+10 Platforms to Edit Photos Online  List ▷ 2020

Image editing is an increasingly popular activity. Its need is amplified as time passes, it is induced by many factors, including the social networks.

In view of the great demand for tools for designing and editing images, there is every time more programs and platforms that offer this service. Today, we will talk about the best platforms that provide us with this assistance.

The websites to edit photos online are generally not free, but there are a small number of them whose service is non-profit. In this post, We will show you a list of these free platforms.

List of the best online platforms to edit photos without programs and also free

Image editing it is a very important task in any areaFor this, it is necessary to have a powerful tool that gives us everything we need so that our images are professional. On the Internet we can find many programs and applications, and among them are online platforms, being very useful if we don’t want to download any software to our PC.

From the extensive list of online and free platforms, which we can find on the Internet, we will show you 10 websites highly valued by their users:



Fotor is one of the highest rated graphical tools by its users. By simply entering your page we can create graphic designs, collages, crop, enlarge, reduce, remove backgrounds, change formats as well as other options.



The second highest rated platform is Phixr, and maybe with much more time in trajectory than the previous one mentioned. In this tool we will find a feature pack, as well as a downloadable version for our mobile.

With Phixr we can make all those professional images that we love so much, including the basic presentations. Among the different advanced functions that the site offers us, there are, changes of formats, turns, reduction and amplification, among others. Also, if we want we can work with all those images that we have saved in our Dropbox account, this being one of the most attractive qualities of the site.



Ribbet is a free photo editor with professional design. It has a huge number of basic and advanced functions that allow us to work on our images like a professional. One of its weaknesses and at the same time strength is that it only gives us a free period of 14 days, to amplify the functions and continue using this platform after the demo expires, we must pay 4.95 euros per month.



PhotoJet is the online editor most used by people who want to make quick and basic designs. We will not have to buy any subscription for the use of this platform nor do we have a limit of activities for being free.

We can use basic functions like background editing, image rotation, cropping, resizing, contrast adjustments and automatic sharpness, vignetting and darkening, increasing leftovers, radial focuses, water backgrounds, among others. It may not be as perfect as PhotoShop but to be free we could say that it gives us many functions.



East is a basic and free online editor. With this platform we can do any edition that requires basic functions, but it does not have many advanced ones, although more were included in its latest service update. There, we can give professional and fun touches to our images, as well as create one from scratch. It gives us a lot of effects, including movie view, water backgrounds, coffee stains and others.



This online image editor provides us with a number of functions to create incredible images. We simply have to load or drag our photos, design them with all those basic and advanced functions that it offers us, and then download them. In Picmonkey we will can take our images to another level, adding filters, using retouching functions and graphics. This tool is very easy to use, and of great impact, a mix of all that you may be looking for.



BeFunky is the editor that has more effects, it can be said that in terms of this it has a little resemblance to PhotoShop. There we can design an image from scratch, or if we want to beautify the ones we already have.

Among the different activities that can be done on this platform are: freehand drawings, photo frames, transparencies, removing backgrounds, coloring and more. As if that were not enough, it also provides us with a number of templates for our texts, of all types, shapes and colors, remember that in an image the text is essential.



Online Image Editor is the platform of our dreams. This editor allows us to resize all our images, combine or merge them, create collages, add texts with our own fonts or use animated ones, add borders, shadows, frames and others. It is a platform that by simply seeing its interface we will fall in love with it. It has an endless number of templates, effects and filters, in addition to supports all formats image existing so far.



Photo editor It is one of the most sought after tools in the world, one of its most used functions is the rotation and resizing of images. To work on this platform we do not need previous knowledge in graphic designJust have great creativity.



We end the list with Kizoa, an excellent site that offers us a wide range of functions, so that we can design or edit images in a professional way. It is a totally free platform, although it also offers us a Premium mode that gives us advanced functions.

Tips to better edit your photos and give them a professional touch

For edit professionally our images we need to comply with some tips. These basic tricks will take us from a novice level to a fully professional one.

That is why we recommend that you comply with them perfectly:

Choose the right image

Well, this as such is not a step to retouch or edit an image, but it is necessary to analyze this point, since if the image that we will edit does not meet the purposes or characteristics that we want, we will waste time, a small resource that It can be invested in another worthwhile one.

Let’s adjust the contrast and lighting

Although many of us already know this by general culture, it never hurts emphasize that we must make a correct adjustment of these. Although it sounds funny, the correct words are; a fair fit, because if we exceed something we would completely ruin our image. The illumination It is essential for all photos and images, exceeding it can be chaos, as can its absence, for this reason we must manually take this process.

Basic settings

Among the basic settings we have saturation, straightening, clipping, resizing and others. Although they are basic, it is really important to do this before proceeding with any edits, because doing it afterwards can lose some properties and damage it completely.

Note: Spoiling an image is not an option, especially when it is something very difficult to capture again.

Let’s purify our image

When we say purify, we refer to removing all imperfections found in it. We can recognize an imperfection with the naked eye, as these are the ones that negatively affect the images. We must bear in mind that by not eliminating imperfections you will not be able to appreciate the full beauty of our imageThis is why it is very important to try to suppress these details as much as possible.

Let’s apply filters

The filters are widely used today, These can beautify images and change their appearance. There are many types of filters, and these vary according to the editing program that we are using at the moment.

Let’s add text

Another of the great tips, is to write something no matter how short it is. Although, if our images are purely decorative, it is not highly recommended to insert any text. There are tools that give us templates with good designs, allowing us to add those words we want.

Artistic touch

To finish the list of tips, we recommend giving the artistic touch to your images. Obviously this is not something mandatory, however they look great when customizing them and giving them that touch of ours.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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