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Music has been man’s companion since ancient times, so nowadays we are not surprised when we walk through the streets of Spain and see people walking with their headphones connected to mobile phones listening to different content.

That is why choosing a good digital audio player is not an easy task, because thanks to this tool we can improve our experience as a user in this kind of digital data.

There are different characteristics that we have to take into account when choosing a particular player. In this article We will show you what are those requirements that this tool must include. We will also name the best players you can find for your devices.

What features should a good music player have?

What characteristics should a good music player have

There are different classes of devices that allow a sound wave to be reproduced through digital coding, these devices are called digital audio players and their job is to decode the data that is housed in a unit and be able to deliver it to the user in a simple way.

When we need to choose a digital audio player and considering the large number that exist in the market, many times we will have to tilt our decision based on its main characteristics.

Below we detail the most important characteristics that an audio player must have to be considered ideal:

Multiple formats

Multiple formats

The format of a digital audio is the classification and encoding of its components for which a certain computer technology is needed to reproduce them.

It is necessary to keep in mind to be able to consider a good audio player, those that can support different kinds of formats, since this will allow us to save time and also allow us to expand the amount of audios that we can choose.

Among the different formats that exist we can name:

  • MP3, whose algorithm allows an almost imperceptible loss of quality is within the group of MPEG, this format can also be found as “MPEG-1 Audio Layer III” or “MPEG-2 Audio Layer III”.
  • AIFF, for its acronym in English “Audio Interchange File Format”, is developed by Apple and is used to store digital audios on computers. Its codes are based on Electronic File Format.
  • Windows Media Audio, developed by Microsoft, its job is also to reduce data compression as much as possible for user playback. Its algorithm is not the best in terms of quality loss.
  • AAC, the acronym for “Advanced Audio Coding” Thanks to this format also based on algorithm that allows a minimum loss of quality because its job is to compress the file as much as possible. It is considered one of the formats that most closely resembles or adjusts to real sound.

There are other types of files that do not lose quality directly in their compression. We can mention the following:

  • MPEG-4, divided in turn into SLS, ALS and DST. This class of formats is one of the most used today since its level of quality is truly extraordinary. We will commonly find it as MP4 format
  • ShortenThis kind of encoding is aimed at compression for CD quality, being similar to RAR or ZIP.
  • TTA, its algorithm is designed to filter data in order to obtain a good quality audio signal.

Audio codecs

Audio codecs

Codecs are different classes of algorithms that allow encoding and decoding (their name arises from codify – decodify) sound wave files. Its main objective is compress the audio as much as possible to occupy the less space, losing the least amount of audio quality possible.

Hence our goal to keep in mind that a good audio player has to have the best codecs so that our user experience is the best because that way we will avoid having low quality audios.


For an audio player to be considered ideal, we need to have the possibility of accessing the digital modification of its resonance so that its bass, middle and bass sounds can be adapted according to our hearing capacity.

Perhaps it is one of the characteristics that users demand the most to be present in every audio player, since having an equalizer panel we can enjoy our file in the way that we see fit.


A good audio player has to offer us the possibility to configure or customize its control panel so that we can adapt it to our needs.

Among the most sought after tools is the filter, with which to choose the best player we have to see what filtering capacity it has. By this we mean if we can choose by date, interpreter, or any other criteria in a simple way.

Permanent update

It is a very important point, since we can have the best versions on our devices if the player gives us this possibility of updating.

Low RAM memory consumption

While it is true that current formats encode in the best way to compress your files so that they do not take up space, we also have to bear in mind that the player when it is working has to use our RAM memory as little as possible, if not our experience will be to listen to audios with interference.


For many people this is an important point, because they like to listen to music at a high volume. If the audio player does not offer this feature without distorting the file, it will have to be discarded, and it must also be borne in mind that the player does not saturate the speakers.

List of the best 15 audio players to listen to music without an Internet connection

List of the best 15 audio players to listen to music without an Internet connection

Next, we will detail the digital audio players that exist today:

Spotify Premium

Over time, this tool improved its performance until it became one of the most important audio players that exist today. It offers us great benefits to be able to listen to music in its premium version.

We can listen to our music when we do not have an Internet connection and without commercials.

Simple mp3

It has a fairly simple and intuitive interface, it is quite easy to find the file we need. This is one of the best applications to listen to music on the market since its search engine will allow us to discover all types of genre and artist just by putting a word.

It has functions that are configurable to our liking. We can install it on Android.


With this application we will be able to listen to music in a very easy and simple way without having to resort to piracy. It has its music base through YouTube, it will also allow us to select the quality of the music before downloading it, generating a benefit that few players can achieve.

Download Musicall APK


If we want to discover new artists, this is the best app there is to play audio, it has more than 22 million songs that are in its catalog, which are of more than 160 genres.

We can choose our song with very few steps and its search bar is very well thought out so that we don’t waste time. Available for Android.

Download Bloom.Fm APK

Microsoft Groove

Manufactured by the computer giant, this is a fairly intuitive player, since its algorithm allows us to study our musical habits and tastes in order to provide us with a better service.

It has some functions that are smart like lowering and raising the volume in a very simple way, you can share what you are listening to with a single click.

Groove Music

Groove Music

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

Mp3 music download

An audio player that we will never have problems when trying to download any type of audio. It has a weight of 1.32 MB, which makes it an excellent player that knows what the needs of users are. Its ease of use creates a unique tool.

*Note: This application is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

4shared music

It has a version with more than 10 million downloads with very good recommendations. It gives us storage of more than 15 GB for any type of audio and an incredible list of songs.


It can be used with Windows and Android. It is a player that offers us a series of characteristics with which we can say that it is one of the best players on the market today.

Among the most outstanding advantages we can name the characteristics such as skins, tag editor, interface extension, among others. It can generate intelligent searches that will allow us to discover new interpreters.


It is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It is a player that was released a short time ago, which is characterized by having a very intuitive and clean interface, as well as having multiple platforms.

It allows us to catalog each audio file with different tags very easily and relate it to accounts such as Google Drive or Dropbox. It also offers us the possibility of converting files into different formats.

Download Clementine Windows

GOM Audio Player

It presents a very comfortable and simple interface, and it also helps us create different kinds of playlists through its tabs. We can have our music with very few clicks.

Its different controls give us the possibility to customize the appearance of its background as well as the color of the different songs. It can be used in Windows.

Download GOM Audio Player Windows


This is another of the players that came out recently, so not many know about it. It has a strong social integration that is done through plugins that allow us to send tweets or connect with Spotify or GrooveShark.

The interface is simple so that we do not have complications with its handling. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.

Download TomaHawk Windows


This is a high-end audio player. With all its integrations with the Apple Store, it allows us to play multimedia in a very simple and organized way.

Considered by many as the best player that exists for devices with iOS operating systems.


It is a player named “Open Sport”, which allows us to synchronize devices such as iPod and listen to radio stations online.

The controls that it has help us to a programmed shutdown.

Download Banshee Windows


Its manufacturer is the creator of Alzip, so we know that the maximum compression of the audio files is guaranteed. In this way the space that we will occupy in your storage will be as low as possible compared to other players. Available for Android.

Download AlSong Windows

JetAudio Basic

It is a multipurpose player, it has a free version that is very complete and presents correct functions when it comes to compressing audio files.

It is characterized by having the advantage of presenting us the songs of our liking without having previously searched for them, thanks to its algorithm. This player can be installed on iOS operating systems.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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