+10 Nintendo Wii Emulators on Android  List ▷ 2020

The Nintendo Wii it was one of the consoles of the most renowned videogames worldwide and from that moment on, it became one of the favorites for many people. Which, has been characterized by its wireless control that manages to detect the acceleration of movements in three dimensions and for your “WiiConnect24” that allows you to receive messages and updates via the Internet.

However, over the years, this famous game console lost power and at present, it is completely discontinued on the market. Reason why, all those players who wish to remember this experience, do not have the possibility to do it directly. But nevertheless, suitable emulators have been created to mimic the operation of the Wii.

As a consequence, if you have a device Android, you have at hand various solutions with which to relive the gaming experience of the Nintendo Wii in a very symbolic way. This, through the emulators that exist of it and that are capable of executing their legendary titles. So, below, we mention the best Wii emulators for Android.

What are the requirements to play Nintendo Wii video games on Android?

Before knowing which are the main alternatives available to run video games of the Nintendo Wii on Android, it is essential to know that it is mandatory that each device, whether mobile or tablet, have some features that guarantee the best performance when imitating other hardware that, in this case, it’s the wii. Therefore, to make sure that the emulator you choose can work perfectly on your computer and without any problem.

We recommend that you verify that it has the following characteristics, as a minimum, in order to obtain the most satisfactory gaming experience possible:

  • Version from Android: 0 or higher.
  • Processor graphic compatible with OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher.
  • Processor from 64 bit.
  • RAM minimum: 3 GB.
  • Memory internal of 16 GB. However, it is possible to expand it with an external microSD memory of up to 64 GB.

List of the best Nintendo Wii emulators on Android that you should know

Although it is true, with the use of an excellent emulator, you will be able to execute the famous titles of a certain video console, without having to have it on hand. Considering that, most of the alternatives available, provide a very similar gaming experience and with total quality. But nevertheless, few options are currently recommended.

So, so that you can replay the Nintendo Wii video games from your Android device, we recommend trying one of the following emulators, according to your preferences:

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator

It is an option that you can find, for free, from Google Play Store. In this sense, the app has the ability to emulate the operation of the Nintendo Wii, as well as the renowned Nintendo GameCube. Regarding its main characteristics, we highlight that is an application easy to use and with absolute compatibility.

Thus, once you have the Wii title files that you want to run, you only have to click on “Open” and choose the game from the folder where you have it saved to start the experience. Assessing that, it supports the GCM, DFF, DOL, ISO, ELE and GCZ formats. Further, supports an excellent degree of customization And for that reason, you will be able to make settings such as: enable or disable cheats, activate dual core, enable skip of inactive frames, choose the emulation speed, change the language, etc.

Wii U Simulator

Wii U Simulator

This is another emulator available on the Google Play Store which, takes care of recreating the user interface of Wii U directly on your Android mobile phone or tablet, for free. Thus, it is characterized by being an extremely intuitive app that provides remarkable efficiency at the time of run the video games of the famous Nintendo console.

In this sense, Wii U Simulator It has three main sections that are: the start menu, the configuration section and the games album. Through each of these sections, each user can customize their experience to ensure the greatest possible fun. On the other hand, it should be noted that the minimum capacity of a device to support this app, is 1 GB.

RetroArch Android

RetroArch Android

is defined as the premier all-in-one emulator, thanks to the fact that it has the ability to mimic the operation of numerous world-renowned video game consoles. So today, RetroArch is compatible with the Nintendo Wii for Android, as with Nintendo DS, Super Nintendo, PS1, Game Boy, Sega, etc.). In that way is available in the Google Play Store and it is a totally free application.

In addition to that, this emulator has support for shaders, allows you to run games online, has the ability to install new cores, allows you to take screenshots and videos of the games, like save them to start them later. In addition, it offers the possibility to reconfigure the controls and has different menus to customize the gaming experience.

The best Nintendo Wii games to test your new emulator on Android

Once you download and install your favorite emulator on your Android device, you will have to find the files to run them in said app. In this way, you will test its operation and start your gaming experience with the greatest possible comfort. Now, to start this new adventure, surely you are wondering which are the most legendary games of the Nintendo Wii to try them on Android.

That is why, in this section of the post, we will name 5 titles that you should not stop trying on your Nintendo Wii emulator:

Donkey Kong Country Returns

This classic from Donkey Kong Country reinvents itself for Wii as a novel platform game in two dimensions in which the player will have to travel an island divided into eight worlds, in the company of Diddy kong. Thus, they will go through about 70 levels packed with barrels, platforms and many enemies to face.

Mario Kart Wii

Definitely, one of the most traditional titles in the world of video games and, therefore, you cannot stop trying it in your emulator Wii. Which invites you to participate in different races with up to 12 players simultaneous and two people per console running and competing against the rest online. Further, in this case, motorcycles also join karts.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Another title of Wii suitable for emulators available for Android, in which, you will be able to observe high definition graphics and get a very real gaming experience. Thus, the novel game invites you to dive into an adventure in Hero Mode and provide numerous challenges that will keep you entertained. This, going through dungeons and numerous objects throughout the game.

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

It is a game in which each competitor will assume the role of a police officer who works for the United States government and will have to face a secret mission in which the main objective will be to rescue the president’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a mysterious organization. Thus, you will meet all kinds of horrors that will lead to discover a great mystery.

Just Dance 2015

If you are a dance lover, we recommend you try this installment of the series of musical games by Ubisoft that debuted in the first Wii. Which is a title that adds several game modes and a lot of hits that you can enjoy from the comfort of your mobile, while you dance to the rhythm of the music.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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