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Flight simulators give you much more reality, because when using it you will enjoy visual characteristics of the inside of an airplane, as well as the command controls.

While in a game you feel that the movements of the plane are smooth, in a simulator any type of wrong move makes you lose control of the plane.

Currently, there are flight simulators where their design is complex and at the same time offer the best of technology 3D, this with the intention that you feel more reality when using them.

What is a flight simulator and what is this type of program for?

What is a flight simulator and what is this type of program for?

The aviators to be able to handle an airplane first use flight simulators, because with these they do their workouts, being a “hydraulic platform” found in a real cabin. It can be moved to the desired direction and makes the person using it feel that the movements are real.

This cabin is composed of a screen where you can see what happens outside, and has controls that allow to control the system and solve any inconvenience that comes your way.

It should be noted that its price is affordable, so you will have the ability to acquire one and fight against your enemies or fly to any part of the world you want.

How is a simulator different from an airplane video game?

The difference that we can achieve between a flight simulator and a video game is that while in an airplane simulator any type of movement that is made can cause it to lose control, this does not happen with a video game, since no matter how much touch the buttons the movements are smooth and normal so the plane does not get out of control.

List of the best flight simulators to install on your Windows or MacOS computer

Flight simulators have been around for several years. On the web there are several types that can offer you a good experience, within which we have:



This is a flight simulator that you can download for free. It is one of the most used and that today it is constantly updated, providing a great variety of graphics, as well as new designs of planes and runways so that they can land. You can download them on your Mac, Linux or Windows, so you feel like you’re flying wherever you want.

This simulator has several types of airports that have been adapted for the user to enjoy. Equally, It has several models of airplanes from classic to modern, being able to handle them from the cabin or using the cameras that are available.



It has various designs of airplanes, as well as helicopters and balloons that you can use to fly many routes. It offers different photos at the satellite level so that you feel more reality, and the best of all is that the user can interact with other users and see where they are.

It does not require you to download it to your computer because you can use it from the website. You just have to choose the plane you want, the place where you want to leave and the camera you want to use.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Eart

Google offers us the option of being able to visualize the world and the celestial bodies from Google Earth with a 3D view, since It has countless satellite photos that Google and NASA take.

With this option you can move anywhere thanks to its flight simulator, download it for use in Google Earth for Windows, Mac and Linux, from the tool option, and then enter the flight simulator. Then you can pilot the SR22 and the F-16, the first being the one used to start. You also have the ability to choose an airport to start your flight, just by using the mouse.

It is important that you know that when you need to exit or enter again you can press the keys “CTRL + ALT + A on Windows and Command + Option + A on macOS”.

Rise of Flight


It was designed based on its creator in the First World War, this is why you will achieve enjoy old models of warplanes. It can be used with Windows, and gives the option of using airplane designs, such as: Spad 13, Albatros and Newport 17.

In addition, it has the option to choose multiplayer mode as well as a story and career mode. You will also have 4 campaigns where you will visualize and enjoy exploring the maps.

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight

Can be used with Windows and is easy to use. This simulator’s main function is to make the user have fun, since it manages to complete many missions where they learn to pilot.

Here you will get 2 types of aircraft, a Boeing PT-17 and an iCon A5, which transform the different forms of flight, like the time and the hour.



It was designed in 1999 and is very simple and reliable. You will get around 40 planes and an Apache helicopter. Also, it offers several types of maps, so the person who uses it will be able to put it as he wants and fly at any level. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. You just have to click the mouse, joystick, or operate it with a keyboard.

Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight

Pacific Warriors II

This is a flight simulator that allows you to recreate the attacks of World War II. Use it with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It has endless features, which make this a good option, one of them is that it has an arcade design where you will have to design combat strategies so that you fly over various parts and thus avoid any type of obstacle or enemy.

Gives you the opportunity to enjoy a powerful engine, where its details are good, which makes you feel that you are in a real ship. Likewise, run it so that you fulfill your missions and enjoy a large catalog of weapons where you will select the one that suits you best, being that these are improving each time you advance in level. You can choose the missions and attacks you want, as well as the objectives to attack.

Phoenix Flight Simulation


With this game simulator stand in front of the cocommand controls of a commercial airplane, or fighter planes, where you will be the pilot of them. Use each of its options such as: helicopters, radio control devices and even drones.

Its essential foundation is doing feel that the user is actually on the plane. This because of has a graphics engine that makes you move it from three dimensions, which makes you think that you are piloting an airplane.

It also presents 25 scenarios for you to fly over them. and offers apart from these aquatic areas and exotic landscapes. So feel free to try it and have fun with it.



It is a flight simulator that you have the option to download on Windows. Gives you a sense of reality, because it has a great diversity of colors and is three-dimensional.

Look for maps where you observe the terrain, as well as in what weather condition are at that moment. Download a file where the sounds are found so that while you are using it you will hear air control voices that come from the airport.

If your passion is airplanes and you have always wanted to fly one, don’t miss the opportunity to use X-Plane, since its application is totally free and with this you can make your wishes come true. It should be noted, that it is one of the best flight simulators that you can get, because it has the essential licenses and tools you need.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2


With this flight simulator, become an excellent pilot so that you can control the plane of your dreams through technology. This is a great option, because you will have a great experience at the war level and you will delve into an incredible story for being a different simulator.

Complete various types of missions that make you more and more excited to use it, You will get these in a classic way, where you will have to overcome various situations and perform a great variety of turns.

You will also combine action and attack, because you will be able to eliminate a hundred enemy planes as well as countless objectives that are on the ground. Do not forget to train a lot, so that you can avoid the enemies and with this you achieve that they do not destroy your plane.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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