+101 Webs to Earn Money by PayPal  List ▷ 2020

Free time today is usually spent on things that do not add much value to people’s lives. For example, see movies and series, browse the social networks and even sleeping excessively.

But the truth is that on the Internet there are many ways to Take advantage of those moments where you don’t have much to do.

That is why today we present you a very elaborate entry, in which you can find many useful resources to start generating profits from the comfort of your home, as long as you have the time to afford it.

List of the best websites to earn money for PayPal with surveys

Paid surveys are a way to earn money in just 10 to 20 minutes, and the best ones can have a value of € 5.

If you want to know the best web pages to spend in your free time and generate extra income, these are the ones indicated:



Formerly known as ClixSense, is a powerful online network leading in the market since 2007. Originally it allowed users to make money by watching ads, but with the passage of time they added mini tasks and other random activities.

Currently, they have left behind everything related to pay-per-click ads, to focus on a solid survey system through agreements with large companies to collect market information. The most remarkable thing about ySense is that it is one of the few portals that accepts audiences from all countries of the world. Although at some point in their history they stopped making payments through Paypal, Since its remodeling, this withdrawal method has been fully operational.



It is a web page with headquarters in Spain, therefore, it is focused on collecting the greatest amount of information from the citizens of that country. Still, it is a great community with a gigantic scope. In order to be successful working with this page, the most important thing is to create a good profile and choose the most commercial topics to comment on. This is because the surveys are categorized by various topics, where each one has a specific weight that directly influences the value of the survey.



It is an excellent way to earn money if you are in Europe, as it has support for different languages. It is also useful in some Latin American countries. This portal is under the administration of a powerful North American company called A & K International Inc.

Company that also has the address of various survey portals, including Green Panthera. It has a basic referral system, according to the 10% generated by the referral. The user has the possibility to withdraw their funds to their Paypal electronic euro account from € 30.



It is a great merger of two survey companies that were very well known at the time, these are “Mysurvey” Y “GlobalTestMarket”. It was born from the need of large companies to carry out effective market studies to satisfy the big brands, where customers in turn generate extra benefits. It has a reward system through scoring, where 600 points are equal to € 5. These funds can be withdrawn by different means including Paypal.



This is a European portal dedicated especially to users of Spain, where the most dedicated can get to generate extra money, withdrawable directly to your electronic accounts. Its system is to weight each activity, ranging from surveys, click on advertisements with raffles and referrals. The weighting can later be exchanged for real money.

The best platforms to earn money for PayPal writing texts

Here are the 10 best websites to get a job as a freelance writer and others:



If you are interested in entering a real job market writing texts, this website is one of the best options for Spanish-speaking users. It is a portal of Latin American origin, specifically from Chile. On this site freelancers can sign up to write in different projects.

Writers who have prior knowledge of SEO-optimized content writing are generally hired and paid better. To ensure the quality of the writers the page has a special section for certification of users’ skills. As it is a site of Chilean origin in that country, withdrawals are to national bank accounts. For all other countries the withdrawals are through PayPal.



It is one of the most complete job markets that Latino users can do without when looking for remote employment. From this page you can schedule for any work discipline.

But being a freelancer platform, what stands out the most are remote jobs, among the most common we have writing jobs. In this site very strict policies are managed with respect to communication between users, and there is a small disadvantage that is that A membership is required to be able to enjoy the full chances of winning a contract.



As the name specifies, it is a site for looking for freelancer jobs in any discipline that allows this type of work, of course this is where text writing jobs come in.



Fiver is a great work platform, in which users can create advertisements to sell different services remotely, being one of the most outstanding the writing work.


Up Work

This is an American platform where many professionals get remote jobs on a daily basis. To have better possibilities on this site it is preferable that the user handles a higher level in English.



It is a powerful page that allows communication between advertisers and publishers, to meet your needs in terms of SEO and content production for web projects.


Text Master

This is a great community to get a job with copywriting, but focused mainly on their translation. It has support for several languages ​​and allows working users to withdraw their income to electronic accounts.



It is a very common job market for people looking to earn a living using the Internet. It allows to know project offers for free, functioned as an intermediary between the contractor and the worker.



It is a web platform that is focused solely on that both freelance writers and project advertisers can reach beneficial mutual agreements. Its withdrawal method par excellence is PayPal.



This is the last platform that we highlight in this list, with it you can get employment as a copywriter or increase the level of your web project, thanks to the experts who sign up here.

Earn money with my PayPal account by watching ads on the following web portals

Now we are going to see which are the best pages of “Pay To Click”, with which you can generate income to your electronic euro account.

Let’s see below:



If you are an advertiser, you can increase your income by hiring promotion services on this platform. If you only want to generate extra income you can register here and start seeing ads for money.



This page is what is known as a PTC or pay per click in Spanish. Allows your users to earn money while viewing advertising hired by the site’s advertisers.



Another famous PTC that allows you to earn money to your users through PayPal with a minimum withdrawal of 15 euros. It also includes a unique feature that allows its users to earn money by posting related content on social media.



It is a virtual sales store like any other, but it also includes services to earn money by viewing ads. Here the minimum withdrawal in PayPal is only € 5 and € 10 to bank accounts, this in the case of Spain. In addition, it has an excellent performance in many of the Latin American countries.


Gift Hunter Club

On this platform there are various ways to earn money through what they call “prizes” for watching videos, visiting web pages and interacting with different virtual environments. It has many withdrawal methods among which PayPal is included with only € 5.

Earn money with PayPal playing on the following websites

It is possible to earn money playing on the internet.

That is why below we will name the best pages to entertain you and make dividends:


Market Glory

This seeks to simulate reality in terms of the social, political and economic world, where the initiate has a small capital and the possibility of founding a company from scratch. It is a very entertaining game and allows you to generate withdrawable income from € 20.


My Profit Land

It is a simulation and strategy video game very similar to the previous one. Allows users to make money in leisure time and power later withdraw it to your electronic accounts.



From just € 5 you can start withdrawing money, which you can generate through various mini-games that are available on this page.



It is a mobile platform of sports betting with virtual money. When users win, they increase their virtual currencies, which can later be withdrawn as a prize to different platforms including PayPal.

The best pages to earn money in PayPal doing daily tasks and “mini jobs”

On the Internet there are many pages that pay for perform image, document and data review tasks, as well as some minor edits.

Let’s see some of them below:



This website collects an immense amount of information from public images of large cities, so that a large group of users can identify each of the elements present. The purpose of this is to improve the artificial intelligence softwares of large companies like Google.



This web works in conjunction with the Crowdflower company to develop different artificial intelligence projects. Very similar to Spare 5, has a very reliable electronic payment system through PayPal.


This iconic platform for transcription of captcha, is intended for the user to correctly establish the data of a captcha for its later use in other platforms. Payouts are good and weekly withdrawal from € 1 is allowed.



This is another of the many pages that allow its users to generate income through tasks and activities. Its form of payment stands out through PayPal and the minimum withdrawal is € 20.


Get Paid

Paid tasks are what stands out the most about this website, as it also has other methods of generating income similar to those we have already seen throughout this article. With Get Paid you can charge from just € 0.50 and it is undoubtedly one of the pages that allows more quickly to get the profits generated.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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