+10 Websites to Verify Security of Keys and Mails  List ▷ 2020

The advances in technology have caused many hackers to try to penetrate the device security or most used applications. Thanks to this, they manage to hack access codes and even user emails.

This is a more common problem than it sounds, so it is important to know all the tools available today to verify and protect users. Therefore, we will talk to you in depth about the best pages to verify vulnerability of keys and emails.

In this way, you will have a step forward in relation to hackers and you can take security measures stricter on your accounts.

Why is it important that we verify the security of our access codes?

Why is it important that we verify the security of our access codes?

Constantly Hackers launch attacks on accounts on social networks or on different online platforms, for the purpose of obtaining personal information from users around the world. It certainly represents a great risk, since it allows data leak publicly of users of certain services. There have been many renowned cases, such as the recent attacks on platforms such as LinkedIn or Spotify.

Consequently, some reasons why you should verify the security of your access codes are:

  • Data is a key asset for any person or company. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can lend itself to scams, identity theft, etc.
  • Many times users use the same password on different platforms. So, corroborating its security can help you take immediate actions such as changing passwords, to prevent access to your accounts from being compromised.
  • Some websites do not store the password encrypted, making it easier for hackers to access them. By checking the strength of a password, you ensure that it is not at risk of attack.
  • It is also necessary to check the security of your keys, because it can be a gateway for hackers to your bank accounts.

List of the best pages to verify vulnerability of keys and emails

After being clear about the importance of verify the vulnerability of your keys and emails, you must know which are the best platforms to check it. On the Internet you will get many, but we will give you a summary of the safest and most recommended.

Let’s see some of them below:


Check vulnerability with Haveibeenpwned

This is an interesting portal that collects virtually all databases that are filtered on the network. It is one of the safest options in which the user can know if any of your passwords has been exposed or is at risk on the web. The way to use it is very simple.

Here is the step by step:

  • Login in the web.
  • A text box, where you should write the email you want to check.
  • The Web He’ll show you if there is an account linked to that email that has been exposed.

Keep in mind that if you write an email and you get the screen below the finder in green, it means that your email does not appear in any of the massive leaks. Therefore, you are not at such a risk of having your account stolen. If on the contrary, a notice is displayed in red, it means that your password has been leaked on the Internet. Then, the page will tell you how many massive leaks your email appears in. At the back, you will be shown a list with all the pages where your registration data has been exposed.

The solution for said problem, is that you enter each site indicated in the list and go changing password. As a recommendation, you should know that the ideal is to have a different password on each platform, because they may also be using it on pages that have not been filtered.


Check vulnerability with Hacked

This platform is based on the same technology and algorithms that “Have I been Pwned?” Works with. In the case of Hacked, it is a application available in Windows 10 ideal for all users who do not want to check by hand if their email addresses have been compromised. Its installation is very simple, because you can even find it on the website of Windows. From there, you download and install it on your computer, and it will check your email twice a day and notify you in case of any alert.


Check vulnerability with BreachAlarm

Always a good idea check the security of your accounts associated with an email address through various platforms, because the database varies in each case. Specifically with Breach Alarm, just go to the web and enter the email address that you want to verify.

Then click on “Check Now” and ready. Also, you can receive a real-time alert if your email is being affected by an attack. As additional information, you have different guides that help you take action in case you suffer attacks.


Check vulnerability with Hacked Emails

Its version in Spanish is called “Hesidohackeado.com”. It is also specialized in checking the vulnerability of different accounts or emails. Its operation is very similar to that of haveibeenpwned, because you only have to enter their website and write the email address associated with any record you want to check.

Later, you have to press the button Check and the information you need will be displayed in detail. Remember that if your account has been compromised, you must take immediate action and modify all the relevant passwords.

Password Checkup

Verify vulnerability with Password Checkup

It is an official service that has the ability to tell you if your password has been leaked on the web and, consequently, if you are vulnerable to your data being exposed. To enjoy the service, you need version 67 of Chrome or higher. When you check that you have it, you must install the extension on your computer and you can take advantage of it.

In this case, every time you browse the Internet and go to log into any platform, Google It will tell you if your username and password are on the list of data security flaws in which the company is aware. During its operation, the browser compares the entry with a series of lists of hacked passwords. If you try to enter one that is within the list, you will be shown an alert message. The best is that works in the background and notifies you only if it detects that you are at risk.

Tips for having a strong password

Tips for having a strong password

With advances in web security, it is increasingly difficult to access user passwords. However, it is not impossible, since there are many specialized hackers in the area. For that reason, you must learn to create strong passwords.

Some tips that will be very useful are:

  • Use a minimum of six alphanumeric characters, that is, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (* / & #).
  • Match the characters. The more abstract your password, the more difficult it is to access.
  • Don’t use simple words to guess like dates of birth, place of birth, etc.
  • Do not repeat the same password on different websites.
  • Change your passwords regularly and avoid sharing them.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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