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Without a doubt, word processors are truly essential tools in many people’s day-to-day work. Since, they allow you perform writing tasks in the most optimal way possible, since more than writing, they provide you with extremely useful functions (spelling correction, image management within documents, headings, tables of contents, etc.).

For this reason, they are considered the most important tools in office automation, since always. Generally, people turn to Microsoft Word as the word processor, by default. But, as it belongs to the Microsoft Office package, it has a drawback because it is paid and for many, it has an extremely high price.

In this sense, it is worth knowing other alternatives that are completely free And luckily, today, you can find a great selection of free word processors. Thus, later, we detail 10 of the best free word processors you can use.

What are the differences between a free word processor and a paid one?

Also known as “Word processors”, these programs can be free or paid and for this reason, it is appropriate to define which are the most important distinctions between one and the other. Since, beyond the price, they have other differences that must be taken into account when selecting them.

Next, we refer to the main of them:



You should not pay absolutely anything for the service Although some offer you a free trial, after the estimated time you will have to pay a monthly or annual fee for them Usually, they include the basic functions or features of a word processor They usually add more advanced functions than free word processors Some of these are purely online. Therefore, you must stay connected to the Internet for them to work It has the ability to work offline Several of the free word processors receive few updates and therefore some may seem outdated Generally, the paid word processors are kept up-to-date to offer complete coverage

List of the best free word processors that you can install on your computer

Now, it’s time to start with the best alternatives to Microsoft Word that currently exist. Taking into account that many of these can perfectly replace the functions of the default word processor, that is, of Word and the most attractive of all, is that you will not have to pay a single euro for these.

Here are 10 optimal solutions:

Google Docs

Google Docs

It is considered one of the best options to process texts for free and in addition to that, because it offers you the possibility of managing your presentations, forms and files associated with spreadsheets. In addition, Google Docs has cloud integration which is fully tied to the Google Drive service, in that case.

For its part, it provides options so you can share the documents made with other users, in order for them to be able to access them and thus edit them whenever they like. In other words, it works as a very useful and effective tool when working as a team. It should be noted that it has options to manage your documents at the Personal level or at the Company level.

Libre Office Writer

Libre Office Writer

This word processor belongs to the office suite identified as “Libre Office”, which stands out for being the best office suite alternative to Microsoft’s. In that sense, being programmed in Java, it is possible to port it to all operating systems, that is, to Windows and Mac, for example. It even has a mobile app for users of Android and iOS.

Now, regarding the main features of Libre Office Writer, we highlight that it is based on a tool that allows you to design and produce text documents where illustrations, diagrams and tables are included. Likewise, it supports many formats (up to the standardized ODF, the recognized .doc and HTML).

Additionally, it has a flexible interface, offers help functions, allows you to export the document in PDF format, etc.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper

Developed by Dropbox, this tool is a word processor and groupware at the same time. Because it is a solution based on a collaborative document editing service through its web application for computers or through its mobile application with support for Android and iOS. De is based on a digital notepad and document editor.

In this sense, Dropbox Paper provides you three templates so you can create three different kinds of documents, which are: brainstorming, project overview, and meeting minutes. However, you can also open a blank document and make your text freely.

Among other characteristics, it is considered a good option to carry out teamwork, this being its main foundation; so it allows you to share documents with your contacts and has an option to add comments in real time.



Is about an open source office suite that you can easily install on your computer and work without depending on the Internet, although it also offers you an option to manage your documents in the cloud. In this way, OnlyOffice is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and has an app for Android and iPhone available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively.

For its part, this office suite offers tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. In reference to the first, we highlight that it has a very easy to understand interface, it is fully compatible with the most common Office formats, provides productivity features, supports teamwork in order for several users to collaborate on the same project, etc.

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online

If, above all, you prefer to manage your text files in Microsoft Word, but without paying absolutely nothing; Microsoft Office Online is the best solution for you. Since, it is a commitment of the company to renew all its services, where it offers you the possibility of using the renowned office suite directly from the web and free. However, it is necessary that you stay connected to the Internet while doing your work.

It should be noted that, in this way, it also offers Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online, through “Office.com”. But well, in reference to Word Online, to access you will have to sign up with your Hotmail email address and password. Once you are inside the document, you can choose to make a new one or select an available template. Thus, it offers you practically all the functions of classic Word.



At the time of create texts and annotations, free, This word processing service is one of the most widely used today. Which can be used directly from its official website (evernote.com), that is, online; or if you want, you can download its mobile application for Android, iOS or Windows in order to manage your text files from these devices anywhere.

Now, taking into account its main functions, we highlight that Evernote is based on a free service that provides different functions to its users when preparing documents. Thus, it has options for easily edit, store, add comments, share with other users quickly for greater productivity when it comes to a team project and many other options. In order to use this tool, you need to register on their website.



This alternative consists of a complete word processor that is clearly focused on assist the work of researchers and academics, very effectively. Since it allows them to write documents together, attach references, add figures, data and source code. Like the possibility of enter equations, comments and much more, In a simple way.

For its part, among its best functions, Authorea introduces the collaborative editing so that your users can work on the same document simultaneously and thus obtain the best productivity. It also has the ability to make any document public or totally private, track changes, and supports automatic citation format. It is appropriate to note that it has more than 40 specific styles.



Completely free, this program in Spanish is considered another of the most appropriate word processors when you want to replace the giant Microsoft Word. Thus, it is characterized by take up little storage space on your computer and it consumes few resources, so it loads quickly. Although it seems a bit old-fashioned, the truth is that its interface deceives you and is actually very effective.

Now, AbiWord has the necessary tools to write a good text and these tools are: Spell checker, various types of text, supports the main formats (Word, TXT, HTML, RTF, among others), it is very simple to handle, allows you to hide the toolbar to work more comfortably and without distractions. It also has the function of insert tables, automatically save documents every minute and support real-time collaboration.



Refers to an office suite in the cloud completely private and secure. Which provides several tools to manage all types of jobs, since has an optimal word processor, as well as the possibility of using presentations, spreadsheets, editing code, taking surveys, using a whiteboard, cryptdrive and other options to facilitate file management. Regarding his word processor, he is completely focused on work teams.

One of its best advantages is that it takes care of encrypt all the information you enter in the text tool, in order that only authorized persons enter the content and can collaborate on it. Taking into account other particularities of interest, we limit that it offers you the possibility of organizing all documents by folders, renaming them, copying and pasting in other folders, search quickly, as well as drag and drop to simplify file management.



To finalize this list, we refer to this totally free word processor that, although it may be the least recognized of all those mentioned in the post, it exhibits a good performance when making documents written on your computer. In this sense, one of its most important characteristics has to do with the possibility that multiple users collaborate on documents in real time, being very useful for making annotations or explanations in work meetings.

Among other details, Nuclino allows you to add images in various formats to documents, as well as files, code and even videos. In addition to this, it allows you manage tasks very easily, has an interface that is simple to use and advanced at the same time, compared to other word processors. In addition, this tool allows you export the information in various formats (even PDF).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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