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Thanks to the development of technology, directly from their computer or mobile, all people can carry out endless actions that manage to simplify your day to day. As, the internet has made available a host of solutions.

That is why, currently, there is the possibility of reading and better understanding any information, regardless of your language of origin. Given that, they can be achieved numerous online tools in charge of translating any writing quickly.

So, in order for you to convert a text from English to Spanish or any other language, without having prior knowledge, we let you know some of the best websites available for it.

What to consider before making a translation in an online tool?

Although it is true, translation can be defined as the product resulting from a series of processes that are carried out in a short time. In other words, it is not only a simple conversion from one language to another of any information, but rather they must also take into account certain aspects of spelling and grammar.

However, when carrying out a language change of a text through an online tool, it is important that the user consider some parameters in order to obtain a quality translation that can be read well in the target language.

That is why, the first thing you have to assess during these processes is that translations are not native. This means that, in most cases, online tools they tend to change the context to several sentences exposed in the writing. Therefore, you must be very aware of it and even use several alternatives to verify that the translation is correct.

However, it is also necessary to understand that no translation is entirely perfect. So, if you seek excellence in this way, you will never be completely satisfied with any of the web pages that facilitate these processes.

In addition to this, another aspect to assess with respect to translations is that some tools they may slow down during the process, depending on the size of the text to be converted into another language. Taking into account that it is a particularity that will only depend on the capacity of the service.

List of the best online translators to translate texts from any language

Now, having clarified the above and in order that you can obtain the best translations online, both from English to Spanish and in other languages, we proceed to list 10 of the best ideal websites to get such conversations easily and quickly:


Google translator

Also know as “Google Translate”, it is a tool for “Translation memory” which is provided by the famous Google company. Which, it’s totally free and, by default, it is the online translator used by the vast majority of people in the world. Especially because it has voice dictation.

In that sense, it allows conversions up to 104 different languages and for this, the user should not install any additional software or application on their computer. Valuing that, you can start the translation processes with just copy and paste the text or even, exporting the document (in one of the following formats: .doc,.docx, .odf,.pdf, .ppt,.pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls or.xlsx). Further, keep a history of all translations made with your Google account.


Collins Dictionary Translator

It consists of another of the most recognized online platforms to do translations on the Internet for free. Since, due to its optimal management, it has been classified as a source of consultation for look up words, phrases, and writing in another language. Considering that, as well as the Google translator, this service supports up to 5,000 characters in the search field and is free.

In addition to that, it is important to note that this Collins dictionary has the ability to translate digital writings in more than 30 languages and also supports voice dictation. Also, once you get the translation in question, the system It will show you the equivalence in the source language and several examples of use to better understand the meaning and ensure its quality.



With its colorful and excellent web design, this page allows perform translations automatically and in real time. Well, while you enter the text to be converted, the result will be adapted in the other language (on the right side of the panel). In this way, it facilitates the translation processes up to 44 languages and, if you want to train your pronunciation, it also gives you the possibility to listen to the transformed text.

In addition to this, one of its most interesting and novel features is that it has a multi-translator function to convert a word in several languages ​​at the same time; being so, completely useful. Among other features, we highlight that it is a totally free service, it accepts 5,000 characters in total, it allows you to share the result obtained through a link or by email and has a mobile app compatible with Android.


Microsoft Translator

This service is also known as “Bing Traslator” and refers to a productivity tool offered by the Microsoft company. To do this, you must register on the web and, since then, make translations easily. Considering that, is a tool that manages to integrate perfectly with applications such as Word or Skype.

In addition to that and as a distinctive feature, this service offers the possibility of have group conversations between several people who speak different languages. Well, any word you write or pronounce in a language will be shown to the other participants in their own language, simultaneously. The best thing is that too It’s free.



This is an online translator that Supports almost all languages ​​in the world and, therefore, it stands out for being a very complete alternative to carry out translations on the Internet. Well, they are more than 77 languages ​​available And fortunately, is a free website.

Thus, it should be noted that this tool has been designed with OCR technology, so it has an optical character recognition system that has the ability to identify texts in PDF files or scanned documents, to translate them automatically. On the other hand, if you want to download their software, you can do it for free from the web and so on use the service offline.



It refers to a completely new online service when it comes to translation processes on the Internet, since makes use of techniques associated with artificial intelligence and mainly based on deep learning to quickly convert texts to other languages. Thus, it admits a total of 42 different language combinations, but it is used to translate from English to Spanish, most of all.

Apart from this, it is an online tool very simple to use, since people only have to access the web, copy and paste the text to be translated, to change the language in a matter of seconds. It is appropriate to emphasize that, allows you to register for free and download its application for Windows (free of charge too).



As another solution of interest, we found this website that brings together the technologies of Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Systran and Reverso to carry out your translations easily. Reason why, also is a free online tool that is very easy to use. It even offers translation courses for all those who are interested in it.

For its part, Lexicool provides several types of language combinations to start its conversion processes and for that, you only have to choose the original language and the resulting language, enter the text to be transformed and click on “Translate”. Once that is done, they will show you a new tab with the translated writing, where you can compare the options obtained and thus choose the one with the highest quality.



Despite the fact that this online tool exhibits a slightly outdated page layout, the truth is that it is also considered another ideal option for carrying out text translations easily and quickly. Which is characterized by support more than 90% of all existing languages ​​in the world and be a high quality site, Until now.

But nevertheless, it is a payment website, where you can request a quote beforehand to get your translation. This, uploading the text file to transform or specifying the number of words it contains (accepts up to 20,000 words) and indicating the language of origin, as well as the resulting language. Whereas, the writing can be about any professional subject (mathematics, science, law, etc.).



Basically, this website refers to a novel translator of words and phrases that offers excellent management, is free, very easy to use and manages to carry out translation processes quickly. Thus, it has compatibility with most of the world’s languages ​​and even, operates an autodetection system You can find out what the source language of the text is.

In this sense, also supports voice dictation to translate entire sentences efficiently and has a dictionary from which you can get the meaning of any word, regardless of its language. However, it only supports a total of 1.000 characters in the search field.


Convert World

To conclude, we emphasize this other online translator that allows us to obtain writings transformed into another language, for free and in just seconds. Which, is characterized by supporting more than 30 languages ​​and by providing quality results and even on a professional level.

In addition to this, as well as the alternative noted above, Convert World it has the ability to detect the source language of the text to be entered, on its own, due to the intelligence system it handles. To do this, you just have to copy and paste the writing, select the resulting language and that’s it. Notably, manages a history of translations which allows you to search for the text you have recently translated.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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