+101 Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail  List ▷ 2021

Gmail is currently considered one of the best email services all over the worldThis is how it is one of the most used thanks to all the functions it offers.

Nevertheless, if you want to improve its use and increase your performance when working on your platform, you can start to make use of all keyboard shortcuts it offers.

That is why here we are going to show you a list with the best keyboard shortcuts that you can apply today in Gmail and thus be able to boost your productivity.

What are the benefits of using Gmail keyboard shortcuts? Reasons to know them all

What are the benefits of using Gmail keyboard shortcuts?  Reasons to know them all

The keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that when pressing them in a certain program it will generate an action, so it will allow you to perform different tasks automatically and without the need for use mouse, such as opening a window, saving, closing, opening a function, among others. We can say that Gmail has a large number of keyboard shortcuts, so it can be difficult to know all of them.

But the truth is that these key combinations allow you to work more comfortably and without the need to use the mouse, despite being an essential element for the use of any pc. That is why you are key combinations have become the main advantage when making use of this platform of email, where users can increase their productivity when working on it.

List of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Gmail that you should know to access everything in your mail faster

List of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Gmail that you should know to access everything in your mail faster

Considering that these shortcuts are of great importance to Increase performance on any platform when working on them, here we are going to teach you what are the best Gmail key combinations that you can start using and thus access certain actions within the mail in a faster way.

To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below:

Keyboard shortcuts for composing email in Gmail

One of the main uses of emails is to create emails, That is why from the inbox from the email you will be able to send e-mails easily. For it Gmail offers you certain combinations that will help you save time when creating your messages.

In this case you can use the following:

  • C: It allows you create a new message.
  • D: you can create a new message, but this time in a new tab.

You can also find keyboard shortcuts to reply to or forward emails, in this case you can use the following:

  • A: When having the email open, this key allows you to reply to the sender of the mail.
  • TO: By having the open mail and press this key you will be able to answer them all.
  • F: With the email you want to forward on screen the F key It will allow you to go to the forwarding section.

Combinations for formatting mail

If you want to improve your productivity when you do use of Gmail, then you should use the following shortcuts that will help you write emails in an easier way.

To do this you must use the following:

  • Control + K: It allows you to insert a link.
  • Control + B: Activate the bold of the text.
  • Control + I: Italicize.
  • Control + U: Underline the text.
  • Control + Enter: Send email.
  • Control + S: To save draft.
  • Control + Shift + C: To add CC copy recipients.
  • Control + Shift + B: Allows you to add Bcc blind copy recipient.
  • Control + Shift + F: It is used to change the shipping address.

The TAB key It will also allow you to easily move between the different text boxes of the window of text creation, such as the body of the message, the sender or the subject.

Keyboard shortcuts for Hangouts

If you like to use the Hangouts chat platform that Gmail offers, then you will be able to move easily in it by applying the following commands:

  • H + M: To be shown the menu.
  • H + A: To show Hangouts conversations.
  • H + I: It shows you the chat requests.
  • H + C: To select the list of conversations.
  • H + P: Used to open the phone to make a call.

Keyboard shortcuts to move around in Gmail

If you want to move through the different sections that Gmail offers and each of its sections, then you can start applying the following commands:

  • G + I: It sends you towards the received messages.
  • G + S: It allows you to go to the starred messages.
  • G + T: To go to the sent emails folder.
  • G + A: To go to the all messages folder.
  • G + D: Go to the drafts folder.
  • G + L: It sends you to the labels section.
  • G + K: To go to the tasks section.

Other useful keyboards that are used when writing an email within a conversation are the following:

  • Z: It is used to undo the last changes.
  • Shift + U: To mark the last unread mail.
  • +/-: It is used to mark an email as important or to unmark it as the case may be.
  • Shift + N: It helps you update the conversation with the new emails that have reached you.
  • AND: To archive an email.
  • K: Go to a new email.
  • OR: To return to the inbox.
  • OR: Allows you to expand a message from an email.
  • /: Allows you to quickly use the search bar.

In the case that you need to mark multiple items, then you can use the two basic Windows keys: Shift to select a list followed by mail or control to select individual items from the list.

Navigation shortcuts

You will also have the opportunity to use some keyboards for what will be the navigation on the platform.

For this you must apply the following:

  • OR: To return to the list of conversations.
  • K: Go to the next conversation.
  • J: Go to the previous conversation.
  • Enter: Open conversation.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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