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The colors and format are essential aspects in streaming portals. For that reason the platform allows you to use Overlays. If you want to know which are the best 100% free Twitch Overlays to customize your channel, here we leave you an updated list of options.

Usually, casual streamers don’t bother to customize the Twitch format. However, if you want to attract a lot more attention, you may use frames and borders is the aesthetic detail you need.

The overlay is an element that helps you reflect the style of the channel. While most are paid, you can find different free models online.

What are Twitch overlays and what are they for on the platform?

What are Twitch overlays and what are they for on the platform?

A fairly common term among streamers that make life in the gaming community is “Streaming Overlay”. However, What are Twitch Overlays and what are they for on the platform? Overlay is an Anglo-Saxon term that translates as “Overlap”. It consists of some types of frames or borders superimposed on the transmission screen.

They are employed by professional streamers to customize your live games. The overlay simply takes care of framing the image. The version Twitch Interactive It gives platform users access to many different styles of overlays. However, being official designs, they tend to be repeated a lot on the channels of multiple streamers. Remember that the important thing on Twitch is personality. So it is not uncommon to see other users design their own overlays to reflect their style.

List of the best Twitch overlays that you can use while you play

List of the best Twitch overlays that you can use while you play

Yes you don’t have editing knowledge, designing an overlay for your channel is probably not as viable. Fortunately, there are many designers and specialized websites that offer borders and overlays for free.

Here is a list of the best Twitch overlays that you can use while you play:

Future – Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Future is a pretty straightforward overlay, but that fulfills its objective of giving a distinctive touch to the channel. It was designed for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive video game. However, it can work for other shooters titles. It has an overlay for startup, another while you play and a third for intermediate screens. Each it is available in five different colors.

Download Overlay Future – Counter Strike: Global Offensive


This design you can get it for free as a Photoshop file (.psd), which you can edit to add your channel name, social networks, and other complementary information. It is a basic and functional design.

Download Overlay Ghostwalker


It’s about a package in PSD format which you can modify in Photoshop to add your social networks, channel name and much more. The package includes overlays for an offline screen, intermediates, an overlay to notify that the broadcast is about to begin, a border for the webcam, a box for the name and two editable banners.

Download Overlay Hitbox


Based on the video game multi-player namesake, Anthem is a practical overlay with a striking and unique design, compared to other models. All elements are located at the bottom of the screen. It also has a small box for enable webcam. It includes several types of borders and they come in different colors.

Download Overlay Anthem


Notably Strexm it is not a particular design. It is a portal dedicated to provide free overlays to the streamer community. These are designed based on different games, and some are characterized by having an informal look and a fun font. All overlays are customizable And all of them come with an alert from followers, donors, host and subscribers.

To access multiple Strexm designs, you must connect to the portal with your Twitch account. Then select one of the many free overlays. Then copy the overlay link and paste it into the OBS or XSplit program. From this point on, you can start streaming with overlays.

Download Overlay Strexm

Rayred – Zerging

It is a design created by the people of the German portal Zerging. It has dark colors and a fairly straight look. The package includes everything you need to provide the transmission of your data, as well as a space to highlight donors and subscribers. It’s about a generic overlay but that does its job. You can also find other designs with different themes.

Download Overlay Rayred – Zerging

Overwatch Overlay Mega pack

The portal Nerdordie is a great reference, since are dedicated to designing products for all available broadcast platforms. Although the vast majority of their designs are Premium, they also have some free resources. Such is the case with the Overwatch package. It has inserts for webcam, social media, streaming borders, and more.

To download it, you must select this or any other of your preference. Then, in the price box, enter with the keyboard the figure of € 0.00. The product is added to the shopping cart. Then you must log in to the portal, or create an account, add your information for the invoice and finally receive your free overlay.

Download Overlay Overwatch Mega pack


Twitchoverlay is another portal where you can purchase paid and free overlays. In fact, you have almost 30 templates at your disposal totally free. On this occasion, we recommend DZDC. It is an overlay inspired by the game The Division 2. It has a minimalist design that highlights the orange color. The package includes two webcam inserts, a header, three panels, and a background. In addition, it also comes with a file .PSD to be able to edit the overlay at any time from Photoshop.

Download DZDC Overlay

Loyal – Wdflat

Among other platforms, WDFLAT too stands out for dedicating itself to creating visual elements for streaming. The portal offers more than 100 free overlays. Curiously, the vast majority are inspired by the characters of Fortnite. In this case, we suggest Loyal, a basic design that offers a space for the channel name, social networks and little else.

Download Overlay Loyal – Wdflat

Value Essentials Stream Package

In last place is a design inspired by the video game Valorant, and developed by the Visual by Impulse portal. You can buy it for free both animated and static. The package includes notification alerts, broadcast screens, social media panels, and transitions. It also has a practical installation manual.

Download Overlay Valor Essentials Stream Package

Learn step by step how to activate Twitch overlays while playing

Learn step by step how to activate Twitch overlays while playing

The overlays are images that are superimposed on the broadcast screen. These can be animated or static. Overlays are usually not part of the default stream settings. For that reason there are programs like OBS Studios that allow you to add them.

Learn step by step how to activate Twitch overlays while you play:

Know the location of the file

Once you have downloaded or designed your overlay, you must make sure you know where it is located on the computer. By default, downloaded files are saved in the folder of “Downloads”. However, if you have moved it, try to know where you have left it.

Open OBS Studios

For add an overlay to the transmission or to your webcam, opens the OBS Studios program. Next, go to the tab “Sources” and click on the symbol (+). A drop-down menu appears on the screen. Select the option “Image”. Next, a pop-up window opens, in which you must enter the name of the image and then press accept.

Load the overlay

Then another window opens in which you must specify the location of the file. Click the button “Examine” and locate the image on your computer. Then press “To accept”. So the frame will be added to the stream. You can adjust the size of the overlay to fit the screen or camera.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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