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Mac computers have many unique protection features. However, your operating system may be vulnerable to security issues like any computer. If you want to know how to prevent this situation, keep reading this article about what are the best security tools to be protected on MacOS.

An outdated operating system, or the use of risky applications, can compromise the integrity of the device. In recent years, there has been an escalation in the number of threats to Mac.

For this reason, it is essential to protect the computer from MacOS with the best security tools available.

What are the most serious security issues to watch out for in MacOS?

What are the most serious security issues to watch out for in MacOS?

Malware and ransomware attacks, so common in Windows, they have made their way to computers Mac. Currently, there are numerous threats that compromise the private information of users.

Next, we detail what are the most serious security problems that you should be careful of in MacOS:

  • CookieMiner: It is a kind of malware who is responsible for obtaining cookies browser authentication. It has been active since the beginning of 2019. Its objectives are: to hijack user data and passwords, infiltrate backup copies and spy on text messages. Also, it can affect your movements with cryptocurrencies.
  • OSX / CrescentCore: Is a malware which can be found on various types of download pages, disguised as a file DMG, in a Adobe Flash Player installer. After installation, the virus masquerades as a cleaning application. This type of malware has even managed to evade software security Gatekeeper from Manzana.
  • OSX / NewTab: The malware mainly attacks the browser of Safari, when introducing new toolbars. However, you can also download and install some unsolicited software on your computer. It uses various names to hide its nature. In addition, it is capable of circumventing the security detection systems of Manzana.
  • Bird Miner: It is also known as LoudMiner. It is a mining program that is distributed primarily through pirated software copies. It is responsible for installing malware on the computer Mac that allows the attacker to generate income with cryptocurrencies from your computer. Also, create an operating system Linux which runs together with MacOS.
  • OSX / Oompa-A: The malware uses the messaging programs of Manzana to spread as a compressed file. If the user executes the content of the file, the malware will be activated, which affects the entire contact list.

List of the best security tools to make MacOS a more secure and private environment

List of the best security tools to make MacOS a more secure and private environment

The virus as malware, ransomware, trojans Y adware they can render the computer useless Mac. Therefore, it is essential that you have additional software that provides extra protection to your devices and personal information.

For that reason, we recommend a list of the best security tools to make MacOS a more secure and private environment:


It is a security software that automatically detects and eliminates any threat on the computer. This includes: Viruses, malware, and ransomware. In addition, it allows you to manage applications that are not necessary for Mac, and significantly reduces the presence of adware while browsing the Internet. The program is paid. Subscription is greater than € 30 per year, for a single device. Instead, to protect more computers, the subscription is placed above the € 50 per year.

Among its other characteristics, the following stand out:

  • Ability to perform quick scans for malware detection.
  • You can schedule the scans to be done automatically.
  • Allows you to block downloading applications of unknown origin.

Download Malwarebytes MacOS

ESET Cyber ​​Security Pro

Is a software powered by ESET NOD32, which has integrated antivirus and antispyware functions. It is able to protect devices Mac of any security problems or failures in its operation. In addition, it includes a personal firewall, along with the possibility of managing parental control.

It is a paid software. The cost of your basic plan is above the € 30. However, it does not offer parental control among other functions. The advanced plan, for its part, has a value higher than the € 40. In addition, they offer several free plans for 30 days.

Other of its characteristics are:

  • Possibility of doing advanced security settings.
  • You can add websites to block list parental control.
  • Phishing Prevention and other computer attacks.

Download ESET Cyber ​​Security Pro MacOS


Is a antimalware software developed by SecureMac for teams MacOS. The stable version is currently 3.3, launched on the market during the first weeks of March 2020. You can buy the service, or use a free trial. It is a program with a simple and user-friendly interface. MacScan is responsible for analyzing and eliminating all types of threats present on the computer. This includes: Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Keyloggers, Worms, Scareware, among others.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • You can blacklist, and list white, from cookies customizable.
  • You have the ability from schedule scans automatic.
  • Make notifications of security.
  • You can access the records from previous scans.

Download MacScan MacOS

Mac Premium Bundle X9

Intengo is a security software developer company, exclusively for MacOS. Its most outstanding product is Mac Premium Bundle X9 bundle. The suite is composed of multiple protection applications They offer to keep your computer as protected as possible. The package can be found at a starting price of 70 euros.

Among the applications included in the Mac Premium Bundle X9 bundle are:

  • NetBarrier X9: It is responsible for denying unauthorized access to the computer.
  • VirusBarrier X9: It is responsible for scanning and removing viruses from the device.
  • ContentBarrier X9: It is a parental control application to prevent children from visiting inappropriate web portals.
  • Personal Backup 10.9: A function that allows you to create automatic backups of your data.
  • Mac Washing Machine X9: Increase computer performance by cleaning unnecessary files.

Download Mac Premium Bundle X9 MacOS

BlockBlock and KnockKnock

BlockBlock is a software that is responsible for prohibiting the installation of malicious programs in the computer Mac. The application runs in the background, that is, it does not interfere with the daily functions of the device. The moment it detects a suspicious file, BlockBlock emit an alarm to warn the user.

On the other hand, KnockKnock is a scanner that takes care of identify signs of potential malware that try to install themselves, repeatedly, on the computer. The application allows you to review the registry of scanned files. Also, you may find unusual behaviors in both installers, browser extensions, web plugins, and launchers. Both tools are free.

Download BlockBlock MacOS

Download KnockKnock MacOS


It is an antimalware tool that specializes in detecting ransomware on your computer. The free application constantly scans the device, in the background, to locate encrypted files that have been created by malicious processes. RansomWhere thwarts the virus’s attempts to encrypt computer documents. As it works in the background, it does not affect the user’s routine activities.

Download RansomWhere MacOS

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