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One of the best ideas you can have for the growth of your children is adopt a pet so that there is a love connection between the two, tenderness and respect for the other.

Regrettably, there are people who abandon animals on the streets, leaving them to their own devices. It would be important for you to adopt some of these joy-bearing beings.

But it is not so easy to bring a dog or a cat to our house. This is why there are associations that will help you with this task.. So that you know more, we present you the best platforms to adopt pets.

List of the best websites to adopt dogs, cats and any pet online

List of the best websites to adopt dogs, cats and any pet online

If you have already decided that you will adopt a dog, a cat or any other pet, we will show you the best web pages so that you can do it safely:


This page offers you to adopt a pet according to your needs. For example, if you want a male or a female, the size, the age, the city and of course, the type of pet. Among the most popular animals are dogs and cats.

You will be able to see a photo with its characteristics and its name. You can also access data of interest such as what vaccines you have, if you suffer from chronic diseases or have suffered from a special one. The best thing you can see in that description is the character of the animal. That is, if he is friendly or aggressive, how he gets along with the little ones, etc.

In order to adopt a pet, you will have to leave your phone number, your email and your address. After analyzing this data, the transit home in which the pet is located will contact you for an interview.


It is an organization that rescues abandoned or abused animals, has more than 20 years of experience in our country. On this website you can find cats and dogs.

If you wish, you can make a donation, since it has a system of partners who make monthly contributions, which are by direct debit from your bank account or credit cards. But if you want to make a contribution in money you will not be successful, since this organization does not receive cash.

They also do not receive donations from institutions and political parties since they want to act with freedom of action because they take legal action against animal abusers. To be able to adopt you must make a donation of € 90 to cover veterinary expenses of the pet of your choice.


As with the previous page, this foundation It will allow you to adopt, sponsor and defend animals for free. They are responsible for rescue, analyzing the general situation of the animal and, in some cases, training for certain purposes.

It allows you to share with the animals on weekends, if you don’t have space in your house. You only have to ask for authorization to sponsor, take your pet on Friday afternoon and return it to the foundation on Sunday at the last minute. If you want, you can make donations to cover veterinary and maintenance expenses.


Dog Friends

Its name says it all, it is a page that is dedicated to containing man’s best friend. This Austrian foundation, with more than 23 years of life, has the general objective of improving the welfare of animals.

Other goals he has is to promote responsible actions on the part of people to reintegrate the dogs into their new home. Run awareness campaigns that help society reflect on animal abuse.

The page has two well-defined sections. The first is intended to show all the physical characteristics of the animals, size, weight and all the necessary information. And the second section is called “Happy lives”, which is aimed at showing the happy ending that dogs had in their new families.


This page has a list of animals for adoption, to share with all interested parties. Further, offers you a reference site for temporary owners of the pets that is shared in community.

You can also find tips, useful information on breeders, professional services, dog groomers, products and accessories for your pet. It has an application that you can download from Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.


This is the page of the National Association of Friends of Animals. On this site you can find all the information related to animals (places where you can deliver one that you have found abandoned, caretakers and pets available for adoption).

When you want to choose an animal, a list will appear with different links that will redirect you to other sites. You will be able to highlight the most outstanding characteristics of your future pet, age, temper, etc.

If you prefer, you have the possibility to sponsor a pet for € 20 / month. In this way you will collaborate with the expenses of food, care, veterinary and maintenance. You can also go on Saturdays to visit them and if you dare and do it responsibly, you can take it out for a walk and return it in the next few hours.

There is a section called Godparent Diary, which is intended for the smallest of the house. It is used to write the emotions and experiences that arise in the day to day with the new household pets.


New Life Adoptions

It is an association located in Madrid which is in charge of helping abandoned animals, be they dogs or other small pets, trying to offer them better care so that they have a better world.

They have a shelter with capacity for 60 animals. In addition, they have a network of private homes that are used as foster homes in transit until they find a permanent family.

They finance their activities with membership fees and sponsorsThey also carry out activities such as organizing events and courses. They try to instill conscientious ownership of pets and their motto is that an animal is not an object.


It is a non-profit association that supports the adoption of dogs throughout Spain. On this site you can find different kinds of filters that will allow you to choose the pet that best suits you, and vice versa as well.

It has options that can be sponsored or adopted. If you wish to do so, you only have to leave a phone number so that you can be contacted by this association. You can also find information about trusted vets, dry food, vaccinations and much more.


It is located in Ávila and began its activities in 1994. It is an animal protection association, its specialty being to advise on the care of companion animals. Its purpose is to raise awareness about responsible adoption, based on the birth rate.

It has a shelter for abandoned animals where they are cured, all vaccines are applied and, above all, they are given a lot of love. Although this site can be considered simple in terms of its interface and functions, It is considered one of the most respected in all of Spain.


This page belongs to an organization that is dedicated to offering a temporary home for animals found on the street or that are recovered by different people. This group of people takes care of the psychological part of the animal and its future owners, showing them the importance of giving love to a being dependent on the human being.

Once the people living in the animal’s new home are fit for this task, facilitate adoption through accompaniment in order to re-educate the animal.

Other functions that you will see on this page is the physical rehabilitation activity that the pet has. You can find a list with all the dogs that you can adopt.

What must be taken into account before adopting a pet online?

What must be taken into account before adopting a pet online?

There are different reasons that you should consider before adopting a pet online. For example, you must be completely sure that you want to have a partner in your house for many years.

There are many people who love for a while and then they leave the animals back on the street. This happens because there is no full conviction of the need to have a pet at home.Another reason that you should consider is the physical space where the animal will be. You don’t have to forget that an apartment is not one of the best places for large dogs, as these pets will suffer too much.

In this case, you will always have to look for an animal that is consistent with physical needs. You should also consider the emotional balance of the pet and the people that will coexist with the animal. A dog that tends to be unfriendly with children is not the same as one that is. So, if you have children in your house, you will have to consider this point.

The time you spend with your pet is important. You can’t forget that animals need attention, whether it’s to bathe them, take them for a walk or to the vet. If you do not have this time, it will be better to reconsider the adoption of a pet.

By last, it is necessary to know the health of the animal. What vaccines you have, what chronic disease you have and many other points that could lead to future problems. For example, it is necessary to know if these animals have a disease that can be transmitted to people.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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