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Did you know traveling reduces stress and anxiety? You sure did. But not only that. Taking a vacation, even for a couple of days, has many benefits too.

Get out of the daily monotony increases your ability to solve problems, since you will face situations in different contexts. also can help in your interpersonal relationship or communication with other people. It is a great way to discover yourself, away from everyday worries, you will have time to reflect and do introspection.

But we must not overlook the fact that planning a trip is often a stressor. Thinking about where to stay, what transportation to use, or going over budget can be daunting reasons. Therefore, in this post we will show you tools that will facilitate this task.

List of the best travel deals portals to go on vacation paying less

List of the best travel deals portals to go on vacation paying less

Taking a trip, as we have already seen, can enrich you culturally, emotionally and psychologically. Break the routineSo be it for a couple of days it will help you a lot.

In this text we want to provide you with as many places as possible so that planning a trip takes minutes. The money you have available will always be a determining factor to choose destination, hotel and transportation. You will find the best methods to save as much as possible in this post.

There are hundreds of sites on the Internet that offer reservations and flights, but many of them are out of date or unreliable. Then, We will recommend the best ones:


It is one of the most used sites by travelers. In it you must choose the origin and destination. The page will return you a comparison of prices of different airlines. If you make the reservation you will do it from the official website of the airline. Too offers an interactive map with different prices and places ordered by colors. Is very easy to use. If you have not decided the destination, this can be a great option.


Bill further with a mobile app. It offers, like the previous example, many offers which you can sort by rank. One particularity that makes the difference is that the reservation is made through the site and not from the airline’s page. If the objective of your trip is to know several places in one go, Kiwi is your page. It offers the possibility of entering different destinations, which it will organize so that the result is the most economical.


This Spanish site offers an interesting option if you are flexible with the place you want to visit. On the home page you will find a box similar to other sites, with a little different detail. The option “Without destination”. This will make Trabber find places for you and recommend the cheapest flights.


One of the most renowned pages on the list. If you are flexible regarding the day of travel, the site offers you an ideal option. The alternative of extending the departure and return dates by more or less three days. To provide you with the cheapest flights. Provides the usual search options for sites of its kind. But we can also optar to look for flight packages plus accommodations. Thus saving time and complications. This does not guarantee that they are not cheaper separately.


If you have a suitcase ready for come out unexpectedly and you can escape from work on any date, this option is for you. The site offers last minute trips that are generated for example by cancellations. You can add accommodation and transportation to your package. A great alternative if you are from Spain.


Like the previous one, this website offers last minute offers. If your flexibility in the date is great, this may be your best option. But something you should keep in mind is that the offers you will find have expiration dates. So you must decide quickly and have everything ready to run, or rather to go flying.

The next two items offer a strange way to find cheap flights. They are dedicated to searching errors in rates. Whether due to erroneous currency conversions or human mistakes, lapses always exist. These sites find them in your favor.


The place it’s in english, even so, it’s quite intuitive. Enter your city of origin, destination (if you leave this field empty, it will show you prices anywhere in the world) and you can go to offers for ridiculous prices. You are probably out of luck, as if mistakes do happen, they are not frequent.


Although the interface is a little less friendly, it offers an addition compared to the previous one. The place search for errors in rates. But if you can’t find them will show you the cheapest prices (uses the engine from Kayak.com). In this way, if there are no errors, you can opt for a flight at a conventional price. If you want, tell the site to send you mobile notifications in case an offer appears for you.


In appearance this website is the same as the other search pages. But there is a detail that makes it different. It offers, in addition to cheap flights on conventional airlines, travel in low cost companies that other sites do not consider.


Google finds everything, as it was not going to do the same with the flights. In the same window, you can find trips, hotels and the main attractions of each place. It has the traditional destination bar and travel dates. Further, offers an interactive map. In it you will observe the prices and actual locations on the globe. In the side section you can modify the preference data and find the most convenient price.

Tips to save the most while traveling the world

Needless to say, planning a trip depends largely on money that we have to do it. There are many ways to save for a trip, doing extra work, reducing certain habits and even selling an object. Even so, it is common to waste the budget when we have reached our destination.

Foolish budget spending can deprive us of unforgettable moments or to shorten our stay in the place visited. That is why we will provide you with some tips to minimize expenses:

  • The potential amount of money you save on your travels is inverse to the comfort of your actions. That is to say, traveling by public transport is less comfortable than traveling by taxi, but not cheaper. On the other hand, a few small changes in your day can save you without much sacrifice.
  • Saving money does not mean that you are going to deprive yourself of all the tastes, without them, traveling would be a nonsense. Choose activities that mean experiences. Avoid expenses that do not involve a memorable moment. If you want to pay for a guide to swim among dolphins, who can stop you?
  • Opt for credit cards that do not have commissions for withdrawing money abroad. Failing that, choose the ones that least hold you back. The sum of these percentages can mean an important number at the end of your trip.
  • If you choose not to withdraw cash from an ATM and you use the plastic directly in the trade or institution, ask to be charged with the local currency. The change offered by the bank is usually more favorable.
  • Save on mobile data. Being connected to the Internet is essential today, but international roaming can become an unforeseen expense. Take advantage of the areas with free WiFi such as squares or public places. Coffee shops are an alternative if you take into account that the price of a coffee is less than the MB downloaded.
  • If you managed to connect, rmake calls through applications like Skype, WhatsApp or similar.
  • Organize your expenses. Keep your account in a notebook or digitally with an application. It sounds shocking if you are in a moment of relaxation. But yes can help you realize that you overpaid in a restaurant would you go back?
  • Find out where the locals eat what you visit. Tourist sites tend to have a high price for their meals. But the locals don’t usually go there to eat. Out-of-town markets and bars can make a big difference in spending.
  • If the place where you stay offers you a space to cook, take advantage of it. Discover new flavors and stimulate your creativity by cooking yourself with local ingredients.
  • Find the cheapest transportation. The lowest priced will always be your feet. But if the distance you need to travel is long, there are bicycle rentals, public transport, trains and even renting a car can be profitable.
  • Do free activities. Guided tours of the city, days with free admission to museums or archaeological sites are great options to enjoy a place. Too activities you can do on your own they are just as valid. Walking around, sitting in parks and walks can make you enjoy it from another perspective.
  • Work. It seems like a strange recommendation. But if it is in your possibilities and you want to extend your visit or you had an unexpected expense that you want to replace, charging for an activity will save you. exist paid jobs that you can do online. If you are a designer, language teacher or something like that, you can sign up for distance learning pages or take your laptop and do a little job at some point.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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