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If you are new to the world of data security and digital protection, you should know some very important concepts. Among them those that refer to protection and privacy on the Internet, master this topic, is basis of a good professional.

Privacy it is much more than a simple term, it is a world, and based on this, world conferences, movements, large investments and changes are made on the Internet. There is nothing more precious for us and for you than privacy, that’s why it is so important to know everything about this great topic.

To help you in your research, we offer you a list of different sites They offer you a world of knowledge, taking privacy as the mainstay of all their conferences and information. Accessing them, You will be able to instruct yourself, without the need for payment.

List of the best websites to learn about online privacy

Based on what is trending every day (Cybersecurity and all its derivatives), we are going to show you one list of the best sites, which you can use to learn all about digital privacy and its fundamentals.

Go for it:



Our group of experts has compiled all the information and concepts necessary for you to you can properly learn the principles and fundamentals of security and digital privacy. On our platform, we offer you a complete course, where you we will explain at no cost some, everything you need to know, about privacy and its elements. The information you will get on our page, It will allow you to understand from all points of view, what is digital privacy.

Access our Privacy course


Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF is one of the main organizations dedicated to the defense of digital privacy, including among its objectives, to allow freedom of expression and innovation. Through this page, we can learn information necessary for the privacy and security of personal data.

In it we will find topics that are focused on a clean and legal world. If you are a student, and you need a good source for your research, this is one of the best sites you can find for it. The only disadvantage of this place is that if you do not speak English, you will have to make use of the language translation tools, in order to understand the information found there.


Surveillance Self-Defense

All information related to digital self-protection and surveillance, you will find it in SSD, including tips, guides, and tools that They will allow you to make the best analysis of all the issues, including a more secure communication.

The development of this non-profit site was promoted by Electronic Frontier Foundation. As we mentioned before, this is one of the largest foundations that is dedicated to informing its readers, all the topics they do reference to digital security and privacy. The difference, with the previous page, is that this, it’s a spanish version, dedicated to all Spanish speakers.


Guardian Project

The main objective of Guardián Project, is to offer us a set of tools and information necessary to strengthen security of our privacy and that of our devices. On this page, we can find customizable and real-time solutions, about the different dangers and threats we face as part of the digital world.

Your software library, Open Source allows us to have highly protected communication and data transmission. If you need help and advice, You can go to the Guardia Project blog, and you will find a list of topics, questions and answers, to help you with your problems or research.


Data detox kit

If we want to improve the security and health of our data and your privacy, we must comply with a series of steps, or tips. Such, we can find them, in a very simple way, in Data Detox Kit.

It is an excellent place, to investigate and learn about all the methods used worldwide to increase the privacy of our data. Likewise, we can address the other projects of this same organization, which refer to the same topic. One of the best features of this site is its automatic translation, since it allows us to enjoy content in our language, or from any other, including French, Italian, English and others.



In this site, we will find all the information related to privacy and protection methods what gives us Duck Duck Go. Thanks to this site, we will be able to obtain all the appropriate information for the protection of our data, and advice for a better management of our privacy.

The various topics covered on this site include the protection and privacy of data during our browsing on the Internet, and the best methods to increase security, during our housework. If you are totally new to this world of information security and privacy, in this place you will find, everything so that you can learn and train on the subject.


Tor Project

More than a site to educate us on privacy issues, is one of the best tools that we can use to navigate freely on the Internet, without compromising our data or information. This wonderful browser, which you have surely heard about, allows us to enjoy of a navigation without traces or traces.

In other words, it is a computer tool, which is based on anonymous browsing. After installing this browser, you will find the difference between a normal navigation and a totally light one. Its benefits are many, but the ones that stand out the most are those that Privacy.



All the information found on this page, relate to data privacy and security. Nytimes is a blog dedicated to informing the public about the different threats and risks that arise during browsing or data transmission.

We will find the how and why of each of the threats and new dangers without the need to cancel any subscription, or any type of payment for the content. Usually the content is in English, however, You can use the Google Chrome translator to translate into Spanish.


Data privacy Project

This is a project, which is dedicated to informing the cyber community about Internet threats. The objective of this platform is to make all its users literate in the different issues of digital privacy. Data Privacy Project, is the right place to understand the fundamentals of digital privacy.

It is a completely free course, and includes an entry with a small questionnaire that assesses the knowledge acquired. There, we will learn the meaning and use of new words, including among them the digital hygiene, which refers to the level of protection and the minimum of traces that are left on the net.


Spanish professional privacy association

APEP, is the right place to get all the information you need for data privacy. This site is based on tips and methods for safe browsing, instituted under the Data Protection Regulation.

It is not a simple site where you will acquire new knowledge, it is a portal that offers you suitable courses, for what you master the subject perfectly. Upon entering the site you will see its modules and contents. It is characterized by being one of the few platforms that offer courses with certifications. Thanks to this recognition, we can prove our knowledge, and expand our CV.


Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC, is a recommended site for obtaining information with regarding digital security and privacy. It is one of the few organizations that are part of the meetings and conference at the UN and world-renowned organizations.

It is an organization that shows advice and information validated by the same experts who are part of this great project. EPIC, based all your actions in the different laws dealing with digital security and data anonymity. To instruct ourselves in a subject, we must look for verified sources and with high veracity, detail that characterizes this platform and organization.



Ethical is one of the best non-profit projects, with the aim of instructing and collaborating with different companies and organizations in the world of privacy and data protection. The headquarters of this page, is located in London, although part of its members are located outside it.

The professional team that makes up this great team is specialized in all kinds of subjects that correspond in traces and digital data. This site is compiled by a great list of tools, tips and search engines that will help us to strengthen communication and transmission of information through networks, including social networks.



It is a center for the defense of data privacy rights. The work of this organization is like a small movement that promotes a safe world of tracking, so that can prevent espionage.

This great movement is currently in a struggle, so that they can implement laws that further protect data. Among the different professionals that are part of this organization, there are lawyers and experts in matters of cybersecurity laws and their peers. Thanks to movements and organizations like this one, surfing the Internet makes it the safest place or world, where misuse of these resources can be punished.


Internet society

Internet Society, it is one of the organizations that promotes a secure internet connection, including features of open connectivity, and reliable for all. It is made up of a huge team of experts in laws and fundamentals that correspond to digital privacy.

It has several centrals, one of them is located United States, and the other in Switzerland. On your website we can see all the activities carried out, whose results have been positive, which we can use as tips for our data privacy.



We close this list, with this exciting project led by the great professor Tim Berners-Lee. The purpose of the development of this organization is to promote a secure Internet connection, including web applications. With Solid, We can get the best tips and tools that allow us to develop a data security and privacy system. We can make use of the contacts that you provide us, to request information regarding our problems.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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