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Believe it or not, the vast majority of operating systems keep secrets that are not in plain sight of users. Being so, a kind of hidden messages that the programmers themselves hide in their creation or, they are considered as a secret mode designed by the engineers who work on apps and operating systems.

Thus, it is known that the operating system of Manzana, mostly known as “IOS”, is one of those that keeps the biggest secrets that, luckily, are within the reach of its customers. These secrets are identified as “Easter Egg” or, in Spanish, “Easter eggs”.

Now, in view of how productive iPhone Easter Eggs can be, we want to base this post on everything that has to do with them, taking into account its definition and its ability to be installed on new devices, even when they are old easter eggs. Also, we introduce you to some of the best that Apple has designed for iPhones.

What is a “easter eggs” or “Easter egg” of iOS and what is it for?

In general, it is known that an Easter Egg is a gastronomic tradition that takes place during the Easter festival. Reason why, in Anglo-Saxon culture, these types of eggs are usually hidden in different places so that children can find them during Easter, like a game.

Well, from there, this term has become a very common practice in the field of programming. This, from the year 1978, when the first Easter Egg was introduced for the Atari console, specifically, in the Adventure video game.

Now, after that, practically all operating systems began to adopt the term as a secret or hidden mode that users could reach through a simple gesture. So, the engineers who are responsible for creating apps for Apple, did not put aside the Easter Eggs for that mobile operating system and with it, implemented surprises that the same users could find. In fact, you might be interested in best applications to listen to music without Internet on iOS.

In this sense, the iPhone Easter Eggs consist of a way to leave a personal mark and an artistic touch on an intellectual product. With this, they are defined as hidden messages that the programmers themselves keep in their work and have the main function of surprise the customer, as they appear in a humorous key, generally. It should be noted that many of these details go unnoticed even during the meticulous analysis that Apple performs on each application before adding it to its app store.

Is it possible and safe to install a “Easter egg” old on my new iPhone?

Is it possible and safe to install a "Easter egg" old on my new iPhone?

On the other hand, if you have a new iPhone, surely you want to take maximum care of it and therefore, the question arises about the possibility and security that exists with respect to installing an Easter Egg in it. Well, of course, we limit that if it is possible to do it; however, the dilemma in the case lies in how accurate it could be.

In this sense, being a hidden feature, Easter Eggs can often be detected by the Apple system, but on other occasions they are not discovered. Since, the company takes care of review each app manually and, despite the fact that it is a very detailed analysis, the time devoted to each of them is totally limited. Therefore, it is considered that it is impossible for Apple to discover all Easter Eggs.

Thanks to this, it will be very easy to install these hidden messages on your new iPhone. But, from a customer safety point of view, Easter Eggs could bring certain problems, depending on the developer’s purposes. Since, an engineer with few scruples, could manage to hide some function in the application that records your conversations or takes photos without any permission and with it, will affect your privacy.

However, it is appropriate to clarify that the iPhone API is very secure and because of this, it is considered fairly infallible to install such hidden messages. In addition, in case of extreme cases that compromise the audio, the camera and the mobile phone’s address book, Apple will proceed to remove these apps quickly and blacklist their creators.

List of all the easter eggs that Apple has developed for the iPhone so far

On the other hand, it is necessary to know the most important Easter Eggs that Steve Jobs’ operating system has developed for the iPhone, so far. Reason why, in this list, we let you know all the most valuable Easter Eggs that Apple has been leaving on iOS:

The clock app is an analog clock with a functional second hand, literally

Perhaps you have not noticed much, because surely you only open the clock application to set your alarm daily, but it has a functional second hand. That is to say that, apart from showing you the exact time at any time, it also it has a second hand and thanks to this, it acts like a real mechanical watch.

Thus, one of the main Easter Eggs that Apple has designed:

Steve Jobs’ glasses in “Add Reading List”

Steve Jobs' glasses in

Usually, when remembering the famous Steve Jobs, a black high-neck t-shirt comes to mind along with jeans and, of course, the round glasses that have always characterized him. Well, to remember his image day after day, on the iPhone you can see the glasses of this character, specifically in the option of “Add reading list”. Which has been an Easter Egg designed as a tribute.

In the Voice Memos widget, the lines are not random

If you have noticed it, you will know that the Voice Notes icon shows you a line and believe it or not, it should be noted that these have not been taken occasionally or randomly. Thus, they refer to records taken from the word “Apple” and although they do not have a really functional application, the truth is that it is estimated as a Easter egg surprising for the level of detail that Apple has left in the iPhone:

The “Maps” app logo is a real location

The “Maps” app logo is a real location

Another of the most important Easter Eggs lies in the famous iOS maps that allow you to find any place around the world with great ease. In this way, it is your logo that shows a location you can go toas it is a real place. Thus, it refers to Cupertino offices located in California; in order to mark yet another own stamp on your mobile operating system.

The flashlight of your control center

Although it is true, the flashlight of your control center contains a small switch and if you look at it, once you activate it, while you turn on the flashlight you really are. Chances are, you’ve never noticed this hidden Easter Egg on your iPhone.

Inside the Speedtest app

Inside the Speedtest app

It is a very popular application due to the considerable amount of Easter Eggs that it has hidden among itself. The main one is based on the fact that once you hold down the button “OKAY” To start a speed test, the haptic motor of the mobile will make strange and frequent movements, then a music will sound and there Lord Ookla will appear; a cat who will have to pay tribute by performing speed tests; which becomes a lot of fun.

The hidden message in the Mail app

Another of the small details that are hidden in the iPhone has to do with the Mail application. Since, in its icon you will be able to see a small message that prints “Hello from Cupertino CA” or, which in Spanish means: “Hello from Cupertino, California”. Thus, a very characteristic and advertising logo that has been associated with Apple over the years.

An Easter Egg for Christmas (2019)

An Easter Egg for Christmas

With the Christmas season, those of Cupertino want to constantly surprise their users and offer one of the best gifts that Apple could deliver from the latest version of its mobile operating system. In this sense, this Easter Egg achieves that on your iPhone it started to snow to exemplify the important Christmas dates; giving it like this, a big touch to your screen to animate it.

For its part, to be able to use this Easter Egg for Christmas, you will have to update the iOS operating system to its latest version and also have the application of “App Store” installed on your cell phone. With just these requirements, you can enjoy a great snowfall on your iPhone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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