+10 Websites to Upload Videos Without Copyright

 +10 Websites to Upload Videos Without Copyright
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Copyright, also known as "copyright", refers to a set of legal principles and norms that are based on patrimonial and moral codes that the law assigns to authors for the creation of a musical, artistic, literary, scientific or educational work, even when it is published and unpublished. So that, it is a term that must be respected in the network.

In this sense, when uploading videos on certain platforms, numerous users have obtained blocks from the same web pages, due to copyright issues of songs that record companies have claimed, for example. Which is why it is very important to know where you can share clips without any such concerns.

Thus, in this post, we want to point out which are the best websites that support videos without copyright issues and also for free. Taking into account that, the renowned platform Youtube, reveals these drawbacks in most cases and, therefore, users look for other alternatives.

Now then, surely you want to try the best websites that are currently available, to upload any number of videos at no cost and, of course, without copyright issues in order to do so. have greater freedom when sharing your creations on the network to make yourself known, for example.

Then, We specify 10 of the most important solutions in this regard:


Despite the fact that it is a website recognized for its importance for photographers, the truth is that also allows to publish short videos or what identifies as "Long photos", for free and without copyright. However, it has the limitation of supporting the videos with a duration equal to or less than 90 seconds.

But, beyond that, the platform allows you to upload any type of clip, that is, even homemade content without having to know a lot about editing to be able to publish them. In addition to this, it is characterized by the possibility of uploading videos and, at the same time, share them on different social media or put them in private. Once you decide to publish your content there, we recommend using the tagged ones and adding watermarks to them, as well as you can sell your content.



With an interface very similar to YouTube, this is another of the most recognized platforms for uploading videos without copyright, as it stands out for being a video website without censorship or moderation. Added to this, it is a decentralized video platform, that is, the content of DTube is distributed through multiple sources; similar to the model used by BitTorrent. Taking into account that, uses the P2P and also the Blockchain which is cryptocurrency-based technology. Thus, it allows users to earn money through accumulated votes.

For its part, unlike YouTube, this platform does not control sexually explicit content or certain forms of objectionable content. On the other hand, it offers a section where you find the most prominent clips and provides a search system based on tags that increase their popularity. Thanks to this, it is presumed that he could gain more fame over the next few years.



Although it is a little known alternative today, OurMedia already has more than 100,000 members which allows them to upload videos, audios, images and even text. Also, it should be noted that you can add your own keywords and an attractive description to all the videos that you publish on the website.

On the other hand, OurMedia gives you the possibility of share videos using RSS feeds, with a direct link or via email. In addition, it is appropriate to note that once you register on the platform, you can comment on all the publications you want and search by categories, popularity, keyword or type of medium. However, your interface can become very slow and confusing at first.



It consists of another of the best digital video platforms to share videos without copyright issues and from a free service for common users (You must bear in mind that, in the case of companies, the service is paid). Also, it should be noted that, if you only want to see clips on this site, you will not need to register.

Now, one of the details that most attracts the attention of users is that Viddler allows you to easily earn money by inserting advertising into your videos and to be able to charge, it will be necessary to provide a PayPal account and an Amazon account.



Although it is a very little known online platform in Spain, due to the fact that it is only available in English; The truth is that it is another of the best alternatives that users have for upload videos on the internet without having to abide by YouTube's rules.

For its part, specifically, BridTV stands out for supporting the monetization of online videos, so that both individuals, as well as large and small companies can earn money by simply hosting their clips on the website. Taking into account that the editors they will be able to acquire around 60% of advertising revenue and on the other hand, the platform keeps 40% of the total.


I see

Although its origin dates back to 2004, it was not until three years later that it actually began to be active on the Internet and, Since then, his appearance has been completely elemental compared to what can be seen today. But, even so, it stands out for being another of the most common video portals.

In this sense, it should be noted that the website is in English and contains various functions of social networks, as well as traditional video hosting portals. Regarding its main advantages, They lie in that it allows you to share videos without copyright and, likewise, respects the original quality of all the content uploaded there.



It refers to a platform from China, but which, thanks to its design and versatility of content, has managed to establish itself as one of the most important video portals in Europe, even with a fame similar to that of YouTube. Valuing that, among its best benefits, it includes the possibility of upload unlimited videos, in addition to being simple to use and exhibiting great image quality.

Among other details, Youku accepts the monetization of its users' videos and thanks to this, it hosts both free and paid content. It should be noted that, although it is used by the Chinese community, you can find content based on Spanish culture and, in short, it provides a totally fun user experience.



It is no secret to anyone that Facebook is one of the most famous social networks in the world and, although it has slowly improved its video service, today it is considered one of the most optimal online platforms to upload clips for free And the best of the case is that their restrictive copyright policies are nothing like those used on YouTube. However, you should bear in mind that your content They cannot break the rules regarding violence, pornography, etc.. However, you don't need to worry about copyright issues.

On the other hand, it is necessary to distinguish that Facebook supports the publication of videos with a duration equal to or less than 45 minutes, in addition to providing playback statistics to its users and offers the possibility of monetizing clips.

Is it possible to monetize a profile on any of these platforms without copyright?

Today, a large number of users around the world choose to create content in the form of video in order to monetize them and be able to earn money through the different web pages that facilitate said economic activity it's taking so much power. However, it is not considered such an easy goal to achieve and, especially, due to the restrictions in terms of copyright that they handle today.

That is why many content creators prefer to seek solutions other than YouTube, given that this well-known online platform does not allow uploading videos without copyright problems. Given this, the doubt arises regarding the possibility that exists or not, to share and monetize the video clips on the websites mentioned above that do not have copyright restrictions.

In this sense, we highlight that only some of them offer the possibility of monetizing a profile on their platform and thus, earn money sharing content of interest for your convenience.

Among these websites, we point out the following:

  • Flickr.
  • Dtube.
  • Viddler.
  • BridTV.
  • Youku.
  • Facebook.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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