+10 Websites to Raise Funds for Your Projects  List ▷ 2020

When you have an idea and want to turn it into a project, but you need money to carry it out, You will be able to keep in mind the different platforms that are used to raise funds through crowdfunding.

In this way, your new projects may be financed by third parties, you only have to pay a commission to the page, show your action plan and clarify what is the benefit that you get from your project.

So that you know in more detail what these websites are, we invite you to continue reading this article. We will indicate the best online tools and we will talk about the necessary requirements for you to be accepted.

List of the best online platforms to raise funds for your new projects

List of the best online platforms to raise funds for your new projects

So that you can raise funds for your campaign, you can use one of these online platforms that we show you below:


This is one of the best known sites that exist today. Since its creation in 2009 has a record of helping more than 6 million projects approved to assist people in raising money.

To register you must enter all your data and complete all the information regarding your idea. Among the requirements that this website will ask you to find is an explanation of why people should help you.

The commission is 5% of the total amount collected plus a variable percentage ranging from 3 to 5% for transaction fees.


The commission rate that this platform charges you is 9% of the total funds what do you need. What you must make a correct calculation to estimate the true amount of your investment since you will need to incorporate this additional percentage.

If you do not cover the entire amount, you will be charged a commission of 4% but only 5% of the total collected will be refunded. You will have to complete the data indicating what the advantages are why donors should access your project.

It is one of the safest sites that exist and campaigns can be included Anywhere in the world. The steps to register are simple and fast, making it a flexible page.


Crowdfunder through this site is very simple. You just have to enter your data, complete all the information related to the project, indicate the benefits that donors will obtain and show the projected process that your campaign would have over time.

It has a strategic partnership with the A&E company, so all approved campaigns are very popular. The commissions that you must pay are 4% plus another equal percentage in terms of fees for the transaction.

These amounts will be if you meet the goal level you want to achieveOtherwise you will have to pay a commission of 8% plus an additional 4% of the total collected.


Get dissemination of all the campaigns that need to raise funds for a certain. The projects that are most accepted are those that are aimed at repairing classrooms for school students.

But that does not mean that you cannot include another type of idea. The commission you will owe pay is 1.5% plus 2.5% if the donations come through PayPal or credit card.


For transaction concept you must add a 5% surcharge plus 2.4% when the donations are made by debit or credit card. But if you receive funds through Australian cards, you will have to add 30 cents in commission.

You will be able to raise funds so that you can carry out your projects. For this you will have to describe your idea, inform how you will carry it out and what is the time limit you have to raise all the necessary money.

You can put any type of campaign on this site and that means that you can have more than one project under the same user.


It is related to universities so that alumni who go to a certain house of higher studies can raise funds for the university or any educational entity.

In this way You will need to request a quote from the site to know what the commissions will be that you will have to pay.


It’s another page dedicated to raising funds for school projects. In this way, any parent, student or teacher can enter a project to receive donations for ideas to repair study halls or technology projects.

The commission is from 4% of the total collected plus a fee that will be 2.9% + $ 0.30 for processing payment according to each donation received.


If what you are looking for is crowdfunder, this site is ideal. You will be able to have a wide dissemination of your projects, since it has a community that exceeds 50 million people around the world. This will make it easier for any campaign to receive donations.

The commissions that you will have to pay are 2.9% plus a fixed percentage of 30 cents on the dollar for each donation. Therefore, you can trust this site with your project as it is one of the most recognized by all donors.


Although this page is not one of the cheapest commissions that you can find in the market, since its rate is 5%, You can find a large number of donors who are interested in helping you in the projects that you upload to this site.

For that you must inform well what will be all the steps that you will take to reach your goal and, of course, provide all the information they need to evacuate doubts and thus obtain better visibility positions.


It is one of the best known crowdfunder sites in the world. It has billions of dollars in collection. His commission that he will charge you revolves around the amount collected plus a percentage for maintenance fees.

To access this great world communityYou must inform why you need money, who benefited with your idea and what were the advantages that donors will obtain when they help you.

What are the requirements for my project to be accepted to raise funds on these crowdfunding websites?

What are the requirements for my project to be accepted to raise funds on these crowdfunding websites?

The requirements that you will have to meet to present a project that is accepted are the following:

  • You must complete all your data completely. You must include your first and last name, address, country, email and bank account to receive contributions.
  • You will have to present a photo of your ID and in some places they will ask you for a bill for electricity or any other service to prove your address.
  • Detailed report of the idea for which you want to receive money. You have to include all the aspects that you consider necessary. That is, execution time, how you would carry out each detail, the way in which you will solve some problems, where you will put your project or what audience it is aimed at.
  • If possible you will have to go up images supporting the plan you have.
  • After you have presented the entire report of your project You will have to include a flow of funds showing the reason for the amount you request. In this way you will justify the amount of money requested and donors will have confidence in your project.
  • Show what benefits people will receive when they contribute.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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