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The VPN continue to become one of the most important tools for most users around the world, especially today when users Governments continue to block a large number of web pages. This makes it harder every day to surf the internet freely.

In the case of Venezuela, one lives constant internet censorship, where daily a large number of websites of all kinds are blocked, especially those of information. And is that these programs are not only used to access those geo-blocked sites, but also for protect user privacy.

Taking all this into account, here we are going to explain which are the best VPN for Venezuela and that way start bypass internet censorship and be able to freely access any website.

Why should you use a VPN if you are in Venezuela?

In the event that you are in Venezuela and you want to navigate freely through any website, it is best to use one VPN. This is mainly due to the fact that in that country there are a large number of websites that are geo-blocked and therefore users will not be able to access them normally.

In this case it is necessary to use one of these programs to be able to enter them freely and without any type of restriction. In addition, you can navigate in a way more secure and private, without leaving any kind of trace or record of the sites you have accessed.

They are also ideal for protect your personal data before any kind of identity theft or hacking, something very common in that country. Therefore, if you are resident of Venezuela, you can start using these tools and start surfing the Internet in a way faster, safer and more reliable.

What characteristics should a good VPN for Venezuela have?

It is important that before starting to use one of these programs we can know that features offer a good VPN. Especially today when there are a large number of these programs where many of them they are not completely safe and reliable. According to this, here we present you The principal caracteristics they must have these programs to be able to use them.

Offer security and privacy

One of the main reasons why users seek to make use of these programs is because security and privacy that they offer. Therefore, it is important that the software we use has a cipher system and don’t teach any kind of web browsing log. This type of action will help you to stay safe against any possible attack from the cyber criminals.

Easy to use

It is essential that the VPN that we use is completely simple to use, for this it must have a very well worked and organized interface, where you show each of your tools and make it easy for customers to use them.

Provide good browsing speed

It is worth mentioning that not all these softwares offer a good browsing speed, many of them usually fail in these respects, which can reach cause inconvenience or delays in navigation. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the one chosen presents a good or moderate speed.

Avoid identity theft

Another important factor is that this software has the necessary tools to avoid any possible identity theft or hacking to some private account. For this, it is important that it offers the possibility of browse from anonymity, this is done through another IP which is provided by said program.

List of the best 10 providers of virtual private networks to surf the Internet from Venezuela

Taking into account the importance of these programs and the appropriate characteristics that each of them must have in order to ensure a correct and safe operation of the same. So here we are going to teach you which are the best virtual private network providers so you can start sail from Venezuela and thus enter those websites that are blocked.

To do this, here is a list of the 10 best providers:



ExpressVPN is known almost all over the world for its excellent performance, and that it is characterized by offering a large number of functions that will help the user to get the best results. He himself focuses on provide you with another IP so you can enter the web from the anonymity, this will prevent your data from being accessible to third parties.

It also has the function of helping you enter those websites that are blocked in your country, as well as avoid your data stored in your different browsers. ExpressVPN has an excellent speed that will help you achieve very good results. Also, it is one of the few programs that have active servers in Venezuela.


Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is another of the VPNs that are mainly characterized by offering a high speed what they are web connections. Also, that it is very consistent in being able to complete any quest that is provided in it. In the same way, it gives you a completely anonymous connection when entering any website.

It also gives you the possibility to perform download from torrent under the activity of P2P, either from anonymously or not, it allows you unblock web pages like the Netflix in the United States, among many others.



Le VPN is others of security and privacy services that are available for Venezuela, in this case it is a payment service where the client must subscribe to be able to enjoy all its tools. Ideal for when you are out of your country and you have to enter exclusive pages of Venezuela, as well as entering those that have been locally blocked.

This application is available for both Windows and Mac computers, as for Android and iOS mobile devices, which will allow you to have control over all your connections. In addition, it offers a good connection speed, as well as a safe and reliable operation.



Recognized around the world for its excellent performance and operation, and it is in charge of offering a system of double encryption, in other words, it takes care of encrypt all your data twice, preventing them from being stolen in any way. In addition, it has a large number of active servers around the world that help you improve your quality of service.

As to NordVPN speeds They are quite fast, this being a great advantage over the competition. It also includes a ad blocking, avoided so that your device can be a victim of viruses or malware contained in them. We can say that NordVPN is one of the softwares most popular and recognized in this market.



One of the fastest virtual network providers on the market, and that provides its services in much of the world, including Venezuela. In that country it is ideal as it improves significantly connection speeds this being one of the factors that most fails there.

It has a large number of servers around the world including in Vlza, what helps further improve your service. It stands out for being very easy to use and for presenting a very well worked interface. This is how with IPVanish you can access the internet anonymously and enter those web portals with restrictions in your country.



In the event that your main problem is restrictions on websites, so VyprVPN is your ideal option. She will be primarily tasked with violating all of these locks and allow you to enter these web pages, for this use another IP adress different from your country.

In the case of Venezuela, This program is usually widely used, where it is also patented by the Chameleon protocol, whose main function is to avoid any type of stop software. It will also help you not to leave any kind of log in your navigation, as well as increase privacy and security Of the same.



BulletVPN Despite not being one of the most recognized and named, it has become one of the main virtual network providers that can be used in Vlza, and it is that he himself is in charge of making your connection the most secure and reliable, especially those carried out since wireless networks.

This provider is characterized by being compatible with all devices, as well as Windows, Linux, MacOS, IOS and Android. However, it is important to mention that their services are not free, but offers a refund system at 30 days if the customer has not been satisfied with its operation.



One of the best providers currently available for Vzla, and it is that it offers two servers in that country. In addition, it presents a single mode called the “Freedom mode”, this will take care of connect with the closest server to avoid censorship and protect freedom of expression in that country.

It also offers you the opportunity to enjoy a faster browsing already prevent your web browsers from leaving some kind of record of your movements in them.



Another of the applications that we will find available for Venezuela, it stands out for being very easy to handle. It has a large number of functions that will allow you to carry out a great number of activities So you can improve the security and privacy of your Internet connections.

It has a version for desktop and mobile, and the best thing is that you do not need to perform no configuration for its operation, just enough install and run it so it can start acting on its own on your device. A form of browse incognito and enter those sites with local restrictions.



To finish the list we present you FrootVPN, an ideal tool for those users who are looking for a way to power watch online programs from other countries that are blocked in Venezuela. This is how this program will allow you to connect with Netflix and Spotify in the United States, and with a large number of other programs from around the world.

FrootVPN, is currently one of virtual network providers more important and with a greater number of functions available, it was designed and developed by a group of people who remain anonymous. This service is offered both for Windows and Mac computers, as well as for Android and iOS mobile devices.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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