+10 Websites to Be Unfaithful and Have a Second Partner  List ▷ 2020

Let’s start with the most important. Make sure you use the incognito mode browser. If you are not, run to clear history. Yes now. Using social networks to meet your lover is the same as shouting in the street that you are unfaithful.

Believe it or not, you are in full view of the world. Even apps like Tinder or Badoo can expose you to your partner since any acquaintance can come across your profile.

With this problem in mind, there are several sites that promise greater discretion and effectiveness of the one hundred percent to find a date outside of marriage. That is why it is important that you continue reading this post, since in many cases, it will be the pages that deceive you.

List of the best websites to be unfaithful and find a love affair

List of the best websites to be unfaithful and find a love affair

As we mentioned before, Most of the sites that offer clandestine dating do not work. And as we will explain in the final section, they represent a risk. For this reason we have prepared a list of the best portals to be unfaithful. It is important to say that the number of people near your area and therefore the success and realization will vary with each website. We recommend you try them all and choose the one that gives you the best results.


According to specialized sites, it is the best option to find a date between married people. One of the factors that make it so popular is that it is among the favorites of the female gender. If you are a man, you better create an account in advance. Since the site controls the male quota.

According to an investigation carried out in this regard, the age range of Spaniards who use this website is relatively low. And it varies between 26 and 36 years. Registration on the site is completely free, but it offers a paid version, which offers a better positioning of our profile.


It is a site of French origin, but in recent years It has become very popular throughout Europe. Although it is aimed at college-age youth, it can be found for more experienced people. One of the most remarkable things about the site is its fluidity and well developed interface. Like the previous example, paying creates greater opportunities. Referring to this, the site offers a transparent and secure payment system.


Within this page we will find people of all ages, although due to its seriousness and aesthetics married women abound. Of these first three, the most aimed at unfaithful users. Among the most remarkable we can say that the safety and privacy of the navigators is paramount for the site. This is stated in its terms and conditions that we recommend you read. There we can also find that they take seriously the prohibition of fake profiles and those that have been inactive for a long time.

Registration and use is free, although with the premium version you can access other advantages, including the send unlimited messages.


Oriented to casual sex, Follamigos will put you in contact with people who are not looking for a commitment but an interesting night. This can be an advantage if you want to avoid all the twists and turns and get to the point. The registration is free, as well as its use. But you will access more tools by paying a fee that goes from 9.99 to 249.99 euros. The site is only available for Spain.


Another specialized page for extra-marital relationships. Ensures confidentiality and anonymity. It is of Spanish origin and has registered more than 625 thousand users. And it has a strict policy on fake profiles. Like the rest of the sites, it is free with a paid option.


A website called a social network. It is destined to find a partner, but if you read the descriptions, you can find infidels like you. All tools are free for women and couples. However, if you are a man you must pay. It is quite easy to use, although you must be watch out for fake profiles.


A site with a short time on the web. If you are tired of Tinder or Badoo, it may be your option. Being new, few users are registered, which means less chances of finding someone near you, but at the same time minimizes competition with other users. It has a very interesting paid option, which consists of being able to call other users via the Internet. With this, you can keep your mobile line number safe.


It is a platform dedicated to making appointments between users. It claims to have neither fake profiles nor bots. With more and more users, it has become one of the best alternatives to meet someone new, married or single. It protects privacy very well and has an app for Android and iOS. However, if you are in a commitment, We recommend using it from the browser.

Mashed potatoes

Let’s do it, time flies. Pure is a mobile application in which you will have only 60 minutes to resolve an encounter with love ends. It is an exclusive tool, since if you are a man you will have to enter your bank details just to register. This new way of meeting lovers does not require the creation of a static profile. Just take a selfie and post it with your interests, it will be valid for an hour. In this time you will be able to match and after minutes all your data will be erased.


Is having a threesome cheating? Well, we are not going to get into that discussion. What we can say is that Feeld Citas is the ideal option if you want to give the couple a twist. It offers a similar operation to Tinder, with the difference that you do not need to rate a profile to move on to the next. A very important con of the site is that registration requires login with Facebook. But if it’s not infidelity … no problem, right?

Download Feeld APK Android


One of the first dating apps, It has been active since 2008. Which speaks of its seriousness and effectiveness. One of its main characteristics is that users decide to share their profile whenever and with whoever. This offers the option to remain anonymous if you still don’t dare to take the first step. Like all the previous ones, it offers a free and paid version.

What are the main risks of using this type of website to find love?

What are the main risks of using this type of website to find love affairs?

It is true that risk is one of the factors that make an extramarital affair exciting. However, it is important for us to tell you that there are real threats when using any cheating dating site.

Always keep these risks in mind:

  • They can discover you. Especially if you use a mobile app and don’t keep it well protected. Or if you don’t take care to erase your browser history. Credit card summary can be risky. If you are going to use a premium account, verify the name under which it will be billed.
  • Fake profiles. They not only exist for the curious or people who do not dare to make themselves known. Many of them can do it for blackmail or scam users through electronic payments. Always use safe sites that verify profiles. Do not reveal your information to strangers, save something for the first meeting.
  • Drop out. Be careful where you enter your card or bank account details. Some malicious sites they will continue debiting the money, even if you have canceled your account from said website. If you stopped using a dating platform and the money is still being deducted, contact the appropriate entity.
  • Vulnerable privacy. Try to avoid sending suggestive or explicit photos if you are not convinced of the security of the site. You may come across your image later posted on other portals from Internet.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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