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Apple is characterized by the trust, robustness and security of its operating system and of each of its devices. The company offers users of its computers the peace of mind of knowing that they are being backed up and protected at all times.

This is why the company constantly removes different applications from its App Store because they do not comply with Apple’s philosophy, since they put users and their computers at risk.

Then we will talk about why Apple rejects an application from its store, we will also show you what are the risks that are run when installing some software not authorized by the North American company. Finally, we will expose the best forbidden tools for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

Why qualify some apps like Apple “Prohibited”?

 Why does Apple rate some apps as "Prohibited"

When we cannot install an application on our device with the iOS operating system and we have verified that we do not have problems connecting to the Internet, nor with our identification code that Apple gives us, we have to check other aspects.

If we have already checked that there are no settings with which there may be restrictions for the installation of Apps and the storage space that our device has is indicated, we will realize that the app we want to download for our iPhone or iPad is an application prohibited by Apple.

App Store prohibits those applications that do not coincide or are not oriented with the philosophy that the Apple company has.

Then I will name some of those criteria:

  • When a download of this app can put the security of our device at risk.
  • If the program is used to collect personal information in secret.
  • Those applications that are for review and have in an intrinsic way the word “Free”, this being contradictory for the same application.
  • If the app that we want to download is oriented to mining in a way that makes pollution to the environment explicit.
  • When the price of the application is included in the name of the application, we will not be able to download it from the App Store.
  • Applications that are directed to cryptocurrencies in an invasive way and that can put the battery of our devices at risk.

What are the risks of using these types of applications on your iPhone or iPad device?

What are the risks of using this type of application on your iPhone or iPad device

An issue related to the previous point is knowing what the risks are when we decide to install applications on our own devices with iOS operating systems.

As we told you, Apple prohibits all software that presents a potential risk to both the user and electronic equipment. If we speak from a user point of view, the most prominent and important thing for Apple is that the applications do not steal our data and misuse it.

It is not only oriented to the use of the data, but also to the privacy that we have and that can be violated through the time in which the application is being used, or also related data that we have to upload about our consumption preferences .

In addition, the App Store also prohibits apps that confront or violate parental control, since one of the philosophies of the company is the integrity of the user as a family and the care of minors.

If there are applications that go against the environment, they will also be banned from the official Apple store. For example, it occurred in recent times as the company downloaded from the App Store software that was dedicated to the indiscriminate use of wood.

In the case that we have to speak from a point of view aimed at the security of the device, we will not find in the App Store those applications that can break different components of some equipment, as well as the duration of the batteries or flashlights, among other examples.

List of the best banned apps from the iOS Apple Store

List of Best Banned Apps from iOS Apple Store

We want to present you a list that will include the best applications that were banned by Apple according to its criteria but that are really very useful for our daily tasks or consumer preferences.

We have to clarify that the installation of them is at your own expense, we will simply inform you of each one what they are used for and the main characteristics they offer.

Then we detail them:

* Note: To download some of the following apps, you must first install Cyan Jailbreak for iOS. From your particular App Store, you can access all of them.


The operation of this was that he could view streaming content, which could be series, movies, among other content. We can choose the quality with which we want to see and also in what language. In addition, in our profile we can save the views of the series or movies that we have seen.

It has a very large catalog of series and movies, it is very well categorized.

Download Megadede iOS


This is an application in which we can download different types of files (YouTube, audios, documents) on our iPhone or iPad device. The operation of this consists of a private browsing mode, which has a file manager that can transfer the content.

It includes a mini player that has the ability to work in the background which is very useful if we want to listen to music with the screen off.

Lucky patcher

With this application we will be able to block the advertising that appears in games and other apps, in addition to this we can also extend the trial periods of paid applications.

Download Lucky Patcher iOS


It is intended for those people who like to watch their videos at any time even without an Internet connection. With Tubemate we can download videos from different streaming services.

In addition to downloading our video, it will allow us to choose if we want the file to be MP3 or MP4.

Download Tubemate iOS


It is an application that allows us to listen to songs in streaming from our mobile with iOS operating system in a free way. We can download and listen to music without having Internet access.

Download iOS Musicall


This application gives us the function of moving several applications at the same time, we can also customize our device as we like.


It allows modifying the font we use in iOS, which will give it a unique touch. It is special for those with visual problems.


It gives us the benefit of accessing internal iPad folders, in this way we can modify and even delete those that do not serve us.

TutuApp iOS

It is an application store in which you can obtain those apps that are not available in the app Store. It offers the possibility of not having advertisements when we browse and we will find in it a very broad search criteria, but at the same time precise, with which we can put a few words and we will find the best option.

Circle Icons

With this application we can make the icons have a round shape.


We will be able to make two clicks on the screen and it will block.


This app takes advantage of the space at the bottom of the keyboard on the iPhone X, which will add a section of the most used emojis today.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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