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Online television it becomes more and more important, this is how most people have chosen to watch your favorite novels on the Internet, in this way they can see all the chapters without the need to meet a schedule. Furthermore, it has become a excellent alternative for those moments where not they can tune in to the time of their presentation on TV.

One of the main advantages of see this type of programming through the network, is that users can enjoy soap operas that are not presented in your country. This will allow them to see international programming without any cost and very good quality.

According to this, here we are going to teach you what are the best web pages so you can start watch your favorite novels at all times, complete and totally free.

List of the best platforms to watch full telenovelas online

If you are a lover of soap operas then you will have many facilities when wanting watch this type of programming over the Internet, since there are currently many web pages that provide you with this type of material for free, although it is important to mention that they also there are some payments.

With this in mind, here we are going to show you a list of the best web platforms so that you can start enjoying your full telenovelas:



AtresPlayer is known primarily for offering a large number of series and programs without advertising breaks, something that becomes a great advantage for the viewer, who can find AtresPlayer and Atresmedia own productions. In this way, in that viewer website you can get a lot of Spanish and international soap operas, for this it has a catalog where you can get the latest and yesterday’s hits.


Movistar Play

Considered today as one of the best online platforms to watch series, movies and novels live and on repeat. Therefore, here you will find a lot of Spanish soap operas of all genres, ideal if you are a person who loves this type of programming.

In the event that be a Movistar customer and you have contracted any of their services, either cable, internet or mobile you can enjoy this service from its platform completely free. In addition, it offers an excellent image quality, so it will guarantee you a completely professional reproduction.



Another of the best known websites in Spain to watch TV programming online. This streaming platform groups a large number of producers such as Four, Telecinco, Divinity, among many others, which will allow you to enjoy all programming of each of them, a way to get varied content from one place.

Therefore, My TV it becomes a excellent portal to see full soap operas and for free. However, it is important to mention that it has geographic restrictions therefore it is not available in all countries.


Telemundo Now

Here you can enjoy the complete chapters of all soap operas that are presented in the Telemundo television network, an easier way to stay connected to all your schedule without the need to meet schedule. Best of all, you can enjoy its content without the need to register as long as they already have more than five days from being issued.

Otherwise you can sign up for free and thus begin to enjoy the premieres of telenovelas and other programs that are launched there. It is important to mention that some of its contents are paid, for which it will require a pretty low price to be able to access them.



Another way to enjoy your favorite soap operas is through Televisa, Mexican company of soap operas and TV shows, which will offer you all its content through its website at no cost. Therefore, Televisa becomes the best option for See completely Mexican content.

Over time Mexican soap operas have been considered the best, thus achieving many awards and titles highly recognized throughout the world. In this way, you can start enjoy quality programming at any time of day.


See my soap opera

This is another of online platforms where you can start enjoying a large number of programming of all kinds, especially from TV soaps. In this portal you will find content from other production companies such as Telemundo, Televisa, Nova, Antena3, La1, Globo, Record, La7, so you can see that you will get very varied content.

For its part, my soap opera offers a ease of search for your users, this is how they can search your favorite titles through the name of the same directly, you will also find a section with the most sought after and the most viewed, offering like this the most popular titles of the moment.



Adnstream is another of the websites that you will find available to see a great amount of programming, both series and novels the latter being its great specialty. Here you can find titles of all categories, as well as the Greatest Mexican Hits in History.

This portal is mainly characterized by offer exclusive productions of Telemundo international and Caracol international, whereby your viewers can find excellent programming.


Your TV HD novels

If you are looking for a way to watch telenovelas online and completely free, then your TV HD novels becomes an excellent option for you. Here you can find a large amount of content where you can enjoy Korean, Turkish titles, TV series among many others. All of this will be presented with a excellent audio and video quality.


Your telenovelas online

Your telenovelas online are currently considered one of the best platforms to see this type of programming, here you can find titles of all genres from those productions of the past to the most current ones. To the advantage of your viewers this website has different types of platforms, this is how it is available for computers, Smart TV, Chromecast, tablet and smartphone.

This portal has been developed by FractalMedia and in it you can find a great variety of productions such as online movies, documentaries, soap operas, series, yoga videos, yoga classes, among much other content.



Finally, we present you Blim, a portal of streaming schedule where you can get a lot of TV soaps, where he mainly specializes in offer content produced on televisa, as well as his most recent productions. Blim has been one of digital platforms that has had the most growth in recent years and which is not only available in Mexico, it is also available for many countries over Latin America and Europe.

It is important to mention that Blim offers a month completely free, but after this date the user must cancel a fee to continue enjoying their services. However, in the free month you can check whether or not it is worth paying for it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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