+10 Programs to Open APK Files from PC  List ▷ 2020

Surely it has happened to you that you have some game or application installed on your smartphone and you want to play it on your computer. However, you get the problem that your PC does not plays these types of files By itself.

Power open these files on computer it is a simple and quick process to accomplish. For this it is important to have the correct programs or use an Android emulator, which will allow you to have the OS of your mobile phone on your machine.

And it is that all the applications that we download from Google play are from APK extensions, which causes them to be installed automatically on them. But, in the case of the computer we will need to have some specific softwares. Taking this into account, here we explain the best programs to open these types of applications.

What kind of program do you need to open APK files on your computer?

Today there are programs that are specialized in open APK extensions from your computer, where many of them are dedicated only to open games and other only native Android apps. It is also important to mention that in order to open these extensions you can use Android emulators for Windows.

An Android emulator is mainly based on simulate the Android operating system on your PC, In other words, you can do everything you do on your smartphone directly from your computer, either access the apps you frequently visit on your mobile, view your contact list, view your gallery, among other.

Therefore, it is important that, when selecting a software to open these applications on your PC, choose the best, this will make your app play the right way without interruptions. For this, here we are going to leave you a list with the best softwares to carry out these processes.

List of the best 10 software to open APK files on your Windows or Mac computer

There are currently a large number of programs available on the web that will help you open APK files from your computer. In addition to Android emulators with which you can also carry out this.

All this will allow you to convert your computer on a smartphone with which you can enjoy a large number of games and applications of all kinds.

To do this, here we present a list with the best programs to open APK extensions:

Bluestacks 4.0

Bluestacks 4.0

Currently considered one of Android emulators more important, it is available for Windows operating system. It is mainly characterized by being very simple to install and use, with him you can start to carry out downloading millions of app available on Google Play.

One way to represent a mobile device from your PC screen. Among its most important characteristics we find that it is the fastest mobile gaming platform, works great as a gaming platform, has more than 300 million users and allows you generate money through content creation.

Download Bluestacks 4.0 Windows



WinRAR is mainly characterized by its great speed and excellent performance, which has led it to to rank above the rest of the programs that compress RAR and ZIP files. In this way, it is capable of compressing any type of file in just a second, thus offering its clients excellent performance.

In this way, you can start withpour documents from one format to another for free, It also gives you the possibility of open APK files from your computer, as well as protecting each of your information through the utilization of passwords. In addition, it becomes a very good alternative for when they want to share very large files through email or any social network.

Download WinRAR Windows

Pure APK

Pure APK

Another form of power open Android apps from your PC is through the software Pure Apk, which is available for Windows. This program offers a very advanced method compared to what the competition uses for what it is installing the APK files.

In addition, it gives you the possibility of open other formats that are not very common in computers, like is XAPK, which also include the Apk in your system, OBB extensions, which are used for himGPS applications where maps are required Or simply the Apk for those who want to play games.

Download Pure APK Windows



Memu is another of Android emulators most important today, and it is based mainly on the videogames, where you can install any APK file in a very simple and fast way. In addition, it already includes many recognized titles in your library which you can use for free.

This software gives you the possibility to enjoy any title from your PC that is available both for Android tablets or mobile devices. Where it offers you tools to configure the controls in a very simple way, easy installation and no complicated settings in order to facilitate the stay of its users.

Download MEmu Windows



This program has been developed mainly to offer users the possibility of open APK files from your computers. It can be downloaded completely free of charge and that way you can start enjoying all its services.

It also gives you the possibility to consult all the necessary details of the file you want to install, as in the name of the application or game, its version, the size and resolution of the screen and the permissions it requires to ensure a good performance of the same.

Nox – Android Emulator

Nox - Android Emulator

Nox is known almost all over the world for its excellent performance, and is another of the emulators that we will find available for computers, it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It also stands out for presenting very good quality graphics and excellent speed when executing apps.

So if you are looking for a way to carry your games from smartphone to computer you can start doing it with Nox. You can download it completely for free. Among its main characteristics we find that it allows take screenshots, compatible with most new titles and is very fast and fluid when playing video games.

Download Nox Android Windows



KoPlayer is another of the emulators that we will find available on the web, it stands out for being one of the most powerful at the time of run any type of application. In it you can install from games to informational or entertainment applications, ideal to enjoy a mobile system from PC.

One of the great advantages this program offers is that does not require any configurationAll you have to do is download and run it to start using it. It allows you surf the internet, use your social networks, play games, install and uninstall apps with ease, among many other options.

Download KoPlayer Windows

Android Studio

Android Studio

Android Studio has become the official software by Google, it has as its main function to allow developers being able to create and test each of their applications from their computer. In it you can run applications of all kinds, including games.

In addition, it includes a large number of tools that will help you achieve the expected results in a very simple way. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. However, it should be mentioned that in terms of its use is not the simplest software, so you will have to have a little experience in the area.

Download Android Studio Windows

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

This program is available for Windows operating system from the version 7 onwards. However, it is a bit heavy so you will have to have the less 4GB of RAM available for execution, as well as a Intel processor. In spite of not be a lightweight software, offers you a large number of tools that will help you open any apk file from your computer.

One way to start run your smartphone directly on your PC and run any type of program that download from Google Play. As for its installation, it is very simple, only that it can take a few hours and run directly from Windows desktop.

Download Remix OS Player Windows


Virtual box

We finally finished the list with the emulator for Android Virtual Box. It has been in the market for several years now, where it continues to rank among one of the most important software to carry out mobile renderings from the PC. In a show Open Source that will allow you to run any mobile application on your computer.

In addition, it gives you the possibility of download images ISO from the official Android page. It has a very simple and fast installationas well as with a very well designed and easy to use interface. Ideal for all those users who are starting to use an emulator on their computer.

Download VirtualBox Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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