+10 Websites to Make Free Online Giveaways  List ▷ 2020

The giveaway is a type of contest that invites the community to participate, in exchange for some reward. Requirements may vary as desired by the event organizer. In some cases, they ask for the email address and pick a random winner.

The contests and raffles are excellent methods to attract and maintain interactions on your social networks. Whether you own a personal blog, or the account of an electronic commerce (e-commerce), through these dynamics you will be able to obtain many more clients or followers.

This strategy is inexpensive, easy to use and its benefits are varied.. However, to run a sweepstakes, good planning is necessary to avoid the chances of failure. Discover the best websites to do giveaways!

List of the best online platforms for conducting giveaways on the Internet

On the Internet, there are multiple online platforms to design and define the rules of the draw. Many of them work as tools that can be integrated into social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

Therefore, this time, we present a list of the best applications to do giveaways:


Giveaways with Easypromos

It’s the online giveaway app most used today. It is a multi-language platform that offers more than 20 different functions to the user to develop and promote the giveaway; in addition to analyzing and measuring its results. The first project is free. Then you have to pay for one of their plans: basic, premium or white label.

Easypromos stands out for having a forms and contests editor, its compatibility with mobile devices, allowing voting through email, personalized promotions, among much more.


Giveaways with SocialTools.me

It is a platform for conducting contests on social networks. The applications of Social Tools allow you to develop different giveaway models such as: basic, multiple choice, polls or voting. The tool is compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter, It also works on both mobile devices and computers. The service is free for pages or accounts that have 300 or fewer followers. After that figure, you have to hire one of your plans.


Giveaways with Wishpond

Is a professional digital marketing tool, focused on developing sweepstakes and online contests. It has 10 different applications to create events and promotions, both on web portals and on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Provides the possibility of e-mail marketing, manage campaigns, among other things.

It has a basic plan of only € 9. In addition, you can perform free trials for 14 days of the paid packages, to fully experiment with their functions. It is also compatible with mobile devices.


Giveaways with ShortStack

Tool designed for small, medium and large companies trying to gain greater visibility on the net. The platform is specialized in the management of giveaways, campaigns and promotions. The pages of Facebook with less than 25,000 fans, they can opt for the free plan. If you exceed this figure, you must hire one of their premium plans.

It is focused on large corporations, who have more customization options. Like other tools, it works great with social media, like Instagram, Twitter Y Facebook.


Draws with Sortea2

Is a ideal website for quick giveaways in different social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. It has multiple customization options, as well as the possibility of exporting the event to your page Facebook or Twitter, without additional costs. It is very easy to use and you just have to carry out a series of simple steps and you’re done. You can choose to do Free simple giveaways or certified giveaways which have a cost of € 2.99.


Giveaways with Antavo

It is an application for design promotions on social networks and web pages. It offers a system for measuring and evaluating statistics, which is why it is widely recommended for conducting raffles, surveys, voting, photo and video contests, offers and gifts. One of its advantages is that supports up to 25 languages different. It has predesigned templates, and the tool works seamlessly on mobile devices. You have the option to choose between the basic plan or the expert plan; both paid.


Draws with Woobox

Is a professional tool Essential for any project on social networks that wants to gain visibility. You can use their custom designs to create contests, giveaways, and other dynamics. In fact, in terms of giveaways, Woobox is in charge of collecting the responses, choosing a winner according to the interactions made and much more. Allows uploading of photos and videos. The application is designed mainly for social networks. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.


Giveaway with Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a application for managing web content in social networks. Also, as an additional function, has the possibility of creating giveaways, contests, promotions and other dynamics aimed at increasing the visibility of your brand. A particularity of Agorapulse is that you can compare the statistics of your publications with those of other pages and users.

On the other hand also allows you to monetize your account activity. For this, and much more, Agorapulse is a good option to start doing giveaways online.


Giveaways with Trisocial

With more than 20 applications for the development of giveaways, Trisocial is positioned among the most used tools in digital marketing. Among its functions, it stands out the possibility of managing clients, increasing the number of followers on social networks, recruiting fans and making coupons with personalized designs.

On the other hand, the platform allows you to create direct tabs with other websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs. Trisocial is compatible with both mobile devices and the computer. Its cost goes from 20 euros even above 100 euros.


Giveaways with Cool-tabs

Lastly, you will find Cool-tabs. One of the most used platforms along with Trisocial Y Easypromos. With this tool you can run raffles, contests, upload videos and images, questionnaires, among other functions that can be integrated into your social networks. The first promotion is free. However, it has notable limitations in terms of its functionalities. To enjoy all its applications, it is necessary to contract one of its plans.

What should you take into account before running an online giveaway?

As mentioned earlier, a giveaway requires a lot of planning. Not only to avoid failure, but also to not get into legal trouble. Before starting to develop a giveaway, consider the following points and recommendations. First of all, you must know the bases of each social network with respect to contests and sweepstakes.

For example:

  • Facebook does not allow fans, sharing, giving as a requirement for participation “I like” or tag in a post. Instagram, for its part, it does admit these points as well as Twitter However, it prohibits encouraging users to create new accounts to participate.

Another point to deal with are the legal bases of the draw. The legal bases must be stated clearly and precisely, since it acts as a legal document.

Among the relevant data that you should include are:

  • The identification of the person or organization who is developing the giveaway, with its respective logo.
  • If participation in the draw has some cost or is free.
  • What country is or cities participate.
  • The requirements to participate.
  • When it starts and when the participation period ends.
  • The raffle prize and the value of it.
  • By what means will the choice of the winner be communicated and how the award will be delivered.
  • Purpose of data collection.
  • The possibilities of a hypothetical suspension case or extension of the event.
  • The cases that exempt you from responsibilities related to the draw.
  • The rules that can lead to the disqualification of the participants.
  • The date of the draw.
  • Finally, indicate that the social network or platform where the raffle takes place is not linked in any way to dynamics, nor is it responsible for the results obtained.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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