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In the world of Internet we all fit, and the best thing is that each of us can have our own place. With this analogy we want to invite you to seriously think about the possibility of create your own blog, which would be the great little corner where you can receive more visits than you have ever imagined.

Currently, when it is more important than ever to build your own digital identity, having a tool like this allows you gain greater visibility in an increasingly competitive world in all areas.

Millions of people around the world can attest to the above, especially entrepreneurs and professionals young and not so young, that after creating their blogs They have been able to turn them into the best shuttle of their careers or their businesses.

List of the best platforms to create a blog and have your personal website from 0

Creating your own blog is something that only it will bring you benefits, and very contrary to what many think, the cost of creating and maintaining it is negligible, especially if you compare it with the advantages it brings.

Here is a selection of the best platforms from where you can create your blog, any of which will help you make your own place on the great Internet:



This unique content manager has become the leading platform to create blogs. Not surprisingly, most of those who want to create their blog for free do so through their platform WordPress.com, which is very Easy to use and it has a veritable arsenal of predesigned templates.

To get to occupy such a place in the preference of users, it is clear that it has to offer the best advantages, among which we can highlight its unbeatable customer service, which in turn is complemented with the largest community of forums and bloggers, ready to help you clarify any doubts and present solutions.

But that’s not all, because if you later want to migrate to the Premium version, WordPress.org, you have several paid plans to increase the functionality of your new blog, be it personal, professional or corporate, without forgetting that you also have a mobile application for both iOS and Android.



Google allows you to create your own blog for free using its native platform Blogger.com, which many beginners are turning to because it allows them to do so without having their own hosting, since each blog is hosted on servers of Google. Whether you have any programming knowledge or not, it will always be possible for you set up your new blog in a very simple way, since for that they put at your disposal a good amount of different templates.

Among the most striking of Blogger, we find that it is being widely used to earn money from the moment of having created a blog on said platform, thanks to the fact that the service is within the same search Google adsense, which you can use to display advertising from your new page.



The platform SITE123.com is another good option to create your blog right now for free, since it has an intuitive interface, easy to use, responsive and certainly multifunctional, with a flexibility like few others. The platform offers some features that make it unique, such as speed, a web assistant with enough predesigned options, compatibility with any type of device, storage capacity up to 500MB.

In addition to an interesting bank of images integrated into the platform. All of the above is included in the free version of the tool, and if you want to see all the functionalities increased, you can request sign up for one of the Pro plans, which have a cost well below what is seen in the market.



If in your case you are thinking of creating a blog to start a small or medium business, then Wix.com It is for you, since in this platform it is possible to find endless templates and designs ready to use them easily from day one. From the beginning you will notice its great flexibility, the large catalog of images available to be used, the possibility of monetization with Google AdSense, and many quite useful features for your brand.



One of the great managers for the creation of web pages, create your blog through webnode.com allows you to do it for free and immediately access its predesigned templates, some of which will surely match your personality and the theme that interests you the most. Its upward acceptance is thanks to a very well accomplished and intuitive online editor, which will allow you to better manage all the content of your blog.

Organizing everything by category and doing it more interesting for your readers with the possibility of including photos and videos. You can also be sure that your visibility on the internet will improve as Webnode helps you manage the SEO, while allowing you to connect your new blog with Google analytics, the great search engine tool to find out what the behavior and tastes of your readers are like.



Another great solution if you are looking to create a blog with professional or business orientation, which you get for free through weebly.com, which also allows you to have a website for good operation on both computers and mobile devices.

It is one of the platforms with better organized drag and drop interface, with designs very well achieved and pleasing to the eye. As always, to obtain more functionalities you have the Pro and Business plans, which among other things allow you customize template code.



This open source platform has everything to climb to the top when we look to create our first blog, regardless of whether we do it for personal, professional or corporate use. This is mainly due to its wide range of configurations to work.

Once you have created your blog in Joomla.org, you will be in possession of a site that many consider the easiest to maintain, where you also have a great support from both the platform and its user community.



Users whose knowledge in the management of content managers is close to zero, have in Jimdo.com a great option to create your blog for free, and grow in knowledge as you use the platform.

With the above it is understood that we are in the presence of a very simple and easy-to-use platform, which in addition to the pre-designed templates, allows you to create one to your liking with the help of Artificial Intelligence generator. Although it should also be clear that to benefit from all the functionalities, it will be necessary to subscribe to the payment plans.



Obolog.es allows you to create your blog completely free, with the security of always being present within the universe of social network users, since it is adaptable to all devices both desktop and mobile. The platform allows you the possibility of having your own domain at no cost.

The platform editor has the autosave function, with which you can be sure that nothing you write will be erased and you can continue with the work later. This is also very useful for saving your drafts and publishing them later.



IMCreator.com has been drawing a lot of attention lately among those who are preparing to create a new blog, of course for free. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the requirements to register on the platform are almost non-existent, since creating an account does not even require the use of your email account.

For the rest, it is perfectly compatible with all computers, and also highly visible on mobile devices. The editor allows you to make modifications to any element of the template that you don’t like. In addition, it offers paid plans with quite attractive prices.

Tips to optimize your blog and grow your audience

Now we only have to leave you some tips that we consider very useful to optimize your new blog, since the idea is to have a site that you can get the best possible performance from, for which you have some strategies at hand easy to implement.

Before going on to mention these tips, we recommend that before creating your blog, although for that you have many free options, you walk through the possibility of starting with the Payment plans offered by most platforms, since it is the way to ensure that you always have all the functionalities of each one.


You must internalize from now on content is the soul of your blog. This means that everything you write to be published in it must be planned according to your target audience. Do SEO in this case it will be of great help to appear in the first places of the search engines.


This is an action that you may very well need to gain visibility in your beginnings as a blogger, although there are quite a few people who have been in the activity for some time and are still using it. If this is the first time you hear about the tool, we will tell you that the SEM is used for pay for advertising that brings visitors to your site from other pages.

Social networks

A bit similar to the above, but this time you will use your social networks to create expectation between your contacts and followers. Of course, this is going to require taking some precautions, such as trying to make the announcement a maximum of two days in advance, and also fulfill what was promised. It is something that is worth trying, taking into account that your content will be on the Web for a long time.

Email Marketing

A good strategy for promoting the blog, necessarily goes through offer your readers the possibility of receiving emails electronic files every time you are ready to publish new content, since the reader will feel closer to the information that you provide on your blog.

Best of all, it requires little effort and the cost doing so equals zero. Also, take into account that the readers who allow you to send them the emails can be considered loyal, which means a plus for your brand blog.

Create a real community

One of the first actions after creating your blog is to make sure to keep the option that users can register in your database. This can be accompanied by invitations to other bloggers to publish on your blog, preferably on related topics and with like-minded to what you have programmed to broadcast in your space. In this way you will see your user community grow rapidly.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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