+101 Tinder Tricks  Secrets that will change your Life ▷ 2020

When we start the process of opening a Tinder account and we start uploading our photos, they allow us up to 6, we are (maybe) a few steps away from meeting the person who changes our lives forever.

Tinder offers us the most absolute privacy and protection of our privacy. This is why it is the most used dating application and with which users feel comfortable.

If you want to meet a person through Tinder, don’t hesitate to read this article. In it we will explain the best shortcuts and the most curious data of this thriving app.

The 3 curious facts about Tinder that you probably did not know about the platform

Fun facts about Tinder that you may not have known about the platform

Many times we do not know what is hidden behind an application. In the case of Tinder, we can say that it is a dating app that has great technological support and is designed to meet the expectations of users, always based on their protection and security.

We can highlight many other curiosities, but we will stop at the most important that we should know. They are:

The most used dating app

In Tinder we will find a large number of users who are waiting for us, we can confidently choose our favorite place and other preferences for the search because surely there will be many interesting people.

The reason for this statement is due to the prestige that Tinder earned, based on the simple design that presents the user , as well as in the practicality in your steps to contact someone. It is also chosen for the confidence it provides in terms of handling of personal data.

The most effective dating social network to meet people

The most effective dating social network to meet people

Being the most chosen, its database is much larger than the rest of the apps that are dedicated to this work, the recommendation among users makes it grow daily, thus increasing the probability of finding people who meet our required requirements.

This made Tinder considered by many as the most effective application among dating software. If what you are looking for is to meet a person to fall in love with, to establish a friendship or simply to expand your social and professional circle, this application is the one for you.

Most of the users are mature people

Although to be a Tinder user, users must be over 18 years old, there is a wide range of users of different ages.

The curiosity we want to show you is that the majority of permanently active users are people between 35 and 44 years old. This represents 31% of the total registered accounts of the app.

What features make Tinder a unique dating app?

This efficient dating app is one of the users’ favorites and the one with the most number of downloads on the Google Play Store. This is due to different features that the app offers.

Features that make Tinder a unique dating app

Next, we will mention the most outstanding ones:

  • Simple steps: the application offers a very simple procedure to meet someone, we simply “match”, chat with that person, meet with them.
  • Premium versions: with these 2 versions we can chat with a pastport anywhere we are, let us know who likes us, presents a personal assistant so you know all your possible matches. The cost of both is currently $ 9.99 and $ 14.99.
  • Profile analysis: Tinder does the work for us, compares our profile with that of all other users and alerts us to possible matches.
  • Loading our profile: For this, the steps that we will have to follow are very simple, we must incorporate into our account data such as sexual orientation, distance range where we want to find a partner, photographs and any other data that helps improve the precision and accuracy of our profile.
  • Choice of profiles: Tinder presents a very simple app in terms of its operation, once we have loaded our profile, a list with photos of different users will appear, if we perform a “swipe left“We slide the photo to the left we indicate to the algorithm that we do not like it and if we do a”swipe right”(To the right) we indicate that we do like it.
  • Contact: Only people who swipe rigth can contact us. It also gives us the option that, if someone indicated that they like our photo, but we don’t, nothing happens. For us everything remains as before.

List of the best 15 Tinder tricks to get the most matches

The scoring system that Tinder works with is ELO, which is a method based on statistical probabilities to measure a certain skill in a certain game.

In order to have a greater chance of making a match, we will have to increase our “ELO Score”, For this there are different tricks to be able to always be visible in the list and above all things appear in the first places.

The best 15 Tinder tricks to get the most matches

We want to show you the following tricks so that you enjoy Tinder more:


It is one of the bases for you to obtain a higher probability of a match. Tinder understands that the people who have more activity in the application will be shown on the list, since if they show you the users who are generally inactive, surely there will not be as much possibility of a match or of continuing with the relationship.


Tinder gives you preference, or there is a greater chance of macht, if the two people are online at the same time. For this reason the more time you spend with your application open and some user makes you a “swipe rigth“You will be able to internalize immediately, increasing the possibility of an encounter.


Try to include the 6 photos that the application allows you. Try to make the photos as natural as possible, that is, to show you as you are, in your daily activities, with your tastes, and so on.

Avoid those photos where you are with other people and if you are going to upload a selfie, consider its quality.


Try to present yourself as accurate, but at the same time simple, as possible. Do not put phrases, reminders, just put what you do, preferences, or anything else that will serve you for a match. Humor is a good ally for these issues.

Swipe Rigth

Don’t do too many “swipe rigth”Because the Tinder algorithm understands that you like people who have very different characteristics, therefore, it is very difficult for the application to show you the right people.

Search radius

Try to be specific and consistent in the search radius, although it is true that it increases the probability for those people who are close to you, Tinder also takes into account the area in which you put your search criteria.


We recommend that you do not lie in your description or in any other aspect of yourself, because this will waste time for other people who will sooner or later realize it and Tinder understands that no one is benefited with this.

The ideal first photo

In the first photo we must always look at the camera but always up. It does not matter if we are smiling or not, the photos should always be as professional as possible and a bit casual at the same time to build confidence.

Attractive profile

Let’s try to have the best competitive profile, for this our creativity must be 100%, that is, we have to be different from others to stand out, seek to have the best starting photo, have an attractive image background, use colors that benefit you.

Use of GIFs

Tinder has studied many things and one of them is gifs, there are studies where they highlight that using these tools we can increase the chances by 30% to get a positive response.

Turn right

In marketing studies, there are many tips that attract our subconscious. This one technique consists of sliding our face to the right and looking at the camera with the forehead slightly elevatedThis will give us a very good appearance and will transmit confidence and seriousness.

Full biography

The creators of Tinder recommend users to have the most complete profile possible, in this way the algorithm of the app find better suggestions for us. Another point that benefits having the complete biography is that the people who give you “I like you“They will know precisely things that can later strengthen a relationship.


As we told you before, humor is welcome on this platform. According to statistics issued by Tinder the photo that has a profile with smiles is 14% more likely to gain acceptance.

Don’t hide your eyes

Many studies show that people who cover their eyes can send messages that are not verbal, they are very specific. According to Tinder, wearing dark glasses, covering your eyes with different objects can reduce up to 12% the chances of being able to get a like.

Use Tinder Plus

This can be a great advantage to get more matches, since the payment tool offers more visibility, more superlikes, and boosts.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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