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For many of us, a genealogical tree represents not only our family ties on paper, but also leads us to beautiful memories, longings and even sometimes to consider the story of our lives.

An element like this, also serves to teach children in their schools, interpersonal relationships and family unity.

We are going to show you in this post what is a family tree used for, how to use the predesigned templates and where you can find them.

What is a family tree and why is it better to create it using templates?

A genealogical tree is a diagram in which the existing family relationships between ancestors and descendants are reflected. It can be graphed through tables or in the form of a tree, hence its name.

It shows the genetic links that exist between ancestors, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, descendants such as children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.. The collateral relationships that are brothers, uncles and cousins ​​are also reflected, in an indirect way.

Necessary use templates to be as neat as possible and get the least amount of work done. Dealing with templates that are already predesigned is a good idea. There are different formats of templates for this case, Word, Excel among many others.

List of the best templates for creating a family tree in Canva

The best templates for creating a family tree in Canva

In Canva we can find the best worksheets for the creation of our family organization chart, it will show us all the indications in a very simple way so that we can add in each step we do.

There are different templates in which we can add photos, stickers, change the format of the text, the background and later we can upload the photos through Dropbox, YouTube, Pixabay among other sites.

Next, we want to expose you the best graphics you can find, To display your family history, on the Canva site:

  • Modern: Design with white and green colors that are some brushstrokes gives a touch of informality.
  • Multicolored: Its design is directly based on names, not being able to add photos of the people that are included in the graphic.
  • Delicate: Presents a design with a much more elegant typography with sober colors and the inclusion of photographs where the date can be added among other things.
  • Centered: This template is characterized by having the name of the family in the center and around it, it vertically presents the relationships between the members.
  • Animals: Although it can be designed for people, this template is oriented to animals so we can create a very good design with footprint marks of themselves.
  • Modern: It is a very simple template that has few colors and at the same time is characterized by its sharpness between the members, different images can be included.
  • Retro Tech: With this original design we will be able to draw our family organization chart based on video game technology from the 80s and 90s.
  • Beautiful: If you want to highlight the feminine side in a family organization chart, this template is ideal for that.

The best templates for creating a family tree in Canva

List of the best templates for creating a family tree in Photoshop

When we need to create templates, we can edit them with the best creative tools that Photoshop offers us, for this we need to have certain basic skills in handling this software.

We are going to show you the best templates so that you can design your family organization chart of our family and thus remain a unique memory for a lifetime.

Next, we will show you a list to use one of the most important editing programs that exists today:

  • Vintage: If you want to give an old style to your family tree you can achieve it thanks to this template.
  • Watercolor: This template is ideal for adding an artistic touch to our diagram.
  • Circles: When we need to represent family members through circular images we can do it with this template.
  • Childish: Designed especially for the youngest children when they have to present at school.
  • Valentine’s Day: To make one of the most romantic moments of our lives.
  • Traditional: We can design our template as a family organization chart in a classic style.
  • Creative: If we need to give a touch of creativity to our family organization chart, we can use this template.
  • Wifi: To give it a technological touch, we can use a template that has a design similar to the logo of the WiFi network.
  • Numerous: When we need to introduce many members, we will require a family organization chart with these characteristics.

Best templates for creating a family tree in Photoshop

List of the best templates to create a family tree in Word

Word gives us the possibility of being able to make templates with a very beautiful design and to have all our family ties reflected on a sheet.

Immediately we will present you with the most important forms, that you should take into account when choosing and designing a template in this format:

  • Generation relationships: To give an appropriate design to our family tree we can use this template that clearly shows what each of our family relationships is like in terms of their links.
  • Business: When we want to give it a business style according to our profile, we can use a template like this one.
  • Childish: We can leave the traditional and focus on designs for children with which we can show with joy and simplicity each of our family branches.
  • Classic: If we choose not to leave the traditional because we understand that it has everything to show and can do it in a simple and at the same time formal way, we can use such a template.
  • Simple: We can incorporate in a very simple and simple way each of the links that exist in a family organization chart.
  • Another classic style: Presents characteristics that only the classics give, simplicity, simplicity and above all it shows us in a complete way the genetic relationships.
  • Agenda style: We can print our family organization chart according to a style that we have in the agendas that we use in our offices. The advantage is that we can add the additional information.
  • Single mothers: It is intended for mothers who may have known biological origins.
  • Central genealogical network: We can show our genealogical network according to a template in which the person we are highlighting will be in the center.
  • Through Word: We can directly use the Word tool to do a job for this we can show you the sequence quickly: Insert> SmartArt Graphic> Hierarchy> We choose the appropriate one> We load the data.

The best templates to create a family tree in Word

List of the best templates to create a family tree in Google Docs

Google offers us many tools so that we can work as comfortably as possible. One of those tools is Google Docs through which we can also design our family tree through predetermined templates.

Next, we are going to show you the best templates that you can use for free through Google Docs:

  • Directly from Google support: We can use Google Docs directly through its own for this way to make family trees. It is necessary to clarify that we are going to enter the part of “templates for creating organization charts”.
  • He drew: Through this template our family tree will have a touch of color because it will have the shape of having been painted by hand.
  • Quick template: If we need to elaborate with very few steps and that our results is a beautiful and simple image we can use this template.
  • Drawn people: If we like drawings and want to add them to our template we can use this tip.
  • Basic template: With this design you can create your practical and simple family organization chart.
  • Big: It is characterized by having a drawing of a tree in the middle of the template, it is ideal for large families.
  • Template for kids: This design can be used for children to learn and carry, when their teachers request, the composition of their family.
  • Collateral: If we want to teach our children the relationships that exist collateral at different levels we can highlight this very well pre-designed template.
  • Palm tree: This worksheet is named for its representation of a palm tree, feeling like a relaxed place with which we could enjoy.
  • Create our own design: We can create our own design from Google Docs:
    • To do this we will do these steps: More > Documents > Create > New draw > Untitled drawing > Insert > Shape > We choose the “rectangle” shape > Shape > We write: grandfather, father, etc. > Insert > Edit > We write the name of the relative > Enter

The best templates to create a family tree in Google Docs

List of the best templates to create a family tree in Excel

As expected, Excel also offers us the great possibility of making our family tree with this format. It has advantages when we do not know how to use editing programs or when handling in word processors, such as Word or Google Docs, becomes a little more complicated, when we want to edit.

Here we show you the best predesigned templates in Excel format so you can work calmly:

  • From Microsoft Office support: We can make different templates through this platform, in this case we leave you the one that corresponds to a genealogical tree.
  • Classic: Connect template we can load each of our data and leave it with a classic style.
  • Vintage: To have a style and that each of the characters can be clearly seen, this is an ideal template.
  • Memories: Our stern family tree with a nostalgic impression when we use this predesigned template.
  • Featured: When we want to set the characters to stand out in the image, we can make this template.
  • Wolves: Let’s add a touch of fantasy and storytelling atmosphere to our diagram. We will add figure of wolves for our children to present in their schools.
  • Genealogical roots: We can download an Excel template that will give us good results to show our family roots.
  • Light blue: With this template we can design our tree through a touch of light blue.
  • Boards: We can find in this template a very long description based on very well designed tables for our genealogical ties.
  • Create our own template: Excel also gives us the ability to make our own family tree template. For this reason, we will provide you with the steps you must follow; Insert > SmartArt > Choose a SmartArt graphic > Hierarchy > Insert text here > we write the text that we need to introduce.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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