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Facebook is known to be one of the world’s first social network platforms, created not only to communicate, but to achieve a broader interaction, integrating virtual content that allows you to share moments and experiences instantly.

With the vision of making that interaction closer and more real, integrates a tool in its platform known as Facebook Live. This tool allows you to share any event that is happening through live videos from your mobile.

Said tool allows you to broadcast and watch videos in real time, without previously downloading them, it also allows you to do it from other of our social networks with StreamingHere are the best ones to use at a professional level.

List of the best alternatives to Facebook Live for professional-level streaming

Facebook is not the only platform what can we use to do our Live, There are other applications that we can use as an excellent alternative for this.

In the following list we will show you a list of the best platforms to do Streaming transmissions in a professional way:

Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms

It is one of the new tools created by Facebook, for professional use of live video. It allows you to create webinars, with personalized rooms, through the link that is issued when the event is created. Its use is very simple, since the same Facebook platform will tell you how use it for your conference, meeting or other live event.

One of its attractions is that can be used for purposes more inclined to learning, meetings, conferences, interviews. To access copy the following link https://www.messenger.com/rooms. It does not necessarily have to be Facebook account To participate in your event, through the link you can reach many people.


Jitsi Meet

It is a platform, created with the main purpose of being used to perform and of course participate in live events. Is characterized for offering its users open and encrypted codes, It does not require that they have accounts to use it.

To promote or integrate participants to the event of the creator user, it only requires the link issued when creating the meeting to link to the social account of your choice such as Facebook Live. Allows us interact in a retro alimentary way between all the members of the conference via live chat. It is possible, by linking the email, to save a history of the conferences you have held or participated in.



This network It is one of the oldest and currently used, at a professional level to send and receive data, such as audios and videos, in continuous and live stream to carry out multiple activities without the physical presence of its participants. It allows you to create rooms for conferences, meetings with clients or companies, trainings, workshops or any other similar activity (which are also called webinars).

It has tools such as virtual whiteboards, that allow a more explanatory interaction of some spontaneous idea. Its live chat instrument is very important when using this platform in webinar activities for greater participation of its users. You can record such video calls or meetings, too, It is characterized by its live broadcast with Facebook Live.



Undoubtedly one of the social networks linked to Facebook, which although it is characterized by its more social than professional utility, begins to use tools that allow users to successfully use it for webinar activities. Currently, it is one of the alternatives that does not require many requirements and information to broadcast live broadcasts.

It is very easy to use and can be streamed or rebroadcast simultaneously with Facebook Live. Users interact instantly through comments or through default icon responses, such as: “I like it”, “it amuses me”, “I love it”, and one more. And one of its main characteristics is that once the video ends, you can file it in your profile.



It is an alternative tool for use professionally. It does not require creating any type of account or registration to broadcast live. It is used from the browser, so it is very easy to manipulate. Its transmission is done through Facebook Live, once the event is created. It is highly sought after in the professional field for use it in interviews or workshops for its tools for this purpose, such as live chat.


Vimeo Live

Vimeo is one of the alternative platforms to Facebook widely used by professionals, especially those dedicated to visual media, to transmit live in streaming. It is characterized by allowing live broadcast from the web, using our different social networks.

Recognized by film producers, broadcast program directors, and live entertainment. Its broadcast quality in HD is one of its main attractions, as well as live chat and simulcast. It has great technical support, that is always available to solve any inconvenience.



Live broadcast tool widely used for its use linked to Facebook. It is ideal and widely used for interviews, workshops, conferences or other group activities, through live video calls.

With the management of the participant volume, it is possible to show the questions of its members live, such that the issuer can read and respond to them. You have the possibility of adding a guest who has to participate in the activity that is being carried out, dividing the screen. It also has the feature of allowing the use of graphics or texts.



Alternative of live interaction, which is characterized as a fundamental tool for teaching courses or live talks, so it is considered as a complement to distance education.

It is easy to use, you only need a URL link to broadcast on platforms like Facebook Live and the like. You can start a real conversation through live polls, questions and answers. It broadcasts with great HD quality and its platform is very interactive for a more direct deal with its participants.

Class on live

Class on live

It is a very simple alternative to use through the web, that when entering its platform and creating or booking your event provides you with a code to reach your customers. Dedicated mainly to those who want give courses, classes, workshops or live lectures.

It has high image quality to teach educational activities by videoconference without prior technical knowledge to use it. You can send automatic emails with the management of the payments of the new members to your event. There is no need to download anything, it is free, You can create a personalized profile and invite through your social networks.



Tool for professional live broadcasting, currently not widely used. This platform is characterized for its focus on capturing media and TV channels. It seeks to connect viewers with these media for a more direct and different interaction. It allows monitor content that is uploaded and streamed live.



Innovative and widely used tool in Streaming by professionals, to carry out all kinds of meetings or activities that they are adapted to the needs of the company. It has the particularity of organize any event from anywhere and even from your mobile phone. Custom rooms can be created so that live video calls have team participation from your workers. It allows to record all the screens and transmissions be it interviews, meetings, conferences or any other.



It is a platform, like the previous ones, focused on the professional use of live video broadcasting. With it you can make videoconferences in a simple, safe and free way. You can also do live video chats with multiple people.

Account with different modes that allow us to connect with our group digitallyThe free package being the most used, although it has some limitations that prevent us from enjoying a maximum experience in our conferences, and other details.



It is a Google tool that is characterized by its accessibility to make video calls with several people at the same time. Also, it allows you to make phone calls and live chats. People can be invited by email, making it one of the easiest platforms to use. Also, it allows invitations to be made through a link that is generated for said live video.



Streaming tool that through live interaction, is inclined to sell some events such as workshops or classes. Widely used today for its various marketing tools, to hold and organize a webinar event.

One of its useful tools is we automate the sending of emails to the event attendees. Also, it is used for more educational activities such as online classes or cultural events and even broadcast concerts. Likewise, it allows the participation of around 5,000 participants and more than 5 presenters.



Platform that integrates with more professional use of live streaming, specialized in broadcasting webinars in streaming. Among one of its most outstanding tools is the automated search for your events to get potential customers. It can involve the participation of multiple presenters. This platform has a high transmission quality and a very good capacity to load videos quickly.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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