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The world of mathematics is fascinating, but it is not always straightforward. This is because the calculations do not come out many times as we have been taught or we just don’t realize the way to go to find the solution.

This is why there are sites on the Internet that will help you solve mathematical problems and equations, showing you the steps to follow so that you can learn more easily.

Next, we will present a list with the most prominent sites that will help you solve different situations. In this way you can fully enjoy this great exact science.

List of the best websites for solving math equations and problems

List of the best websites for solving math equations and problems

If you are in a hurry and need to quickly solve mathematical equations and problems, we present you the best online sites in which you only have to enter the data, then click on the calculate button and that’s it!


With this application you will be able to solve all the basic level mathematical problems that are presented to you. It shows you the result explaining the step by step of the procedure performed.

It is a practical and very useful app to solve factoring problems, basic algebra and arithmetic. It also has advanced geometry and trigonometry tools. It is ideal for students who are studying at an intermediate level of education.


If you are an engineering student you can use this app without any problem. You will be able to solve advanced mathematical operations such as set theory, matrices, vectors, trigonometry, combinations and permutations.

Further, you will have tools for chemical and physics equations. It offers you the possibility to add letters of the Greek alphabet for solving more complex problems. Upon obtaining the result, it offers you a step-by-step explanation of the procedure.


On this site, you will find how to calculate advanced math facts. In this way, you can quickly and easily solve equations of 2 and 3 unknowns. It is considered to be an excellent logarithmic conversion calculator.

Among the features that stand out the most, we can mention the option to run charts, hyperbolas and ellipses being one of the most used. You can also find applied statistics functions.


If you want to solve matrices this site will meet all your requirements. The steps you must follow are very simple. Enter the values ​​for the calculation of any matrix and then hit Enter.

You will also be able to observe the graphical behavior of the function that you have developed. It has a pleasant interface that allows you to work comfortably.


With this tool you can perform advanced algebra, statistics, higher calculus and also volume calculations. It is among one of the most comfortable to use, as it is very easy to insert the values ​​of the formulas.

You can also obtain partial results according to the criteria you assign. You will have a cost approximately 5 euros for your license.


This application solves systems of equations, showing the procedure step by step. You can also find operations with matrices, derivatives, integrals and interactive graphical samples in various dimensions.

Users can develop complex problems, achieving the resolution of reasoning problems such as if I have twice triple …. It is an ideal tool for variance, standard deviation and covariance, among other statistical functions.


If you are one of those people who are interested in executing financial functions, this app is ideal for you. While it does not have one of the best graphic designs, but the important thing is not how beautiful it looks, but that you solve your problems of compound interest.

It is very useful for teenagers, since they can download it on their mobile and thus check the results knowing the step by step of the equations, logarithms, roots and many other functions. That is, it performs various types of calculations.


With this tool you can store property files and mathematical formulas in PDF. It is ideal for students of different levels since the advanced level of the functions that it has in their computer development, allows the basic user not to get lost among the numbers.

For trigonometry you can work with identity functions, laws, ranges, inverse derivatives, sine, cosine, tangent among others.. In relation to the calculation, the limits and the rules of derivation and integration are a specialty of this site.

With regard to geometry you will have the possibility to calculate the area and volumes of different solids. While in algebra the functions of factorization, complex numbers and radication are the ones that stand out.


On this site is free software that allows you to work with a control panel where you will find the best functions of algebra, financial mathematics, logarithm and exponentiation.

You just have to choose which is the formula you need, enter the values ​​and click on Solve. You will also be able to solve simple problems, imaginary and complex number theory, linear programming and cryptography.

If you are new to this world of mathematics, don’t worry, you will find a detailed how-to manual so that you can use all the functions without problems. Best of all, it’s in Spanish.


With this tool you will find functions that will allow you to analyze elliptic curves and matrix spaces. Further, She is capable of drawing which makes her one of the favorites for students.

You can also find solutions to problems exclusively in algebra. It has a theory section that explains the step by step and how to solve equations. Although it is in English, it is very useful for the student to understand mathematical development.

Benefits of mathematics Why should you solve the problems on your own?

Benefits of mathematics Why should you solve the problems on your own?

In addition to improving mental activity when you solve, independently, in mathematical problems it is convenient not to use tools external to your reasoning to learn to internalize mathematics.

This is in principle because people who perform a reasoning procedure acquire a much greater capacity for analysis. Also, they tend to be more orderly and logical in their thoughts.

Lastly, when you do calculations on your own too you are gaining predictability in your behavior. Since it has been shown that people who tend to enjoy the exact sciences are more predictable and secure in decision making than the others.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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