+10 VPN APPs for Android and iPhone  Complete List ▷ 2020

Being able to access a specific website is sometimes impossible, especially if said portal is blocked or censored in your country. In addition, browsing the Internet every day becomes more unsafe and dangerous for many users. Because of this, the need for create applications called VPN.

They will help you navigate the Internet more safe and anonymous taking care of each one of your personal information and avoiding being the target of any cybercriminal. Furthermore, a VPN will help you access those websites that are censored or blocked in your country.

In such a way, here we present you the best VPN apps available for your Android and iOS mobile device, which you can comment to use for free.

What is the VPN and what uses does it have on our mobile?

A VPN connection is one that allows you to create a local network without the need for its members to be physically connected to each other, rather, they connect through the Internet. Therefore, it can be said that it is when a device connects to a local network through the Internet from a encrypted form.

All this will allow different actions:

  • The first It tries to ensure that all the information transmitted from the computer to the network is encrypted.
  • The second is that the actual exit from the computer’s Internet network occurs through a destination network and, finally, the device is virtually connected to the destination network. This means that the connection to the real network does not exist or remains anonymous.

Thus, making use of VPNs has its advantages, and is that we can connect to a local network or WiFi without anyone being able to follow each of the data we transmit in it, it also allows the device to be virtually in another place other than the real one, that is, we can enter a site in another country having said service from that country.

List of the best free and paid VPN apps for Android phones and iPhone 100% secure

Taking into account the importance and benefits of having a virtual private network on your mobile device, here we are going to show you what they are the best free and paid VPN apps available for your Android and iPhone and with which you can start enter those websites blocked or censored in your country, as well as being able to navigate in a more secure way on the Internet.

Tunnello VPN

Tunnello VPN

This app is available for Android mobile devices, it is considered today as one of the fastest and safest apps on the operating system, has a encrypted browsing and in turn gives you the possibility of protect your privacy 100%, as well as unlock any type content Y avoid censorship Web pages.

Tunnello VPN he is able to connect to more than 1100 servers and is available for more than 14 countries all over the world. Therefore, if you are looking for an app with which you can unblock your internet and surf safely you can start using this tool on your Smartphone.

Private Tunnel VPN

Private VPN tunnel

This app is available for iPhone mobile devices, You can download it completely free of charge and start enjoying a safe and private browsing, since it has a internet browsing encrypted that will prevent your data from being taken or followed by third parties.

Private Tunnel VPN It is considered as a new approach tool for what is the security system of Internet on the iOS operating system, with which you can start enjoying a virtual private network that hides and protects your internet traffic.

OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect

One of the applications of Android VPN most reliable on the market, it has been developed by OpenVPN Inc., a reliable and secure universal client in Internet privacy. It can be said that most App use in their OpenVPN system as the central protocol of all its services. Therefore, this application has been the only mobile application developed and launched on the market by the same developers.

If you are looking for an application to help you protect your local or wireless network, unblock a website that is geographically blocked, avoid censorship of certain websites, surf in encrypted form, connect securely to a public Internet access pointAmong many others, you can start using this tool which uses cutting-edge technology which will guarantee the security and privacy of its users.

OpenVPN Connect It is compatible with all Android mobiles, it is characterized by its easy handling and for being highly effective. However, this tool is paid, but it has a free trial version which you can use for seven days.

VPN Unlimited Proxy AppVPN

VPN Unlimited Proxy AppVPN

Being able to maintain each of the activities carried out from the mobile in a safe and private way is already possible, for this we can use the app VPN Unlimited Proxy AppVPN, You can download it completely free from the app store. The main objective of this application is to offer privacy when using the Internet in unsafe locations such as wireless connections in public places, enter geographically blocked or censored sites, among many others.

They are characterized by providing a secure and reliable connection where a channel is created between the computer and the target website through a virtual private network, where do you get to do virtual connections with servers in other countries.

Among the main features of the app we find that it does not has data transfer or time limits, protects the privacy and security of the user, prevents traces, does not store personal information and does not require any registration or payment to install and use.

AVG Secure VPN – Unlimited VPN Proxy & Security

AVG Secure VPN - Unlimited VPN Proxy & Security

A VPN is one that is primarily responsible for protect browsing and download data from the Internet, with the aim of providing greater privacy to its users. That is how AVG Secure VPN is an app available in Android devices that will help you stay safe while connects you to insecure Internet networks, that is, those connections in public places.

From the first moment that AVG Secure VPN and Proxy any type of data received or sent on the mobile will be protected. In addition, it will help you connect to those websites geo-blocked or censored, as well as making a completely anonymous browsing, preventing any personal or private data from being detected by third parties.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Currently considered one of the favorite apps by users of Android and iOS. In addition, it is compatible with the operating systems of Windows and Mac. With it you can start enjoying a secure and private Internet access and thus begin to protect each of your connections in public networks which could present different cyber threats.

Among its main characteristics we can find that it presents an excellent shield against malware, avoid advertisement, unblocks entertainment, allows you to access those geographically blocked sites, navigate from anonymity, has DoubleVPN and anti-DDoS servers for greater security, military grade encryption protocol, among many others.

Kaspersky VPN – Secure Connection

Kaspersky VPN - Secure Connection

East private network service is mainly characterized by offering a secure Internet connection, thus protecting your privacy and data online at all times. Further, protect your connection on public WIFI networks and ensure privacy in each of your communications.

Kaspersky VPN It is not only characterized by being an app that offers security to its users, but also allows you to access those sites blocked or censored in your country, where it offers you a quantity of 200MB daily browsing. You can get this app for free for both Android and iOS.

Touch VPN

Touch VPN

If you are worried about the security of your Internet connections on public networks and for not being able to access specific websites, then you can start using Touch VPN, it is available for the operating system of iOS and Android and you can download it completely free.

Touch VPN gives you the possibility of Browse privately and securely by encrypting all your Internet traffic. It also gives you the ability to browse anonymously hiding your IP and changing it for another so that you can start entering those geographically restricted websites. This is characterized by have SSL encryption and for being unlimited in terms of speed and bandwidth.

Avast SecureLine VPN – Unlimited VPN Proxy

Avast SecureLine VPN - Unlimited VPN Proxy

The VPN proxy fastest on the market and which will help you obtain a service fast, unlimited, secure and anonymous. For several years ago Avast It is considered one of the most reliable and popular apps for both the Android and iOS operating system. Where it has very interesting functions and tools capable of helping you unblock restricted sites and blocked apps.

Avast is characterized by offering a anonymous browsing with IP change, protect access to public Internet networks, is available worldwide and capable of connecting to the servers of at least 36 countries. Without a doubt an excellent mobile application to start taking care of your security and privacy at all times.



Finally, we introduce you to ExpressVPN, an application considered one of the best at the time of protect your mobile device. It has been created to become a virtual private network able to guarantee security and privacy of each of its users when browsing the Internet. In addition, it allows what is anonymous browsing in order to prevent user data from being tracked by third parties.

But nevertheless, ExpressVPN It is not a free application, but if you have one 7-day free trial version. A program capable of giving you navigation fast, secure and anonymous. Thus allowing you to enter those censored sites in your country.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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