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The evolution of the human being is amazing. From “Homo Habilis” to today people have adapted to permanent changes, this is due to the knowledge that all species were acquiring in different situations.

Today this process remains the same. The world has an almost infinite variety of things and knowledge that need to be incorporated by humans. Therefore, children play a fundamental role in this developmental strategy. Since they tend to learn faster and adapt better to the environment than previous generations did.

If you want your child to be smarter and learn things faster, we suggest you read this article. We will show you how you should do it with the help of computing.

List of the best educational portals for children to learn new things

List of the best educational portals for children to learn new things

As we told you, we will show you how technology can help your children to be smarter and learn all knowledge faster. We present the best platforms for children to learn by playing:


If you want your child to learn mathematics, foreign languages ​​or knowledge of the medium quickly and easily, do not hesitate to approach this platform. It has different resources and ICT games that will allow you to have your child entertained, but at the same time learning.


This website is intended for children and adolescents who are studying ESO. It has hundreds of games that will allow your children to learn without them noticing. They will have different objectives that will allow them to learn mathematics, language, geography and reason in a more efficient way.

In addition, it has a section that allows a daily monitoring to perform the tasks of Compulsory Secondary Education.


If you want to have quick results in the cognitive reasoning of your children, pay attention to this platform, as it can teach them by playing. Further, has an app for you to download on your mobile and so the little ones are entertained while they learn.

It has different outstanding tools, one of the most important being the “Smart Library”, with which you can choose a book and read it online. It is ideal for students who are in primary school.



His name says it all, is aimed at the smallest of the house so that they can learn in a very entertaining way the rules of the road or geography through their tool of traveling and knowing other places.

Further, has trivia games that allow to know about natural sciences, art, language and cinema among other topics.


This online platform is not only an Internet site where you can find a significant number of activities aimed at children between 0 and 6 years old to learn by playing with their whole family. Too It is the first radio in our country which is made up of the smallest of the house.

Your children can learn recipes, read children’s stories and enjoy the best BabyRadio characters.


If your children are between 7 and 10 years old, this is an ideal website for them. Since it has interactive games that allow you to learn about science, language, languages ​​and many other things. They stand out because their trivia are really entertaining and catch the attention of the whole family.

But this is not the only thing they can learn, you can also find how to teach them the responsibilities that children have according to age. This is possible because you have a list of tasks for each stage of life. Being one of them the care of the environment.


It is one of the most complete platforms that exist for children to learn. It is oriented to the ability to acquire knowledge through vision. Due to this, you will be able to find more than 3 thousand videos oriented to different areas, both humanities and world history.

Offers the possibility for parents to sign up as observers, and so they can know the progress their children have with respect to different subjects. There is an initial test to know what the level of knowledge is and offer teaching from that degree of advancement of the child.

Although it is an American platform, our children can learn without any problem, since the language will not be a restrictive element.


Aimed at children 5 years and older. This website is inspired by the language of Scratch programming. So your children can learn little by little what data block programming is.

You can also create your own characters, as it has a graphics editor that allows you to design scenarios and modify photos that they can take themselves. It is intended for those children who have innate computer skills.


As you may be thinking, this website is designed by the United States Aerospace Agency, commonly called NASA. What you will already realize what this page is oriented to. It is ideal for children over 5 years of age in which they can learn about the Earth, the sun, the solar system, the universe and also about technology and different educators.

It has a large number of games that will help your children learn about different cosmic themes. For example, you can activate a galactic explorer or visit space volcanoes. Its interface is very attractive, making children always pay attention to all the games.


Designed for the youngest of primary school age. You can find on this platform a significant number of games that are classified by category. The little ones will be able to develop skills on strategy, management, adventure sports and many other topics.

It is not necessary for your child to register, but if you do, you will know about their progress.

5 Tips to make your children smarter and learn things faster and better

5 Tips to Make Your Kids Smarter and Learn Things Faster and Better

When we first hold our children in our arms, many thoughts and worries come to us. Being one of these what tools will we give them so they can enjoy the world and develop all your skills to the maximum, especially intellectual ones.

This is why we want to help you from our website so that you can take into account these tips that will allow your children to be happy and at the same time they are adapted to the world, since they will have different types of developed intelligences.

If you want him to be a person who takes things easy and shows objectivity in his analysis, you will have to instill that music case. Better yet if you send to classes of this matter. This will cause your brain to develop in the corresponding hemispheres, thus increasing your IQ.

Another good idea is that you make your children sleep the correct hours. So you should avoid losing hours to rest, as this directly alters the ability to learn.

If you want your child to interpret their knowledge in the future, you should have them read their own books, magazines or any type of text and thus prevent you from reading them. This will make develop the ability to tell what you know. This is a very difficult technique to acquire and it costs everyone.

Playing sports is a good alternative, because having a good physical condition secretes different hormones that allow knowledge to be acquired more quickly. This is because it increases up to 30% in blood flow. It is also related to good nutrition. Do not forget that fat is one of the main enemies of our children.

We leave for the last, perhaps the most important of all, and that is make our children happy. This is not only necessary because they will live longer, but also because their cognitive part will be clearer from those problems that often cause a mental and psychological occupation. He thinks that the child occupies his mind to solve problems and not to learn.

Although these are not the only aspects that you should take into account, but they are perhaps the most necessary and important so that your child can depend on himself in the future.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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