot be lacking for children, it is important that each of them receive educational and teaching programs that helps them form values. However, it is essential that all this is accompanied by a entertainment that allows them to be in a healthy and pleasant environment for them.

This is how in this video platform we can find endless programming of children’s games and series, educational games, cinematographic stories, stories, among many others. All this will allow children to have a fun and pleasant time in front of the computer, tablet or smartphone.

List of the best channels to watch children’s videos on YouTube

One of the most important things for all people today is education of your children, especially when the Internet becomes more and more involved in them. According to this, it is essential that they can be known which are the best children’s YouTube channels.

To do this, here is a list so you can start to see each of them at the same time download them to your computer or mobile device:

Quantum Fracture

Quantum Fracture

This channel is responsible for providing a didactic teaching for the little ones, where the main character is the physical Jose Luis Crespo, who accumulates a large amount of children’s videos on your account. This is how you can find content related to Maxwell’s equations, science fiction, entertainment, and topics about the parallel world Y the most famous animation series.



ArtHistory Its main objective is to teach its users the different periods of world history, as well as the main historical events and the most relevant people in all this history. Here you can find an excellent program that will allow you to learn a little more about the history where there is more than 1000 explanatory videos with excellent graphic representations that will make all this learning much more entertaining.

Asap Science

Asap Science

Here you can start finding all kinds of content based on The science, where is published new content every week. Among your favorite programming will be stories about the most curious phenomena of nature and science, where each of the reproductions have very entertaining and eye-catching graphics that will make the user experience much better. In addition, it is ideal for clarifying questions about the doubts of some historical facts from the past.

Singing I learn to speak

Singing I learn to speak

Dedicated primarily to boys and girls between 3 and 6 years of age, where they will find different musical programs so that they can learn different things, either vowels, animals, senses, how to save energy, among many other fundamental aspects. This channel is very well organized and with very striking colors to attract everyone’s attention. An ideal place for your children to spend long hours of fun and learning.

ELF Kids Videos

ELF Kids Videos

It is mainly dedicated to make educational songs and videos for children 6 to 12 years old. Where they try to implement a musical method so that they can get to know the different vowels, the alphabet, the vocabulary, numbers and basic words. In addition, it has audiovisuals that will allow the young person to carry out different simple readings.



It has a lots of unique content ideal for the smallest of the house, this channel is based mainly on offering knowledge regarding to art, music, dance, theater, among many other areas that are also handled in MagikWorldStudio.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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