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On the Internet we can find a huge list of templates, each with different styles and objectives. Thanks to the large number of templates offered by organizations, individuals and publishers for profit and non-profit purposes, we can provide solutions to our office automation problems.

Nowadays all resources must be managed digitally So not having office skills can leave you at a complete disadvantage to others. However, there are second options that you can use.

The templates in addition to having the appropriate formulations, they also facilitate and accelerate our management or creation of any file. Because we know the great utility of these tools, today we will show you different lists that will surely be of great use to you.

List of the best templates for making custom quotes in Microsoft Word

Microsoft office packages are tools that all of us use, and they become one of the most installed tools in the world.

If you have these packages on your computer, and you want some budget templates, this list will be very useful:

Model Budget Template for a Works Project

Budget model or template for a Digital Marketing operational plan

This is one of the templates most used when managing resources for the construction of works. With this template adapted only to carry the budget for construction projects, it will allow you to use all the items that must be valued in a construction, such as preparation, earthworks, foundations and more.

Download Model Budget Template for a Works Project

Model Template of a Budget for Cleaning a Property

Sample template of a budget for cleaning a property

As we know and understand that budget control is extremely important for all kinds of occasions, we also bring you a dedicated template to make budgets for cleaning of properties. It is the ideal template to show the necessary costs for cleaning the community where you live, since this template allows you to include taxes (VAT) as part of the expenses, and even add if industrial machines will be used.

Download Sample Template of a Budget for Cleaning a Property

Photo Report Budget Template

Budget template for a photo report

This photo report budget template has a list of Items, ideal for obtaining a total cost of services, including among them important data for all staff such as: Type of report, photo number, date, place, session time and more.

Download Budget Template for a Photo Report

Budget Model for Farm Administration

Budget model for farm administration

Any budget template for farm management, includes items and important data that allow the different services to be listed, functions and management of the same. With this template you can make a budget with detailed and descriptive data, ideal for managing your farms.

Download Budget Model for Farm Administration

Model for Medical Budget

Model for medical budget

If you are a medical professional, the first thing to do is use a budget template that can be very useful. allowing you to manage all the expenses of medical services. With these templates you can break down the costs according to the service or drug, so you can also manage the budget in a generalized way if you wish.

Download Model for Medical Budget

Budget Model Electrical Installation

Electrical installation budget model

With this budget model, you can get a total cost of all services involved during the installation process, including the necessary supplies for it. You can also include tax costs according to VAT for each item.

Download Budget Model Electrical Installation

Budget Model or Template for a Digital Marketing Operational Plan

Budget model or template for a Digital Marketing operational plan

Although you may not believe it even to provide Marketing services, there are budget templates, which will allow you not only to provide a better professional appearance to your client, but also also to manage each and every one of your activities within the service you provide, breaking down the costs for each one.

Download Budget Template for a Digital Marketing Operational Plan

The best templates to make budgets of your company in Microsoft Excel

Now, in the previous section we could see the different templates in a doc format, but currently It is not the only format that exists because there are others such as .xlsx that from the opinion of great experts are a more advanced and easy to edit types of templates.

Go for it:

Template for Making a Service Budget

Template for making a service budget

This template with a similar objective to the previous one of a universal model, you can create any type of budget for services. The difference of this template consists in its colors, and the intelligent game of blue with different tones and whites, which allows a comfortable and relaxed vision.

Download Template to Make a Budget for Services

Loan Estimation Template

Loan Estimate Template

This is a loan estimation template that You can use to collect for loan terms or others that are projected in the form of amortization. In this document we can edit the rate, taxes if they are involved and other details.

Download Loan Estimation Template

Construction Work Estimate Template

Construction work estimate template

The templates for construction can not only be found in a doc format, also, it can be used in Excel, being through this package from the point of view of many the best way to manage budgets.

Download Construction Work Estimate Template

Discover the best templates for making business budgets in Google Docs

Budgets can also be made, in an online way without the need for a package, being the most ideal when maintaining an online model and quick edition for any time.

In this section we will show you the best templates for this platform:

Black Invoice Template

If you are looking for a dark model to make your estimates with an invoice model, this is the ideal template, because you can give your clients an easily understood budget.

Download Black Invoice Template

Service Invoice Template

We have seen this template many times in the lists for invoices, but it can also be our template for business budgets, since, the main reason for creating budgets is to know the expenses for services or a period of time.

Download Service Invoice Template

Sales Invoice Template

To end this short list, we can make our budget in a fast, simple and organized way. With this template we will manage all the balances of our company by week or month.

Download Sales Invoice Template

Meet the coolest templates for budgeting in Google Sheets

In this last section we will show you a list of the best templates that we can use to make budgets from the Google Sheets spreadsheets.

Each of the models we offer below can be adapted very well to any situation:

Annual budget

If you are one of the people who you plan to take stock of your income and expenses this is the best template for youAlthough it can also be used from a business point of view to offer an annual budget to clients according to the services offered.

Download Annual Budget Template

Poor-Mans Budget Template

Budgets can be managed in different ways, for this reason a Reddit user offered a free template a little peculiar that will allow us to obtain a better balance of expenses and expenses for daily services.

Download Poor-Mans Budget Template

Budget Template with Google Form

This Google Sheets form is an excellent budget planner, ideal for quickly tracking contingency and ongoing expenses. There, We can track monthly or weekly expenses if we wish.

Download Budget Template with Google Form

Simple Budget Planner Template

If you are looking for a template that allows you to divide our budget into percentages for a better understanding of expenses, this is the ideal online document for you and your needs. Tracking your expense-income balances has never been easier than now.

Download Simple Budget Planner Template

Weekly Budget Template

To culminate with all the lists, we have an excellent template ideal for any follow-up or billing to clients. With this excellent Excel spreadsheet all your weekly and monthly schedules will be much easier than before.

Download Weekly Budget Template

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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