+10 Video Players  For Mac OS List ▷ 2020

Since the emergence of streaming platforms, video players have been slightly displaced, as both Netflix and YouTube and other websites of its kind, have their own video reader to play online. But this does not mean that people have stopped thinking about them.

There are still internet users who are interested in getting good players, especially those of Apple devices looking for an option beyond the payment alternatives offered by this company.

Therefore, here is a list of the 10 best free video players for Mac computers from Apple. With them you can play your favorite audiovisuals to kill boredom when you do not have an internet connection.

5 Features that the best video player for Apple Mac must have

Before presenting all the players on the list, it is important that you know some basic characteristics that a good video player should have. In this way you can download the most successful alternative of all those that we will show you.

Variety of formats

It is important that the video player you choose has support for all the audiovisual formats that currently exist such as AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV and else. This will ensure that any of these files can be viewed in the software you download.


In addition to being able to play video, it is important that it also has other functions that make it a differential tool that stands out above the rest. Among the most important to enhance your user experience are; be able to create and save custom playlists, equalizer to enhance audio, link directly to your file library, and more.

Picture quality

Image quality is one of the most important things today. Therefore, the player you choose must be capable of display images at least in HD quality, since 4K essentially depends on the type of monitor you have.

Attractive interface

One of the things Apple cares the most about is the design of its interfacesTherefore, it is important that the player you choose adapts to the MacOS interface so that it does not look like an external element to it.

Periodic update

Make sure the program is constantly updated, To do this, go to its official website and check when was the last time it was updated, to make sure the player is not discontinued.

List of the 10 best free Apple Mac video players

From the list that we will present to you below, many players claim to have all the characteristics mentioned above, while others do not. But nevertheless, They are undoubtedly the best free options out there because in Apple this freeware condition is not very common in these devices.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

A living legend. This is considered by many users worldwide as the best free video player. It is an open source project started more than a decade ago in 2001 that has kept up to date to meet the needs of the consumer for internet content.

This has support for all existing formats currently and can play content in 4k Ultra HD and 3D. VLC is a complete multimedia center in which you can organize all your videos, series and movies to access them easier. All of this is free and without any type of advertising that spoils your user experience.



This is another open source project younger than VLC but which today is its biggest competitor in the market for freeware players. The reality is that he has nothing to envy, It has support for all existing audio and video formats and can play both 4K UltraHD and 3D, although for the latter you will need a pair of glasses.

INNA it boasts of supporting several complex digital audio channels such as Dolby or DTS. Its interface fits perfectly into the Apple design and it is also a valuable tool to organize your audiovisuals and access them from a single place.



Although we will not throw as many flowers as the previous two, this player is the best you can download on your Mac today, with nothing to envy to the other payment tools found in the Apple market. It can play all formats in excellent quality, and it has all the existing audio and video codecs, including the most complex ones. So with it you won’t have to download anything externally.

Its interface is a true multimedia center where you can not only quickly access your audiovisuals, but you can also use it to view content on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

ElMedia Player

Elmedia Player

This player is not exactly free, since it has its paid version that costs around € 10. But possibly you, who are looking for more than a program that reads and plays your favorite audiovisuals, is just what you need.

ElMedia can play content in all audiovisual formats existing to date and can play content in 4K. If to this you add that it also allows you to edit your subtitles, we are facing an unprecedented bargain.

KM Player


Simple, practical and very efficient. Those would be the most suitable adjectives to describe this player. With it you can enjoy your content in 4K and even 3D If you have a pair of glasses for it, and it has all the necessary drivers to allow you to change the language of the audio and subtitles, in addition to being able to generate the latter (although translation is not highly recommended).



A player that has become known thanks to its past. With it you will be able to watch content in 4K without any problem, being able to also play all the existing audio and video formats. On its website you can find user manuals to teach you how to use certain tools and special functions that allow you to make the most of it.

But the offline playback it’s not the only thing this player is good at. The reality is that it is a high-level multimedia center where you can access channels for watch TV in Streaming at no cost, as well as being able to enter payment platforms such as Netflix. This makes Kodi one of the best on this list without a doubt.

GOM Media Player


This player offers you an excellent quality of reproduction of all the existing audiovisual formats, as well as visualizing 3D, but without a doubt its greatest asset is being able to reproduce content in 360 ° VR. This is one of the few players that have this property, although it is not included in the free version, but in the paid version which, in addition to this, has other more powerful functions. But nevertheless, possibly the free one is enough for youas it has everything a video consumer needs to have an excellent user experience.

ACG Player

ACG Player

This is another pearl that has no waste whatsoever at Apple. To start, has an excellent interface that fits perfectly into the Mac design, but it is that in addition to being able to reproduce all the formats in excellent quality, it also has a video editor that allows you to correct errors in your content.

While it is quite basic, not bad for a freeware. On the other hand, there is the fact that its developers constantly update it so that it is up to date with the needs of the community.



One of the last but not the worst for that. This player boasts a Very complete free version in which you can view all video and audio formats in 4K quality, although this will depend essentially on the screen on which you are enjoying your video.

That without forgetting the fact that supports almost all digital sound codecs, especially the most complex ones used in the film industry.

Media Player Classic

media player classic

We close with a player that although its best years are over, it is still one of the best that you can download for free on Apple’s MacOS. At the time, it was VLC’s biggest competition in the ad-free freeware market., but this is not currently the case, especially due to the fact that its last update was made in 2017, which prevents you from being able to reproduce material in 4K and higher qualities, so we can assure you that it is the most limited software on this list.

Why can’t I watch 4K with an UltraHD player?

Before saying goodbye, we want to clarify a very important point that users must be clear about 4K UltraHD quality. It is possible that after having chosen the ideal player for you you have wanted to see a movie in this resolution and You have realized that there is no difference with the FullHD that you already had before. This is because being able to view material in this quality does not only depend on the file and the software you use.

Actually, the most important components for this are:

  • 4K monitor: the monitor is the screen on which the video in question will be displayed, and they all have a resolution limit that they can reproduce, so if your monitor is not made to reproduce images in 4K, then it will be impossible to see them. Instead, an adjustment is made and the image is displayed in the highest possible quality that the hardware allows.
  • Graphics card: Another component of utmost importance to view this type of material is the video card, since without it it is very likely that you will not be able to see 4K. For this you will need a card of at least 1GB and other features that make UltraHD possible on your computer.

So if you don’t have any of these components ready, there will be no possible way for your computer to reproduce 4K. You can now have the most powerful free or paid player in the world; the cute stays cute even if her clothes are gala. So before looking for UltraHD software, make sure you have the right hardware.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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