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In an age where Nintendo he was taking his first steps, Neo Geo console appeared. A very popular video game hardware during the 90’s. It was developed by SNK, who launched two variants: The Neo Geo MVS, and the domestic version Neo Geo AES.

The power of both consoles for running games was impressive. In addition, the domestic model had excellent compatibility with the games of the Arcade MVS version. However, its high prices did not allow it to keep up with companies such as SEGA Y Nintendo.

Today the Neo Geo game catalogs they remain the most popular. So there are emulators to continue enjoying the experience.

List of the best Neo Geo emulators to play on Apple’s MacOS

Best Neo Geo Emulators to Play on Apple's MacOS

The Neo Geo platform games are still available to thousands of users across the world by means of emulators; programs specially designed to run Arcade MVS titles and the AES console. The vast majority of emulators are available for various Windows versions, or MS-DOS; an operating system for personal computers. Among these, we can mention: Calice 32, NeoRageX and Nebula, the best of all.

However, MacOS users have two incredible emulators to enjoy experiencing Neo Geo titles once again: The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, commonly known by its acronym “MAME”, and OpenEmu:

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME OS X)

MAME is one of the most popular emulators among Arcade players. It is capable of running the vast majority of games belonging to the Neo Geo catalog, and even thousands of other games. The graphics of the emulator are excellent, and does not present any problem in the execution. However, its interface is not as simple as those of other emulators developed for Windows.

Download the application, and add it to the folder “Applications”. Then click to run. The program will be in charge of creating all the folders necessary for its operation. Inside of the emulator you will see a list with all gamesI know it can run. Just get it and start playing.

Download MAME OSX MacOS


It is an experimental open source project to enjoy the best games of yesteryear from MacOS computers. The great advantage of this program is that it includes all the console emulators, that is, you can play Super NES, Atari, NES, Neo Geo titles and much more.

Although it does not have a final version yet, it is possible to compile all the files necessary to make the application work. Its interface is very well detailed. On the left, there are all the consoles to emulate, while on the right are all the games you can run.

Download OpenEmu MacOS

5 Legendary Neo Geo Games To Try Your New Emulator On Your Mac Computer

5 Legendary Neo Geo Games to Play on Your Mac

Neo Geo’s catalog is iconic, and getting the original games can cost a fortune. However, it is not necessary to spend large sums of money to enjoy these legendary titles, because on the Internet you can find their respective emulator versions.

Here is a list of the 5 best Neo Geo games for MacOs:

Samurai shodown

The Neo Geo specializes in games of combat. For this reason, one of his most prominent titles was Samurai shodown. With its fluid and remarkably defined animation, along with memorable characters, it made this game one of the best decades ago. In 1993 the first installment of the title came out. Won multiple awards for its innovative gameplay, focused mainly on weapons and for its history, which focuses on feudal Japan. Represented for the company SNK a real market success.

Metal slug

Metal slug Launched in 1996, it is one of the most popular titles in the world, as its gameplay, graphics and functions have been replicated countless times. It stands out for its fluid animation and unbridled action. Another point in favor is the number of final bosses that the game presents, in addition to weapons, vehicles, improvements, enemies and scenarios. Truly a good option for those who want to relive the adrenaline rush. Metal slug can be played solo or with two players.

The last blade

The last blade represented a new era for the console Neo Geo. Similar to Samurai Shodown, the title focuses on feudal Japan; however, they gave more weight to the story, by taking fundamental aspects of Japanese mythology. The result? A game with excellent gameplay, endearing characters, and good graphics. All this led to the release of a sequel in 1998 that would improve all the successes of the first installment.

Magician lord

It was one of the first games to be marketed alongside the Neo Geo console.. Its launch took place in 1990, for both the arcade and domestic versions. It stood out for its gameplay, colorful graphics and the multiple actions of the main character: Elta. Elta is a magician who must go through eight levels to get back the eight books stolen by the main villain. Although it is a game much remembered by the players of yesteryear, it is also one of the most difficult of the time.

Blue’s journey

As for platform games, Blue’s Journey is a true reference. The protagonist is Blue, a hero who must save the planet Raguy. Its gameplay will remind you, in many cases, of Mario; although it has small differences. For example, Blue is capable of shrinking. However, it is still a favorite of the Neo Geo catalog.

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