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If we take the term virtual reality in a strict way, we can say that this technology has been with us for many years. It is that the first projects and uses began in the middle of the 20th century. However, what we can mention as a novelty is the advance, scope and popularization that it had so far this century.

And it is that, together with mobile devices and computers, the possibility of accessing this type of environment is closer than ever.

While navigational and military teams have used these tools for decades. Today anyone with a relatively modern Smartphone can make use of them. In some cases it is necessary to purchase a supplement or that the mobile has certain characteristics.

What features must my mobile have to be able to use virtual reality on it?

What features must my mobile have to be able to use virtual reality on it?

Most Smartphones have the minimum characteristics to be able to enjoy virtual reality in a basic way. All we’ll need is the long screen phone and a pair of biconvex glasses. There are hundreds of tutorials to make your own VR glasses with cardboard and these elements.

If you want to save yourself this work, you can buy some online. The only requirements that this device requires, along with a basic application, are that your phone have gyro sensor (or gyroscope) and accelerometer. As a whole they operate applications such as compasses or that the screen rotates according to the position of the mobile. As an accessory it should have a magnetic field sensor to be able to operate the side button of the VR glasses. In the absence of the latter, can be replaced with a wireless joystickico.

But nevertheless, Google has launched a virtual reality platform called “Daydream”. It offers a greater experience for the user with a completely immersive environment. To use it, you must purchase the “Daydream view” developed by the same company.

In addition, the mobile requirements to access the platform’s certification are:

  • Dual Core Processor with sustained performance.
  • Put up with the hardware Vulcan.
  • Be able to read the H.264 codec at least 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps-40Mbps.
  • HEVC and VP9 Capability and be able to decode at least 1920 x 1080p @ 30fps-10Mbps and at 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps-20Mbps.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and Bluetooth LE Data Length Extension.
  • Screen at least 4.7 inches diagonal and 1920 x 1080p minimum resolution
  • 60Hz latency on the screen.

In the event that you want to access virtual reality with a basic VR viewer and use, for example, YouTube or one of the applications that we will show you in this post and you don’t know if your device is compatible, do this:

  • Login to the application of Youtube from your mobile.
  • In the search bar enter “360 VR”. And press “Enter” or click on the magnifying glass.
  • Choose among the first results.
  • Inside the video, at the bottom, the logo should appear VR As shown in the picture.
  • Of not finding it, it will mean that your mobile is not compatible.
  • But nevertheless, You can still use it to watch movies, but not to use it with games or videos with 360-degree environment.
  • If you want to know, more precisely what component is missing from your mobile to be compatible, you can download from the Play Store the application EZE VR. With it, once installed and executed, you will see which of the requirements is not met.
  • In the case of iOS, if you have a iPhone 4 or higher, the requirements are guaranteed. Although if you want to check it anyway, you can use the app “Sensor Kinetics”.

List of the best VR applications for Smartphone with Android or iOS

List of the best VR applications for Smartphone with Android or iOS

Many apps already offer a great user experience in their traditional way. Not to mention how you will enjoy them in a three-dimensional environment. So we come to bring you a list that will make you rush out to make or buy some virtual reality glasses.

To do this, start by downloading these applications:

YouTube VR

This application is within the best 10 For the large amount of content available for VR glasses. Within the site we recommend you enter the channel “360Video”. In it you will find 360 videos and even some that are interactive in which you decide where to move.

Netflix VR

The movies and series platform has a version optimized for DayDream glasses. With it you can see all the series and movies from your account Netflix. But unlike? From the traditional app you can do it from the comfort of a virtual living room. It is a very useful option if you want watch movies at 3 in the morning without waking up.

Zombie Shooter VR

If you dream of being a hero of the zombie apocalypse, this shooting game will be great for you. Go through different scenarios and eliminate your enemies with various weapons. You can find this app by free in the Android and iOS store.

FullDive VR

It is a game with crime novel style. With a great plot, it invites you to go through the history of its protagonists as if it were you. It has great kinematics and you can download it for free in the store of your operating system.

Sister VR

Gloomy, dark and creepy is this virtual reality game. Immerse yourself in the world of terror from your mobile. We recommend you use with headphones and at high volume. You can get it for free in the Android and Apple stores.

Google Arts and Culture

One of the most amazing apps on Google. Although you can use it without the need for VR glasses, we recommend you exploit it to the fullest using them. You will visit museums, historical sites, palaces and interact with the greatest works of art and at the same time learn from them.

Vanguard V

You are in outer space, you have great technology that lets you explore different fictional planets. But be careful that you must eliminate obstacles and enemies. The game has a great graphic quality and requires considerable mobility on the part of the user. Like the previous ones, you can get it for free from the Android store.


As its name in English implies. With this educational game you can travel inside a patient’s brain. The goal is to eliminate the harmful neurons. Change your size to microns and go inside the head of a human.

Relax River VR

If you are tired of complications, both in real life and in phone settings. Don’t wait any longer and travel through peaceful rivers in a boat. Install this app, put on your VR and headset and enjoy the sounds and environment of nature. You will see how you end up relaxing after a half hour session.

Minecraft Gear VR

We leave a premium option for last. This is the popular game Minecraft. It is available at a low price and works with Gear VR glasses. It has a game mechanic almost the same as its computer version. With the difference that you will be inside the cubic world. You can buy it at Oculus store.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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